Introduction of the Insane.

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  1. I'm not really insane just thought it could be something to draw people in. Could be a good name for a roleplay. I go by the name of Shiruba but you can name me whatever you wish as long as I know you are referring to me. XD I love to RP and used to do it frequently but it has been a long time and I've always yearned to get back into it but it has never been the same. I also write, read, play video games, and am trying to learn to draw with not much success. I will RP anything but I will always try to develop my characters and introduce many into the mix with pasts, intertwining story lines and unique backgrounds. I hope I can stay here long and can be welcomed here. To show what I am interested in I have parts of some things I wrote here together. If you want to give them a read I hope you like them but if not thanks and I hope I can fit in!

    "Anti-Nuclear Ballistic System operating in... 3... 2... 1... Network established."

    The world had become silent.


    The worlds most terrifying weapon, destroyed with the flip of a switch. What we once feared, had mimicked the fate of its predeccesors.
    These were the words people were cheering amongst the streets.

    They had forgotten.

    Religion had survived throughout all warfare. An armament that had cleansed more souls than any bomb. One which would lead humanity against temptation and cause everyone's salvation through armageddon. It was the weapon of God.

    "And I will be the one who shall wield this and those sinners who fight for me, will receive a lesser damnation." Huluhot reminded himself of his importance within the world. He was a child of God. A creation that would follow God's whim

    Huluhot scanned his scripture, memorizing every detail. His hand gliding over the pages careful not to injure the text. He was determined to win this war and believed the holy book outlined his victory. He was the one reborn as the son of the creator and was sure he was here to save this world. He was determined to give everyone salvation.
    He arose from his seat and stepped away from his readings.This would be the last time he heard the ticks of the hands, against the numbers, be so meaningless.
    He had to tell his subjects what they were going to achieve.


    Hykos looked over all the data he was retrieving. China collapsing from the weight of its own rebellions and the United Nations supporting the factions for a China reformed under Capitalism. Since the threat of nuclear arms was nonapparent. Countries like Cuba, North Korea and even Iran who had recently just gained its power were being overwhelmed and invaded.

    It was what they deserved. Their foolishness to hide themselves behind something that was never intended for fear. Something cowardly instead of forming a nation under intelligence like many others. It was this reason the leaders of the system were non-nuclear powers like South Korea and Finland.

    Hykos felt a sense of relief, as if his heart had stopped to enjoy the moment a bit longer. The system was created with a numerous amount of satellites and integrated with the international ballistic missiles system. The satellites constantly scanned the Earth for any unauthorized airborne object and if given the permission too, would have the ability to destroy it within seconds. The U.N. chose numerous countries to be the front of this sytem, trying to cover as much land as possible in case of a nuclear launch from any region, especially within the CORE nations. The United States and Russia held most of the IBMs, although the leader of the satellite system would be Japan. Giving the power to a nation that had suffered from the weapons brutality first. Would be a way to balance this power among nations.

    Hykos could feel his heart clench from reminding himself of the events. He had to make sure that his past deeds were reprimanded by what he did now. Some of the affects still represented by the marks of needles and surgical incisions he had done unto himself.

    He turned too the bed next to him. Staring at the face resting beside him. The one he had done everything for. The blood he had shed and had lost.
    As the time passed and as he listened to the monitor slow, he wrapped his fingers around the hand of his daugher. He was amazed how cold he felt against her, how pale his hand seemed against hers.

    He lay there thinking.


    Liquid stared at the smashed monitor, his fist aching as a red puddle formed on the edge of the tabletop.

    Hykos had beaten him. The Titan project wasn't a new sort of weapon of mass destruction. Instead it was counter. Liquid had been fooled this whole time in destroying nuclear labs he expected housed plans for the unit. Now he realized all he had accomplished was rid the world of something now considered useless. He clutched at the monitor. Any missiles leaving countries would be instantly eradicated. He could detonate them within the country or try to sneak them through the borders but with the world as it was. It wouldn't be simple.

    The screen flickered, it revealed reports of the news. "Vietnam controlled by UN, Laos and Cambodia being targeted next to be liberated from the Chimera Rouge terrorist organization which has received weapons and funds from CORE... Kazahkastan was overrun by a coalition of Russian tanks and British air force units led by General Aran Dram. His forces are predicted to seize the capital within two days and eliminate any rebellious units which are suspected of conduct with CORE. Africa has still remained a home for CORE operations and the U.N. Is currently constructing a plan which minimizes civilian deaths but maximizes asaults on CORE's operations on the continent."

    He had to leave now, CORE was about to cease to exist. He would have to find an alternative, but seeing how much time left it'd be impossible. He raised his revolver and fired at the equipment in the room. All information had to be destroyed. He was going to obliterate the facility just in case... He looked at the monitor again and his eyes widened.
    "Breaking News!! Numerous reports of bombings are being reported within Europe and the United States. Currently the reports are not linked with CORE. Any further information will be reported when received..."

    Liquid hadn't organized any counter attack.

    His room was engulfed in fire.

    (Hope you enjoy and expect some errors this is kinda old XD)
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