Introducing a Wonderful Cartoon...

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  1. I shall release this horror upon you all.
    And you shall become addicted.
    Just like I am.
    If you don't already know of it...
    I present to you....
    A wonder of all wonders.....
    Bee and Puppycat.
    You're welcome.
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  2. XD I died of laughter at the Ladybug's Lament~

    And Puppycat sounds like a vocaloid.
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  3. My word, this is beautiful <3

    [MENTION=4702]LuluRS[/MENTION]: I totally understand what you mean, Puppy Cat really does sound similar to the Vocaloids.
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  4. <3
    I'm so happy I could share this passion with others.~
  5. My boyfriend showed this to me some days ago. I adore it to pieces.
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  6. Oh yeah, Zen actually showed me this a while back.

    I have been waiting for so long...
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  7. Hey gurl.
    I lyk yer avi.
  8. Haha, this is awesome. It reminds of Adventure Time, a show my sister watches all the time. I'm definitely going to show this to her. ^.^
  9. It is done by the creators :D
  10. I LOVE IT!!!

    "Guts, my guts!"
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  12. This would make an awesome roleplay. Thanks for sharing Stacisaur.
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  13. I enjoy this idea.
    I say let them come out with more episodes, and we see more of the plot and characters.

    Like Adventure Time.

    yeahyeahyeah, whatevs, holmes.
  14. Yeah, I wish they had more episodes, too.
  15. Welp.
    They're main cartoon is Greatest Warriors. Which is also amazing.
    So, I'm sure they're working on more Bee and Puppcat episodes now, even.
    It is relatively new - within this year, at the most.