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  1. Welcome all, and step right up to attempt my shot at a new type of challenge!​
    Now as most of you would expect, intros can sometimes be a pain in the poo-dispenser to create, and exits can be just as tricky. Will I make it too melodramatic? Too plain? Oh my - hulk smash in furry! Well here's the challenge for you! I'm going to give you two sentences to use however you see fit, in a story, post, poem, song lyrics, whatever keeps ya kickin'!​
    (Though given the fact that this will be coming from my mind - it probably won't work for a post.)​
    "Pain struct through my chest as the katana dug in, sending indescribable pain through my body."​
    "And I'll miss them both ever so dearly."​
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  2. Pain struck through my chest as the katana dug in, sending indescribable pain through my body. It was hard for me to comprehend that it had come to this. As my head lifted to look my attacker in their eyes, a deeper pain struck my heart.

    My family had come under a demon's spell, an irreversible curse that only death could fix. I had killed my brother already, all that was left was to free my father. I didn't know if I could do it, but I knew I had to. As my father looked down on me, pulling his weapon from my body, I knew this man was not him. His eyes no longer held the warmth of his love, the only lingering emotion was that of a lifeless body. Fear no longer ran in my blood, I knew what I had to do.

    I stood, grunting in pain as blood seeped through my wound. I placed my hand on chest, gripping my own weapon tightly.

    "Father...I'm sorry." I spoke to the wind as I took off, using my speed to my advantage as I ran towards him, my own blade aimed at his heart. A scream of love and agony ripped through my throat as I felt the steel of my blade tear through his flesh. I squeezed my eyes shut, not wanting to see what I had done.

    My body fell with his, my father now free of the curse. I knew I wouldn't last much longer myself, so I turned to lay on my back, staring up at the night sky. Tears fell down my cheeks as it grew difficult to breath. Coughing and choking, I knew my time was near. A small smile appeared on my lips, remembering past events with my family and I'll miss them both ever so dearly...
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  3. 'Pain struct through my chest as the katana dug in, sending indescribable pain through my body. Did I make the right decision on how to leave this world? Is this really an honorable death? I can already feel myself slipping away. Wait...what are these memories?'
    A young girl by the age of three runs toward me as I set pleasantly watching her manage a beach ball twice her size. sweet little girl Hana. I fought for a better world for you to live in...but it seem we're going to lose this stupid war. Don't resent me please. I don't mean to abandon you and your mother.
    The emergency sirens go off and Koichi loosened his grip on the kanatana and turned his attention toward the window. He scanned the room witnessing the product of the mass suicide ordered by the General. A glimmer of light caught his attention. His eyes widened as he realized it was a enemy missile heading straight for him. 'There was no turning back now.' He tightened his grip on the katana.
    "And I'll miss them both ever so dearly."
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  4. Pain struct through my chest as the katana dug in, sending indescribable pain through my body. Yet a smile was planted firmly on my face. I could feel the blood slowly seeping into my lungs, a process that would only be sped up were I to remove the blade from my body. Breathing got harder and I became weaker with every passing second. But right now I had to be as strong as I had ever been.

    Before me stood my involuntary attacker, my oldest son, still shocked by what he'd done to me. To me left, unconscious on the ground, lay my youngest son whom I had pushed away from the stab, taking the attack myself. The katana started to get covered in my blood, becoming a beautiful crimson red. It was nighttime, but the moonlight lit up the room so wonderfully. My blood sparkled in the night, it was both horrifying and beautiful at the same time.

    "F..Father, w-why would y-you do t-that?" My son stammered, questioning my actions of saving his brother. It's true, I never much liked my youngest son, he could be quite the troublemaker, but as a parent, I have to protect my offspring, even from themselves. My only regret is that I couldn't be here sooner and that I didn't prevent this from ever happening.

    I could see he started to cry and reached out to the katana in an attempt to pull it out and save me, but I stopped him, deeming it pointless, for I was going to die anyway. He turned around, then walked over towards another katana just laying on the ground. I couldn't see it clearly, but I knew it was his brother's katana. The younger of the two had probably been disarmed during the fight, he never had a knack for swordfighting.

    But my son picked up the blade, tears covering his entire face below the eyes. Then he looked over at me as he held the blade in front of him, about to jam it inside his own stomach. "SON!" I cried out, stopping him from commiting suicide, but also using up the little air I could still breathe. My sudden outburst made me fall to the floor. I lay there on my side, katana still sticking through my chest, unable to get up, yet still smiling. "Son." I continued. "Don't do anything stupid." I paused to cough, I couldn't speak for too long with just one functioning lung and another now filled with blood. "You asked why.. I'd do that.. Well.. He is my son." I replied weakly.

    My son had rushed to me, sitting down on his knees next to my head, so he could hear his father's last words. "But father. He is a liability. He is an idiot who can't do anything right. He brings dishonour to our family, to you." My son said, trying to justify his attempt to murder his own brother. "My own father.. used to say.. the blossom that blooms.. the last.. will be the most.. beautiful.. of all.. Let him dis.. discover.. for himself.. what to do with.. life.. He is your.. brother after.. all." I said and felt the life leave my body.

    I couldn't move anymore, I couldn't speak anymore, but I felt my son's tears fall on my cheek. They've both caused me a lot of trouble, one of them even ended my life. But I love them both wholeheartedly and I'll miss them both ever so dearly.
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  5. Pain struct through my chest as the katana dug in, sending indescribable pain through my body. Ynix looked up at the several arrows that flew overhead as the screams and yells became so loud that his ears popped. Ynix tried to stand up but his body kept him down as the warriors that past him kicked him and spat at him. It was obvious that our plan had failed when the first arrow had hit. Rank A had moved forward while the recruits and the archers moved to the left flank and the right. All of us Drow had only taken the land above us to be able to expand but the humans didn't let us. Our tribunal had only made the decision to attack and regain our land hours before. Yet all of this had gone by so fast that he had only moments to think of his family before he was picked up by an enemy warrior and sat on a pile of grain sacks. Ynix was losing quite a bit of blood and he started seeing things. The grain sacks below him started to look dark blue with brown and silver mixed in. The yells became silent and the clangs of swords ended. Was it over, had they won? Ynix rolled over and saw the eyes of his brother G'jusk, as he peered our of his peripherals he noticed that the grains sacks he had laid on were actually his brothers and sisters that he had grown up with and loved. Everything was over and he could smell the fires starting. As the fires were lit he thought of his son and daughter. He had done so much to protect them and now they were going to be gone. A tear rolled from his eye with the last thoughts of his children. With the last breaths before he was killed he murmured something...

    "You know G'jusk I had so much time to spend with them, and I will miss them both so dearly..."