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  1. Hello, thank you for giving my thread a look and not being scared away by the many tags listed with it! I know I clicked a lot of those little white boxes, but I just wanted to ensure I covered all possibilities for what this may include as things progress. As such, not everything tagged needs to be included, those are just all the things that I am willing to include if my partner desires (though there are a few things I do want in each plot, but the plot descriptions should give an idea of what that includes!). But before I get into that, I'd like to cover a few things to make sure we'll be fitting partners for a decently fun time~


    • I am completing an online high school in a bit under 3 years rather than the traditional 4, so I am having to submit work at a much faster pace than the average student. This especially means I may not post for a few days after being gone for swim meets or other events as I catch up, but you can generally expect 2 or more posts each week.
    • I am an athlete who spends nearly 4 and a half hours training just about every week night, and has swim meets peppered through the year that take up 3 full days. Because of that, I may not be able to post when you're most active and online, but I will make an effort to post when I return home or first thing the following morning if it's my turn.
    • While I do not have swim meets or other post-halting events very often (I will alert you when they're coming up), I can almost promise you I will not post at all during those things. Still, I will post as soon as I have time to do so without neglecting my schedule and responsibilities.

    • I am looking for a partner who can play characters following certain basic personality traits, and I'd prefer my partners to play the males in heterosexual relationships. However, I am open to discuss playing the male myself instead if you ask about that.
    • Please try to keep up with the general rule of 2 or more posts a week with an average length of 3-5 well written paragraphs. More posts or length is great, and less posts per week can be accommodated if you let me know and I can expect a different speed from you. However, I am strict on at least 3 paragraphs per post from each of us.
    • These plots are very open ended and can take a lot of twists and turns, so I need you to be able to help in driving plot forward and presenting ideas, even if they're small. I also ask you be open to hearing ideas too, as this is a team effort!

    PLOT 1
    (Female Traveller x Male Humanoid)

    A young woman, roughly 17 years old, is on her way back home to her fiancé from a village that is three days journey away. One of such days requires travel through a forest, though in an impatient haste to return home, the woman decides to travel through the night and soon finds herself in the woods as the moon creeps its way up and leaves her with little light to guide by. Giving in to her conscious and knowing she's very likely lost by then, the woman dismounts her horse with plans to settle in until sunrise and later relocate the trail that will take her home. However, a mysterious character disrupts her as she rests, seeming to be a young man about her own age based on voice and silhouette. He claims he could guide her out of the woods and to the trail she seeks, but informs her there will be a cost he will reveal once they've reached the forest's edge. At first she wishes to decline the odd offer and snap at his frustrating and taunting behavior, but knowing she's in unfamiliar land with few other options, she reluctantly agrees to his bargain and company. From there the duo of strangers settle in to begin travels in the morning, but little rest comes to the woman as she wonders just what she's gotten herself into...

    That's the gist of the start! As I had said, it's very open ended what happens from there, though I do have ideas for plot bits and endings if my partner wishes to hear and consider them. This roleplay can also be one that drags on or ends quickly, depending how long the main plot carries on and if my partner wishes to continue on beyond that.

    With that comes the end of what's probably a too long post, but any of you who've made it this far I'd like to thank for giving it a chance, and I hope you'll consider me for a partner with this plot!~
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  2. UPDATE: Added a third plot to my list, as well as tweaked my expectations and the roles I'm seeking from any partners!
  3. Hi! I'm... Well the username tells that story. Anyway! It's good to finally see a partner request where someone doesn't expect me to be on 24/7. I myself am quite a busy person, a job, highschool, friends, my lovely dog, I'm part-timing with a contractor and I just sometimes want time to myself. So it's cool to see someone who understands that people lead lives. To the point; I'm interested in accepting your partner request. I can keep up 3-5 paragraphs as long as what I'm given is good and well written. I look forward to your response when you get a chance. Thanks!
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  4. Oh my, I can't even say how happy I am to get a response! I've been just dying to try out these plots with some good length <3 So thank you for the interest!

    If you'd like, we could discuss in PM on details such as which plot/role you'd like? :) My PMs should be open for any member to get to, so you could message me whenever you found the time to do so~
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  5. I am really wanting to roleplay with you, since you seem to be an amazing roleplayer. I, for one, post quite often and quite fast at times, although I understand others can't live up to that expectation. But regardless, as long as I'm getting a few replies a week, I should be fine. Anyway, I have a plot to offer you and, if you're interested, let me know and we can discuss it over PM.
  6. Interested in doing that plot idea with the priestess. And looking forward to rping with you again. That Maid RP we did back theen was the best Liberteen RP experience I ever had to be honest.
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  7. I would absolutely love to do that with you! I'll send a PM so we can plan together ^^
  8. Updated, needing a partner for one plot!
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