Intro-greetings, I'm Diverstan

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by diverstan, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Hello. I am Diverstan, male, on my 30's.

    I have roleplayed for some time begining with tabletop games and continuing with forum games. I prefer both - game by group and game by duetto.

    Yes, I'd like crawl in autumn leaves. Only that I can't because of hemiparalysis.

    Mmh... Ordinary World?

    Maybe I'll get better known in Iwaku by time.

    With best wishes.
  2. Welcome to the site. I'm October nice to meet you.

    I hope you stick around and become 'better known', hanging out in the Cbox between RP posts is a great place to do that!
  3. Welcome to the community!