(Intrest check /disscussion) With "Elementary" ideals

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  1. Four main Elements control the world, these elements are fire, water, wind and earth. These are the controling factors of life and death, within the world of Ieana. Along with the secondary elements, light, electricity, darkness, ice, mud, and many others, those who live on Ieana, have control over one or many of these elements. But what happens when these magic using humanoids somehow find themselves dumped on Ieana's twin planet Sulvos which is absolutely magicless? Well they loose their powers for one, and have to learn from the people of Sulvos how to live without those powers until they learn of the secrets of Sulvos's land.

    So... what do you guys think? i know it's not a lot but really i just wanted some oppinions before i just posted up a starter for it.. cause it's not exactly to well developed. and i think that there'd have been to many confused people... lol really... i'd love oppinions and any little plot bunnies you guys want to add!!
  2. Ok, Sherlock Holmes... The game is a foot.
  3. bad boy!! nothing to do with the subject!
  4. yes really!!
  5. -raises hand-

    I like this idea! :D
  6. you do mittens?!!!
  7. Yes! ^^ Were you thinking of having this as a onexone or group RP? ^^
  8. group i think cause i think it'd be more interesting...
  9. Awesome! ^^ Well I'm interested in this idea! ^^
  10. whoot!!! lol now if like 2 more people at least showed interest i'd throw up a starter in the jumpin thread XD
  11. jester is an ice demon in one version of how i RP with him, but i can change that to fit the elemental, particularly with ice! :D i'm interested!
  12. ooooohhhh!! really?! yay.. so my idea wasn't a bust after all XD i'm so glad!
  13. yeah, he can do a ton of things with ice. XD and his opposite does fire. (i won't involve him though. he's kind of evil, and i don't use him very often because jester's more fun.) so yeah this was right up my alley on what i was looking for. XD if you don't mind though, i want his slitted eye and pointed ear look for this one, even if he isn't a demon. because it seems to fit an elemental aspect too. :D i have picture refs on my DA if you'd like them.
  14. We've got our group Watson. Now, Time to catch Moriarty.
  15. yess let me see i'd like to know what i'm in for during this whole roleplay XD
  16. so wait? what? are you interested or not? T.T i can't tell... and who/what the hell is Moriarty?
  17. e- e Obviously someone hasn't watched Sherlock Holmes
  18. no.. no i haven't.. and i don't want to...
  19. D8 You don't want to watch Sherlock Holmes?