Intrest Check: Ironclaw, an Anthro RPG.

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  1. I hope to be running an Anthro RP based on the Ironclaw RPG, any takers?
  2. what is "Ironclaw" exactly?
  3. I'm interested.
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  5. I'm in. I've got my book already.
  6. For tose of you in the mur cult look in the thred named Ironclaw, you'll find several torrent links to download the book.

    Myrn: It's sort of an anthro DnD but on a completely different system.
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    BLINKY!! (open)

    ~Blynk'aenauti Couriensa of House Downspire~

    Alias(es): Goes by only 'DarkStone,' Friends call her 'Blinky,' Parents call her 'Nauti' or 'Princess Giggles.'
    Occupation: Assassin/Spy/Spellsword
    Race/Subrace: Dwarf (Stone) / Elf/(Dark)
    Age: 50 (looks 21 human scale)
    Gender: Girlie
    Sexuality: Homosexy
    Relations: Drinking buddies with Ayva. Teamed up with Illyn in past jobs.


    Appearance (open)

    Upon first glance, she looks like a very, very short Dark elf since she is only 5 feet tall. But upon further inspection, one will see that, even though DarkStone's skin is very much the same tone and palor as any Dark elf, she is much more robust in build than her Dark elf mother. Her hair and eye colour are closer to her Stone dwarven lineage, that being strawberry blonde locks and blue-grey eyes of her father. She does lack that certain curvyness associated with a female dwarfs body, however, she does retain the strong centre of gravity and has sturdy legs and bottom. DarkStone may not have such a fine, tall and sleek body associated with an elf's body, but she is still fluid in motion and carries a bit of grace. Even though she is not casting, her eyes do flicker red everyso often-- mostly when the demon is speaking to her internally.

    DarkStone dresses as needed. In black leather armour, with mask and cowl when on a stealth mission. In light metal regalia, with closed faced helm when in full combat. Cloaked during the days especially in bright sunlight. And when she does dress casually, she does seem to find ways to dress against the norms beset for females. Whether that mean she wear trousers instead of a dress or with hair loose and wild instead of expected to be done up. And of note, she is a little vain and proud of her body, and so if she may reveal some tummy, leg, or arms, she will show them off.
    Personality (open)

    + | Calm and Quiet - DarkStone has a very expressive face, but usually only speaks when necessary. This does not mean she is aloof nor ignorant, she just likes to pick up on nuances and details one may miss when one talks too much or too loud. She has an air of complacency about her and does not freak out. Even if the sky comes crashing down in a fiery wreck, she will still respond with her regular calm and quiet sly smile, coy wink and curt nod.

    + | Cynical and Questions Authority - Be it her upbringing or just how she learned about life, the halfling does not always take things at face value. Ever. She always deems that there are other things at play when someone tells her that this is how something is, operates, or has to be. And oh, yes, she does have a sharp rebellious streak in her too. Not so much against her families' wishes and demands, but more so about the over-arching Law and people in power.

    + | Sharp Mind and Keen Senses - Rarely does DarkStone daydream or space out. Her mind is constantly at play, but never fooling around. Even if she is 'the strong, silent type,' it does not mean she is not paying attention, she probably heard what you said and is mulling it over. Sometimes she may even turn from you and walk away mid-sentence. This is probably a good time to shut up and pay attention; it probably means that DarkStone just picked up on something amiss, unnatural, or even dangerous.


    - | Sense of Humour and Bouts of the Giggles - Despite the cool, calm and collected demeanor, DarkStone does have a dry and somewhat dark sense of humour. There are those times, she cannot help but play pranks on authority figures when given the chance. Of course, these pranks do land her in some hot water to say the least. Also there are certain times that things tickle her funny bone and she will just spout off gouts of laughter, seemingly unable to control herself. Normally if you can make her laugh like this, she will feel compelled to do you a favour.

    - | Curiosity and 'Needs No one' - Having such a sharp mind and keen senses, DarkStone is like a cat and cannot help but succumb to a curious mind. She needs to find out just what is behind that door or what made that sound or why she feels 'funny.' You know what they say about curiosity and cats... speaking of cats, she is not neccessarily a solitary animal, but when it comes to getting it done, she would rather do it herself. She has this strong sense of independance and 'needs no one.' But in reality, she feels rather lonely and often misunderstood.

    - | Daytime Doldroms - DarkStone is most powerful in the dark and at night. She loves to exert herself, challenge herself and show off what she can do. But in the daytime however... remember how she pays attention and never lets her mind go? Well, as soon as it is a bright, shiny day all that goes out the window. In times of happy, sunshiny days, DarkStone may be found drugged up and tripping out on her 'Seedles' or goofy smiling drunk after downing her 'Moonshine.' The sun causes the Demon hiding in her Shadow to act up and getting high or drunk helps shut out its ceaseless ranting and wails.


    + | Likes: Mama and Papi, her friends, Bird-Kin folk, Physical and Mental challenges, Climbing, Music, Dancing (even thouugh she can't), rebelling cuz she can, kitties and bunnies, pretty Dwarven girlies with big boobies, nighttime, excelling at jobs, nice people, Daytime 'DnD', answers.

    - | Dislikes: Disappointing her family, pointless enemies, Church of Light, Physically lazy people, Long moments of Quiet, Authority, bears and aggressive predators, Those "Oooooohhhh look at me I'm sooooooo pretty and proper" Elven girls, the sun, failure, mean people suck, having no job/directives, too much unknown.


    Fears: DarkStone buys into what she is and what she must become. There is no way she will fail her parents. They are all that matter in the end. She must not ever disappoint them; she must free them. This overbearing fear of failure both eats at her yet drives her onward all the same.

    Religion: There is no need for her to submit to a single theological way of life; she would rather just rebel against it anyways.

    Motives: She is the 'DarkStone.' She believes she is the warrior for oppressed Dark Elves and marginalized Stone Dwarves. She must overcome all obstacles, all barriers and eventually fight for her parents freedom. No matter the path or task at hand, even murder, she will not be stopped.
    Biography (open)

    Somewhere between the Iron-Spine and the Elineshire was she born. Her parents had named her a combination of themselves and so she was called: Blynk-aenauti. Her middling name was Couriensa, the place where her parents first met. And even though she was given bloodrights to be called one from the House Down-Spire, a noble Dwarven house, never would she be accepted nor even acknowleged as a Down-Spire given her halfling nature; she was half Stone Dwarf and half Dark Elf. And such a shame she would be to either race.

    But she was loved and cared for as best as could be given the circumstances. Her parents had lived dual lives; her father a Shaman and advisor to his people, her mother a thief and rogue 'Darkling' hiding from authorities. But through it all, love would persevere and conquer. With the aid of good friends and 'family' that was. A family of Bird-Kin-- the Hiikayak were allies and sympthists to Blynk'aunauti's parents and kept her hidden in that somewhere between the Iron-Spires and the Elineshire. They actually helped raise the little ball of energy and sass.

    For years she was hidden and sheltered, yet taught powerful magics from not only both her mother and father, but also from her 'sister' and bestie, the Bird-kin, Oulannie. And not only as a Magician but also as a survivor in wilderness situations. Unlike her mother and father, 'Nauti' as she was called now, took to the bow and rather excelled at it. But as jovial as she was like her father, with big laughs till she cried, she truly was her mother's daughter. She was meant to be a creature in the Shadow.

    But that would be her failing as well. You see, there was, and still is, a rebellious streak in her and that being the case, she rebelled against authority figures. And the one she rebelled against was Intoyax, her Bird-Kin father figure. He was as wise as he was generous and lenient. And perhaps too lenient, for he allowed Nauti to dive deeper into knowledge of her magic without the restraint of age and wisdom. It was here where Nauti discovered a realm within the Shadow. And here she found the Demon Fayne. And oh, the things she learned, but oh, how she was now tied to the Demon. It was too late when Intoyax spied the Demon that lived in his child ward's Shadow.

    One day, Nauti lost control and had a tremendous powerspike whilst testing limits with the Demon. The Church of Light came calling soon thereafter. And soon enough, her parents were found out and they and her Bird-kin family were apprehended. As they were all rounded up, her Bird-kin parents sacrificed themselves to ensure that both their daughters, Oulannie and Blynk-aenauti would escape and live on. They had remained hidden but as they fled, they had separated, but not before Nauti's mother gave her three magical items of her trade: The Shading Cloak, The Whispering Boot and the Mask of the Spider. A final kiss from Mama, a hug from Papi, 2 unique feathers clutched and that was the last she ever saw of her birth parents and surrogate Bird-kin family.


    Into the forest she fled and kept moving on, only her wits and survivalist training keeping her alive. The demon kept her company but drove her mad and so here she learned collected Morokie seeds and, from knowledge passed down from her father, she roasted and concocted them to have the hallucenigenic effects meant for other-worldly awareness. But here she used them to get high to distance herself from the demon's maddening chattre and taunting. And if that did not work, she would make her Moonshine alcohol that she also learned from her father.

    And it was these two items that saved her life from the clutches of an Orc raiding band she came across on the other side of the forest. Instead of killing her or doing worse things to her, she traded drugs and alcohol to them to spare her life. And it was here where she became a Spellsword for the Alguntarus Tribe. And it was here where she found a lover in the adopted daughter of the Chieftan, the half human/half-orc, Amarihze. And it was here where she no longer spoke unless necessary. And it was here where she conquered the Demon within by giving it what it wanted; bloodshed.

    But then came the day when she remembered those days when love had conquered all. And of course she wanted it all back. She was in love with Amarihze, she was a kindred spirit; Amarihze too was a born a hybrid and her father had been incarcerated for coupling with an Orc in secret. And even though their love was forbidden and an abomination to the tribe, Nauti wanted it even if it meant treachery. There was only one solution: murder the Chief, run away with his daughter. The murder went as planned but not the running away with his daughter part. Amarihze was heartbroken when she found her adopted father's bloody body lying there. The last she saw of Amarihze was the depth of pain in her amber eyes. In that moment, Nauti knew that she had become the worst thing she had known and never wanted to be; she was a family killer. Back into the forest Nauti fled and oh, did the Demon Fayne come back with a vengeance.


    In her time alone after fleeing from the Alguntarus Tribe she found her resolve to be what she had to be: she had to liberate those unjustly incarcerated by the Church, those deviant, those, perdsecuted because they did not follow norms and expectations. Whether as a Spy, Assassin or Spellsword, she would be known as 'DarkStone' now to honour her family lineage and to constantly remind of all families she had destroyed during her time as a Spellsword.

    And so into the lands of Kel she found herself and into the criminal underworld she went choosing her jobs to align with her 'moral compass.' Yes, she did capitalize on blood money, but she told herself that she was saving up to 'do good' regardless the reputation as a cold, unfeeling Assassin she was gaining. Her criminal brethren affectionately called her 'Blinky' due to her eyes suddenly glowing red after a single extended blink and returning to normal after another single extended blink. She did enjoy the nickname since it was oddly close to her real name.

    In time, she learned that her Bird-kin sister Oulannie was still alive and that Amarihze was now Chieftain of the Alguntarus. There would be a meeting between the three. Past grievances were paid out in full over time; DarkStone made sure she made things right between she and the other females. And forgiveness was found in the vows that were made to each other and sealed in physical form; each was given a Marquis ring.

    The Marquis Promise was: raise a massive army and together they would march down upon the prison that held their families, break down those walls and that prison would serve as homebase for The Promised Fortress.

    Equipment (open)

    Two short swords (weapon-blacked), long bow and arrows, 7 throwing knives, black leather armour, Roasted Morokie seeds (Seedles), flask of Moonshine, potent love potion, food, water, blanket, money, 2 unique feathers and her own unique Marquis rings.

    ~Shading Cloak - magically absorbs heat and sunlight keeping her cool during day and warm at night. Added level of stealth in low light situations.
    ~Mask of the Spider - allows her to see into 8 different layers of reality. So far has only unlocked 2: Spirit, Shadow. And loves to wear it on jobs because it looks so cools.
    ~Whisper Boots - Not only adds to stealthy movements but can also 'tap' messages to others she may see. Simple sentences that will whisper in other's ears. A bit redundant since she may use Shadow powers to do the same, but at least this way the recipient does not hear the voice of the Demon Fayne.

    Preferred Weaponry: Short swords, small blades and longbow. Blynk'aenauti may not hit as hard as some others, but for her size, she does hits hard and quite often. But more importantly, she hits very accurately and with great precision.
    Magic (open)

    Forbidden Shadow and Feral Nature.

    ~Shadow - The halfling can cast Shadow Magic to enhance her success at objectives as an assassin and spy. She is a rather powerful caster, commanding excessive amounts of shadows to manipulate to do her bidding. Her mother, Aen'ambine'auti, a rogue Dark Elf taught her the ways of Shadow and the power of Whispering to Hidden Demons. The biggest drawbacks is that it is obvious when the halfling casts; her eyes glow bright red. She also suffers great fatigue to cast during the day, so much so that when the sun is out, she will not even attempt to cast/commune Shadow magic. But what poses the greatest threat to this Magic use is Fayne. Fayne allows DarkStone to see and communicate with others in the dark, but the demon that lurks within the darkest of the dark in her Shadow when she casts. It taunts her waiting to claim pieces, if not her entire, soul should she mess up a ritual or bargain.

    ~Feral - The Feral Magic she wields allows her to shift her appendages/face to reflect those of burrowing creatures such as badgers or beetles. As well she has been taught to shift appendages to reflect climbing creatures like bats and spiders too. Her father, Blyn-Khanicus was a Dwarven Shaman that most would come to since he was their totemic animal sage. She has also been taught to shift her bones to become hollow temporarily when she grows wings, claws and a beak. Her best friend and secret admirer, Oulannie, showed her the ways of flight. The biggest drawbacks is that the halfling cannot speak in regular tongue when she has animal appendages. Animals of the same kind may understand her, but not two-legged beings.