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  1. Hi there. iv been looking for a little bit on here and was wondering where to get a character sheet for my character. Because im not use to Roleplay sites, im not sure where id look to find the sheets.
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    Hi there new guy! 8D

    It really depends on which roleplay you join. Some roleplays don't have character sheets, and some of the game masters write up their up special character sheets.

    BUT: we also have some "stock" character sheets here in the Roleplay Guide and Resources!

    Welcome to the community!
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    Hello there Hiru, and welcome to Iwaku!

    Just as our lovely Dianers said, character sheets will change depending on which roleplay.

    She just gave you the link to the Roleplay 101, which has everything you need to banish those doubts away!
    And if you still need something else, please ask!
    For now, you've earned a cookie!

    Have fun!
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    Hey Hiru~!
    Welcome to Iwaku!
    Enjoy your stay, and if you need anything, feel free to ask. :3
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    Hello, Hiru! Yeah, most games come with their own character sheets in their Sign-Up threads. I hope you find something interesting to play!
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    Hey Hiru!
    Welcome to the Iwaku site of awesomeness!
    The people here are all welcoming and very nice. :]
    So never be afraid to ask something. X3
  7. *Hiru sit's on a chair, Observing the area while waiting for someone to appear. His black jacket brushing to the side as the wind blows his jacket to the side.* I wonder where everyone is? *He asked curiously to himself after looking around, Curious as to why there isn't anyone around*
  8. -he walked in, ears flickering slightly and tail slowly swaying. He smiled at the new member and spoke with excitement-

    Hello and welcome to Iwaku!

    My name is Tetsuri and its a pleasure to meet you!

    Its always nice to see a new face in the family.

    To get you started off on your arrival, I introduce to you, the Academy. Here, you can learn, do activities and get aid from our mentors!

    I also introduce some Jump-In Role Plays! By your introduction, I can see you have some skills. Why not let others see your talent here!

    Enjoy your stay here on Iwaku!

    The Cbox is always a great way to see people everyday and talk. So, if you want to meet other members such as yourself, give the Cbox a drop by and say hello!
  9. *Hiru Noticed a person come round the corner and stood up, curious as to who the person was. As he listened to tetsuri, He was interested with the 'Academy' that he mentioned and the other people that could be around. Hiru nods his head to tetsuri as a sign of respect and that he was listening*

    It's a pleasure to meet you tetsuri. My name is Hiru wong.
    It's always nice to see new people and meet others.
    Hopefully I'l see you around.

    *Hiru finishes in a cheery tone. It was always nice to feel welcomed to new places which was rare for him*
  10. Hey! Welcome to Iwaku.
    I just spaced on what else to say since Tetsu was all helpful with links and shtuff.
  11. Welcome to Iwaku, Hiru!

    Should you need anything, just ask!
  12. An introduction role play...

    >>; ... :D

    Hey, Hiru! I'm Iliana, it's a pleasure to meet you! Check out those links! That way, you van get to role playing quick! If you need anything, let me know and I'll grumble at first, but eventually get to it!
  13. Thank you for your kind welcomes. I will hopefully RP with any one of you soon. :D