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  1. Hey!
    Looks like a good place to start on my roleplaying skills!
    I've written stories in the past and such, but i never before had the time to roleplay. But it seems I have some time on my hands, now, so I searched 'roleplay forums and this site looked interesting.

    Oh, and if you get my username, you're awesome.
  2. Hiya!

    Welcome to Iwaku! If you are still learning how to roleplay, don't worry. The Academy has mentors, and just about anyone will help you out if you have trouble. Head on over to the Jump In section if you want to start right away, there are always fun stories being started there. Best of luck to you!
  3. *Tries to make sense out of the user name*


    Welcome to Iwaku.
  4. Iwaku is a magical fun place to learn how to roleplay so, welcome!
    I do not get your username. I am sorry. I am not a cat - aren't we all misleading? D:
    As Geek said, the academy is a fantastic place for a little help getting into roleplaying. If you're confused about Iwaku, I recommend checking out the Community Hub and Community 101 for tips, advice, and walkthrough guides. If you need any help, just ask!

    Happy playing~
  5. XD I also don't get your name. Made me think of Halo, lolol.

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  6. just joined to just wanted to say hi