Introducing: IWAKU CLANS

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  1. Introducing: IWAKU CLANS

    Out with the old, in with the new! Iwaku's replacement for the Groups system has arrived!


    Not a whole fucking lot. Visually, the new Clans system looks pretty much like the old Groups- which is good news for everyone, because it'll make the transition that much easier.

    One new shiny feature is the Clan Photo Album, which allows members to upload and comment on images. Basically it's a shared gallery. Pretty neat!

    Categories for Clans have changed a little. You may now place your Clan within one of the following categories:

    ARTSY - For artists, prose writers, poets, musicians, and people who create stuff.
    FAN CLUB - For people to nerd out about their favorite shows/books/etc. and meet fellow fans.
    HOBBYIST - For people who are passionate about making, collecting, playing, and doing stuff.
    ROLEPLAY - ALL ROLEPLAYING GOES HERE. Keep RPs out of the other categories!
    SOCIAL - Hangout spots and clans of cliquey weirdos.
    DELETE - Clans queued for deletion by the Clan Leaders.

    We DO have a few new policies in place, and a few tweaks to existing policy.

    - Clans that gain no members (other than the group owner) and no content within 30 days after creation will be deleted. This was unofficial policy before, but now we're setting it in stone!

    - Clans that are inactive for over 2 months will be deleted. ("Inactive" means no one in the entire group has posted for over two months. 60 days is plenty of time to revive a social group!) Make sure anything you post is something you can retrieve elsewhere if you think you'll need it again. A one-week grace period will be given to Roleplay groups to save their content (don't worry, you'll be notified). There will no longer be a Hall of Fame.

    - Clan Leaders who want to delete their own Clans must move them to the DELETE category. Mods will delete these clans during their usual maintenance sweeps. Unfortunately the system just doesn't allow members or even regular moderators at this point to delete groups. >:[ IT'S ON THE FIX REQUEST LIST.

    - Members can only be Clan Leaders for up to 5 groups unless they have Staff or Donator privileges. This is to prevent flooding of the system.

    - NSFW images may not be used as the Clan icon or banner, nor may they be uploaded to the Photo Album. This is compliant with overall site policy on NSFW images. Obviously NSFW images that follow overall site standards can be posted in discussions/etc. under spoiler tags.

    - Explicit sexual roleplay scenes will not be allowed in Clans. Period. We've tried for a few years now to trust our members since there was no way to age-lock groups, but we've had a million cases of people not paying attention to members' ages or just plain actively using the groups to circumvent age rules. With the site opening up and getting bigger- and still no way to lock out by usergroups in the Clans system- we can no longer afford to trust people. Sorry guys. Take your smut RPs to the Libertine/Liberteen sections.

    Reminder: Clan Leaders are still expected to moderate their Clans as they see fit, but along with abiding by all site rules they will also be expected to enforce them- or else they may end up getting slapped with a warning right along the rules-breakers. Mods WILL be checking Clans!

    As a Clan Leader, if you ever feel that any situation within your Clan is getting beyond your control, just contact the Security Staff. We're here to help.
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  3. It's clearly all Rory's fault.
  4. What are the sizes for the clan banners by the way? ;v;
  5. Can't remember off the top of my head, but if you click the 'Upload Banner' option of a group it'll tell you on the upload pop up.
  6. 220px x 80px!
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  7. Aw...I had an all adult only roleplay group too.Thanks a lot to anyone who didn't keep teens out of their adult only roleplay groups.You all know who you are.You ruined it for people like me, who were actually cautious about who they let into their group.(Please don't take what I just said seriously.Sure I'm bummed but I'm just being dramatic lol.That's just how I am)

    I always checked each and every member.If teens applied I would pm them and nicely tell them that it was an adult only roleplay group.Then I would tell them to come back on their 18th birthday.All of my hard work to make sure I followed the rules has all gone to waste. Oh well...I like libertine forum rps but I hate when I'm in a good roleplay and it ends up getting locked then moved to graveyard.Group roleplaying or roleplaying by pm's is the only way to avoid that.Also I like being able to pick back up from where the story left off three months or more ago.Even if I'm GM of a post I never feel like requesting for it to be moved from the graveyard and I don't feel like starting the roleplay again.Maybe the gm should be able to click on the post and click "move it from graveyard" on their own? I might find that more bearable...maybe.
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  8. Fortunately, You can! Everyone can! Just go to the "Request Thread Moderation" link at the bottom of the page, under Quick Navigation. <- Link

    Put on a request then a staffer will get to it ASAP.
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  9. question. What would be the reason for one to create a group RP instead of a IC/OOC thread?
  10. Usually the reason for using a group system is because you have all the roleplay stuff in one and the same place, which is convenient if you A) have a big roleplay and need many threads for it or B) want all your roleplays in one and the same place.

    Bad point with using the group system instead of the forum: They will be deleted if the rp goes inactive for too long. In the forum they will be saved forever, or until Iwaku shuts down or gets its memory database eaten o_o
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  11. ok i kinda had that thought but just wanted to make sure.
  12. Oh...I didn't know that at all. That's great to hear! Thank you for telling me.Now as far as the groups/clans issue.Has anyone tried setting it up the way the Libertine and the Liberteen forums are set up? I think that when adult member makes a clan and marks it as a Libertine Roleplay Clan that it should automatically be invisible/unviewable by all teens or just in an adult only section.That way they wouldn't be able to join any of the clans with Libertine Roleplays but would be able to join clans with Liberteen roleplays.

    Since Mods will be checking groups anyway...if anyone is doing Libertine or Liberteen but didn't mark their club as Libertine or Liberteen.I think a Mod could just move their club to where it belongs and warn the group owner.That would be great if someone could manage to get that set up.Honestly I wouldn't mind helping to keep an eye on people to make sure that no one is breaking the rules in other clans. :)
  13. Diana tried to make it so they could become age restricted, but was unable to, thus we don't allow libertine and teen content in there. If the creators of the group system releases an update in which it is possible to do, then we probably would allow such content in there.
  14. Okay.Well I hope the creators of the group system release an update that will make it possible sometime in the future.Hopefully the near future, because I had two groups.One was teen friendly and the other was strictly adult only.For now I'll only revive the teen friendly group and see if anyone wants to join the role play I made.I call it Dreaming - Awake. It has a pretty mysterious plot that involves the realm of dreams.Anyway...thank you for replying to me.I'm going to go thank Diana for her hard work then remake my group/clan. Have a great day! ^^
  15. I believe this update is great for this site. Of course, it isn't perfect, but as someone who only kept from fully RPing on this site due to how it functions, this update has sold me. I'll be bring my business here more often. Thank you, Iwaku Staff!:bsmile:
  16. So... why can't groups just be archived like the forums?
  17. Because I don't want to. 8D

    They are a superfluous addon so members have a fun area to create social groups. They're NOT meant to be used for roleplaying or for information storage. (but you know, we're not going disallow it if people use them that way, since people are determined to do it.) If we didn't periodically prune these groups, they're be thousands and thousands of junk groups over time. And that ANNOYS ME. Complete waste of site resources, no benefit to our SEO (like archiving forum threads is), and just dumb all around.
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  18. You know you could have just challenged someone *cough*@Razilin*cough* to make the best group RP in all time. :P
  20. OI!

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