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So I've got a fun little thing to post up later, but it was so much fun, I think I'll make it a monthly or bi-monthly segment on Iwaku.

I will choose one member for each segment, and I'll ask that person for an interview. Note that if you want something to be excluded from said interview, you only need to ask. So I might just post it in this thread, or make it in General-I'm not really sure yet. =x

Anyway, first interview will be up tonight ^^
So either I'll PM you, asking for an interview, OR you may send me a request, and if I haven't decided on a target yet, I'll choose those ^^


Spot 1- Accepted-Interview to follow shortly ^^
Spot 2- The Butterfly
Such radical ideas...
Oh good! Was going to do this for the newsletter, but I've been too busy!
Ocha is the only person that has interviewed me and didn't run away. :D
Me: Okay, I'm interviewing Ms. Diana Calloway today.

Ms. Calloway has experience in administrative duties for a certain site specializing in typed-up role plays. (Think stories involving several people, each post adding more to the story, building on character interactions and plot.) She also has a bit of experience in programming small programs and websites.

So Ms. Calloway, how did you learn to program and alter websites, along with programming?

Ms. Diana: I just learned by trying things out and seeing how they worked. Reading tutorials and things like that. A little bit of code here and there over a few years adds up. By now I have the fabulous talent of making simple things look more complex than they actually are!

Miru: Who helped you practice, and what'd you practice on?
What kind of training did you undertake?

Diana: None what so ever! Everything I've learned it's been by trial and error. When I first started trying to make a website, no one else I knew had any experience in it either. So I tried a lot of things until I found what worked and what didn't. ...made for a lot of cranky nights!

Miru: So, how long did it take you to get as skillful as you are now?

Diana says
Hmm... Probably took me about two years until I could start coding stuff out by memory and not always having to reference stuff. That stuff was the the easy part. It was building the community and learning how to manage it that took a lot of work. XD

Miru: Ah, so the administrative duties? =P Managing over 100 people sounds pretty difficult.

Diana says
Everyone always thinks that being in charge would be the easiest job ever, and before I started I thought it would be too. Then once I was actually there, I found out the hard way that it takes a LOT to keep a community running smoothly!

Miru: Oh yes, especially with the people who think a crusade is necessary for the well-being of the site. =P

Miru: So, now for the big question.
How do you make it look so easy?
My answer would totally be: DENIAL, DENIAL, DENIAL! XD

Diana says
Years and years of experience. XD I've been running sommunities myself as Owner and Administration for over 10 years now. Before that I was Staff for 3 years on another community. So I've been a part of several sites and "generations" and had to deal with almost every situation that can pop up.

Miru: Ah, and before long, the experience just builds up to the point where there isn't much that can surprise you?

Diana says
You got that right! It's almost down to a science. I know which times of the year we'll have the most problems, the warning signs that something might be going on, and usually know how to take care of it right away. Ever so often something weird might happen, but it's super rare now.

Miru: What advice do you have for someone who aspires to do similar things?

Diana says
Well, when it comes to making webpages and coding, the best thing you can do is practice, practice, practice. As for building a community, that's something that requires a lot of time and dedication. You have to be willing to put in the effort of really talking to people, getting their opinions and then working at it.

Miru: And is there anyone who you'd like to thank for helping you get where you are today? =P

Diana says
Of course! The very members that help make up the community itself! Without having the people that congregate and help contribute to the site, you're not going to have a community at all. There's always those few dedicated core of people that want to see it succeed just as much as you do.

Miru: Okay, thanks for the interview. =P
I loved Diana's interview! It really sounded like the two of you were conversing! (:
Thank you for hard work =]
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