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  1. Hi all! My name's Airy, or Air, and this is my first time on a roleplay forum. I'm only marginally familiar with chat roleplays, but I'd love to try out a bunch of different kinds of roleplays while I'm here! Hmm, some other info about me...I'm female, and I was once on a forum called KataangForever, where I did participate in a few Hetalia and FMA roleplays in the anime sub-forum. Uh...I'm not too good with introductions, but it's a pleasure to meet all of you! I hope we can get along!
  2. *waves to friend*
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! ^w^
  4. Hello, Welcome to Iwaku
    I hope you get to experiment with all kind of roleplaying
  5. Welcome! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here! But if you need help from another newcomer like me just ask.
  6. Air, welcome
    I hope you have a great time​
  7. Thanks everyone! It's a pleasure to meet you all :D Also, I was any of you have any roleplay thread recommendations for a total noob like me?

    @FiliaFlammae *waves back* Thanks again for introducing me to Iwaku!
  8. Welcome to the madhouse You're welcome. ^^

    The Jump-In Roleplays section is pretty low-commitment. You just make a character and go. Once you're feeling brave enough for a more organized story, you can start browsing the signup threads of your genre of choice. Be aware of each RP's posting expectations, and don't be afraid to read other people's stuff as examples.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.