Into the Woods (Mira and Gavan)

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  1. Journey Into the Woods With Us....

    AHeartlessNobody's Character (Daughter of the Witch) (open)

    "Witches never win. We will forever be hated by human kind. We have never and will never, get a happy ending."

    Mirabella Carmian


    The Wicked Witch(named Elphaba) and an unnamed Warlock.


    Her pendant is a necklace given to her by her father before his death. She holds it very dear to her.

    Which Shadow Animal Came to You:
    The Shadow Creature that came to her took the form of a cat. She will name him Rino (ree-no).

    To become human so she can finally be accepted by humans and find her own 'happily ever after'.


    Theme Song:

    Though Mira can not remember it, her mother was not always evil. Her mother, although she was a witch with darker magic, hadn't up to that point harmed anyone, and had even done some good with her magic. Her father was the same, using his magic for good as well. Only even when all you do is good, bad things can find you. Even at this point in time, because of term-oil within the kingdoms about some witches that had chosen the path of evil, humans had taken to picturing all witches and warlocks that way, and because of this, her father, when Mira was just a few months old, had been killed by a group of humans passing through the woods. Her mother had never forgiven that, and her father's death had left her mother's heart cold and bitter toward humans. It was because of this, that her mother had turned on the humans and wanted to take over their kingdoms. Mira though never knew anything of her mother's plans. The Wicked Witch, in a attempt to shield Mira from those evil humans, kept her within a barrier. The barrier was not seen, but was created by magic to keep those without magic out. Only magic wielders could break the barrier, leaving Mira safe from humans as long as she was within that barrier that surrounded their home within the woods.

    Yet, Mira was a curious child, and when she was seven, got her first taste of how cruel humans really could be. The seven year old girl, curious about what lied in the woods beyond the barrier her mother had set up, left the protection and traveled just a little further into the woods, where she met a group of humans children playing a game of pretend. She was more than happy to join in. They played for about a half hour, when the children decided they wanted to change stories and play prince and princesses, which of course, included a evil witch. Now, Mira didn't think much of this. She thought it was just a fun game, and because she was a witch, offered to play the part of the witch. And it was in playing it, that she had showed her powers to these children, who were immediately disgusted by her. They called her names, threw mud at her and pushed her to the ground, threatening to drag her into the kingdoms and hand her over to the royals to be killed, most likely learning such things from watching their parents say and do the same things to magic wielders. Thankfully, her mother had been near by and had chased the children off, bringing the disheartened and hurt Mira back home, where Mira never dared to leave the barrier again. Still though Mira remained curious.

    Her mother always told her that witches never would be considered good. They were doomed to living life in the darkness and to be hated by humans. That humans considered them worthless and would never understand them. And Mira wondered what she could do to make it so that humans didn't hate her. She spent her life reading storybooks(books that told the stories of the princess and princes who lived happily ever after after killing the witches. her mother had stolen these for reference on what mistakes no to make when attacking humans, but Mira read them with the fascination in the fairy-tales themselves), and taking them to heart. It was always a happy ending for the humans, yet not for the witches. After taking this fact in over and over again with every story she read through out the years, she came to the conclusion that she didn't want to be a witch anymore. She wanted to be human. She began to hate her powers and hate herself. She wanted to make a new her. And when approached by one of Hostis's Umbra's, she sees this as her chance to do so, not knowing the danger that lies for her when she goes Into the Woods.

    Mira has come to consider herself evil because she is a witch, even though she uses her powers for anything but evil. She considers herself evil because of what she is, rather than what she does, which is why she wishes to change what she is and wishes to turn human.

    MarilynFae's Character (Son of Princess Anna) (open)

    Gavan Magnuson



    Child Of:

    Your Shadow Creature:

    (His mother's wedding ring set which he wears around his neck on a silver chain)

    To find his cousin and bring him home to live with their family again.


    Theme Song:

    Ashton was the only kid never captured because he wasn't a threat to the kingdom. The feeling that 'they' were coming for him always terrified him, making him grow up close to both his parents and his aunt Elsa. As the years grew more and more, he became more curious as to why and who would kidnap all the children of the kingdoms. There was a feeling inside of him that told him they were still alive. He could basically feel his cousins presence, almost close enough to touch but just inches short from reaching him. By the time he grew to be nineteen he faced his parents and aunt and told them that he was going on one last mission to find them. It wouldn't be days journeys like the other trips he had made, but instead he would go alone and not come home until he found them.

    Ashton grew up being protected by his family. They never let him even get a scratch on his body, so he was grown up to have no experience in the world. Much like his mother he always saw the good in people and never assumed the worse. Which this made him optimistic and protected, but he came off to others as as spoiled baby who got anything they want since he was now the only child still in the kingdoms.
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  2. "Stay here and finish up those potions for me. I'll be back in a few hours."

    "Yes Mother." Mirabella stated with a nod as she watched her mother put on her black cloak, walking with the older woman to the door. She herself knew when her mother said it would be a few hours, that really meant she would be back after night fall. When her mother went on her outings outside of the barrier it was always like that. What her mother was doing while out there in the woods was a mystery to even Mira herself, but knowing her mother, it was probably her reeking some form of havoc on the humans. Sometimes she wondered if her mother lived only to trouble the non-magic wielders, but she never thought too long on it, a her own urge to leave the barrier as well easy blocked off those thoughts every time it came across her mind.

    Her mother turned the knob and was about to step outside of their small cottage when she turned sharply, a stern look on the Witch's face, "And Mira,"

    "Yes Mother?" The girl questioned obediently as she could, bringing her mind away from her thoughts of freedom and back to the woman in front of her.

    "Do not leave the barrier. Do I make myself clear? Those humans out there are--"

    "'Mean and vile. They wouldn't hesitate to slaughter an innocent spell-caster or sell them off to the highest bidder in market.' I know Mother, I know. Now, go on before it gets too late." She commented, having heard the same warning every day for the last ten years of her life, ever since she had wandered outside of the barrier for the first time. It was a moment etched into her mind and always left a knot in her chest. Those human children had seemed so kind to her. They had let her join in and play with them. But the moment they found out she could do magic...they tore her apart and though the physical wounds had healed, the mental ones had left scars.

    "Very good. Remember Mirabella, no matter how kind those beasts may seem, they will always hate us. Never trust a human." This warning was one of many, and after her mother had spoken it softly to her, kissing her forehead, the woman went off, ape flowing behind hr as she left the home and passed through the barrier just a mere fifteen feet in front of their home, heading off into the darkness of the woods.

    "What's out there that keeps her leaving all the time? What is she searching for?" Mira whispered quietly to herself a she stared out into the woods a few moments, before slowly turning and walking back inside beginning the work her mother had given her. She was to make some simple potions and though it was a very complicated task, because she did this almost every day, it was something she had come to do with ease and great skill. Humming softly to herself, she began taking things off of the shelves and throwing each things at a time, in a certain order, into the calderon that stood in the middle of her mother's study.

    She repeated this with every potion, and by noon she had done all of the potions her mother had told her to, leaving her free for the rest of the day until her mother was to return. Smiling slightly, she moved tot he book shelves that stood along the back wall of the study, running her hands over the old bindings of each leather bound book. Tilting her head to the side she was thoughtful for a moment, before deciding which one she wanted to read for the day, pulling a book entitled Sleeping Beauty off of the shelves.

    These books were written by two men named the Grimm Brothers, who traveled from kingdom to kingdom, finding stories to write about. Most of those her mother had were the stories based on what Mira was sure had to be the rulers of the three surrounding kingdoms. There were other stories as well, but those were of more far off lands.

    Taking the book in her delicate hands, she walked outside and rounded a corner when a creature about the size of a horse jumped in front of her, giving a roar that didn't even make her flinch. In fact, if anything, it annoyed the girl, "Girunii, go bother someone else. I'm busy."

    Hearing her disinterest in him, her mother's pet dragon(whom she kept as extra protection for the cottage), snorted and made a grumbling sound, slinking off around another corner to go to the other side of the cottage and likely catch mice or tease the birds by chasing them off.

    Shaking her head at the beast, she laughed under breath and flopped down in the grass under a large oak tree, smiling brightly to herself as she flipped open the book, "Once upon a time, in a beautiful kingdom, there lived a king and queen, of whom were blessed with a daughter. Everyone gathered to see the new princess, including three fairies. These good fairies were to each bestow a gift upon the child. One granted her beauty. Another granted her the sweetest voice one could hear. But, before the last fairy could grant her wish, an evil woman with dark magic...." Even though she had read this story countless times, Mira always paused at this part, a frown forming deeply on her face, "Cast a curse upon the child. On the princess's eighteenth birthday, she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die."

    By now, the dragon had made his way over to her once more, laying down beside her to look at the book as well. Mira scratched his head and looked up at him, "That wasn't nice of her to do, was it Girunii?" The dragon grumbled again as if to share his thoughts, making her laugh and continue reading, "The evil woman vanished soon after placing this curse and the third fairy gave the princess a gift that would save the child's life if the curse were to be fulfilled. She decreed that should the princess prick her finger, she would not die, but fall into a deep sleep." She began flipping through the pages more, trying to skip to the end, "The princess is sent away....she meets the prince in the forest.....falls in love...blah, blah, blah....she gets sent back home to the castle, where she of course pricks her finger." Rolling her eyes she grinned, "Didn't see that coming. Curses are so unpredictable. Not." Finally coming to the end she started reading again, "The prince sat upon his white steed, sword held high as the evil woman shifted into a mighty dragon." She looked over at Girunii, who stood up tall and proud hearing this, giving a roar, causing Mira to laugh more and roll onto her back, continuing to read, "The dragon spit flame after flame out at the prince, but the prince was too quick. He lunged forward and...." She paused once again a deep frown coming back to her face, "he killed the witch, putting an end to her dark magic."

    Sighing and not having the heart to read the rest, she shut the book and tossed it to the side, looking up to the clouds as she spoke to herself, "Why does the witch always have to die? Why can't just for once, the witch have the happy ending?" She whispered to herself, turning over on her stomach to stare out into the woods, "Once upon a time....there lived a lonely witch. This witch, was not like other witches, for she wanted a life beyond the boundaries that had been placed before her. She wanted to be a good person, yet knew she would never be accepted by humans, and because of this, hid herself away, waiting for the day she might be able to live a life away from the destiny that lays before every other witch. The day she would be accepted...." Sighing again, she moved to stand, "Which will be never. Only humans live happy lives and only prince's and princess's get happily ever afters."

    Trying to shrug it off the best she could, she patted the large dragon's side and shrugged, "I'm going to go inside and maybe organize some of Mother's spell-books. I'm sure she would want--"


    Blinking in surprise at the sound of a meow, she looked around, trying to find the source and from beyond the barrier, stood a small black cat with yellow eyes, staring straight at her. It just stood there, waiting, and finally, curious, Mira slowly approached the barrier, though didn't go past it at first, merely kneeling down to look at it from the other side. It was only then that she noticed a black piece of parchment under its paw in the grass, almost like the animal had brought it to her.

    Pausing slightly, she was about to reach out and grab it through the barrier, when the animal took it into its mouth, jumping through to their side of the barrier, putting Mira into a little bit of a shock. The only things that could cross the barrier were those that bore magic. That meant either this animal was magical or was made of magic. Or maybe both. But whatever it was, Mira just had to see what was on that peculiar note it carried. And so, she took it from its mouth, reading.

    You are one of twelve chosen to receive this letter. You were chosen, because you wish for something with a great desire. So I shall grant you your wish. Into the Woods you must travel, to the Tree of Truth. There you will find me and if you follow my commands, you shall have your wish granted.

    The letter was not signed, and right after she ha read it, the white words on the paper suddenly began to fade until she was left with a blank piece of black parchment. She held the paper tightly in her hands, slowly looking up to see past the barrier, an uneasy look on her face, "Into the Woods?" She looked back down at the blank letter, and then at the cat that looked at her with such expecting eyes, "Someone there will grant my wish?" The cat meowed, as if to answer her, and she looked to the woods, slowly stepped forward, "I can have my wish?" She said slowly to herself, letting it sink in before she began to smile again, and this time, it was a hopeful smile, "I can have my wish!"

    Rushing into the cottage again, she grabbed one of her mother's black cloaks, slipping it on and putting the hood over her head, as well as grabbing a satchel and placing things such as food and a canteen for water in it, before she rushed back outside, "Girunii, protect the cottage while I'm gone! I'll be back soon!" She stated and went to the barrier, pausing to take in what she was about to do. She was about to leave the safety of her home. Nothing would protect her from the humans out there. She was all on her own in this little adventure of her. She took a deep calming breath before taking her first step out of the barrier and into the woods. Seeing she was ready, the little cat began running a little a head of her, "I guess I follow you then?" And though the cat didn't answer, she knew that was what she was supposed to do and began following the cat hurriedly, attempting to try and keep up.


    "Slow down kitty! It's getting kind of hard to keep up!" Mira called to the black cat as it darted between trees much faster than Mira could ever hope to achieve. The cat slowed down though, waiting for her to catch up and looking up at her with bright yellow eyes, "You know, I need to think of a name for you. Calling you 'Kitty' just isn't too suiting." The young witch stated, putting her finger to her cheek in thought before she smiled brightly and looked back down at the animal, crouching to pet him gently, "How about Rino?" The cat simply meowed and if he could talk, Mira would think he was saying he didn't care what she called him.

    Smiling more she stood up straight, "Okay then Rino, let's keep moving." She said then the cat took off again, but this time would stop to wait for her every few minutes or so so that she wouldn't get left too far behind and get lost. Mira stepped over logs and walked carefully down hills, trying her best to avoid the more overgrown paths and make her way around to where the cat would always be sitting. It was getting to become darker, the sun slowly fading, and the surrounding trees that shielded the sky overhead left the woods even darker.

    But, Mira wasn't too worried about it like most people would. She had grown up in the forest technically, seeing as that's were her mother's cottage was. The only difference was that the barrier had kept her from the thicker parts of the forest. She simply sighed and looked over at the cat who was a few feet ahead of her, "Hey Rino, how about we stop for the night? We could make a fire and warm up. Its supposed to get chilly tonight." She stated, and the cat didn't seem too pleased with the suggestion, but complied, walking a little further into the thicket until a place they could settle in for the night came into view.

    She stepped up to the little cat and nodded to herself, patting him on the head, "Good job. We'll stay here. I'll go find some sticks to make a fire." And that was just what she did, walking around and gathering some before piling them up. Once that was all settled, she held her hands close to the sticks, concentrating for a just a moment before sparks starting flying from her hands to the woods, the wood rather quickly catching fire. Smiling to herself, she stayed right by the fire, keeping warm as the wind howled every once and a while through the trees.

    A couple of hours passed and she stood, looking to the cat, "I'll be right back Rino. I'm going to gather more sticks." The cat yawned and curled its tail around itself, making her laugh softly at how lazy he was being. Shrugging to herself, she began making her way through the trees, picking up a few sticks, when the sound of leaves and branches crunching and cracking came to her ears. Standing up straight rather quickly, she pulled her hood off of her head to get a better look around her, "Who's there?" She asked, holding one of the sticks as if it were a sword, ready to swing at whoever it was, turning and trying to find the source of the sounds, walking a few steps through the brush before a small rabbit hopped out in front of her and ran off.

    Shaking her head to herself, she laughed nervously as she slipped the hood of her cloak back onto her head, "Okay, so maybe I'm just a little more scared of the dark than I thought I was." She stated, making her way back toward where she herself had set up camp with the bundle of sticks in her arms, hoping Rino hadn't made a complete mess of things while she was gone.
  3. It was almost the second year that Gavan had been out on his own. He remembered the day he told his parents farewell easily. It was the worse day of his life, but somehow he had convinced himself it would be okay. He would come back with his cousin and hopefully the rest of the missing children. Although now while he roamed the mountains, the seas, the deserts, and the woods it seemed nearly impossible. But that didn't stop him. He had found something to believe in, he didn't know what yet, but he just felt it. And for Gavan, that's all he needed.

    It was a cool morning, winter soon to kick in he was sure, as Gavan roamed through a small village. It seemed familiar, somewhere he had probably been on on one of his previous outing or searches for the lost children. No one recognized him though, or if they did they didn't say anything. Instead of being known as Princess Anna's son, he was now just known as the helpless one around most places. They didn't understand why he wouldn't give up on it. Everyone else thought it was as good as gone, the search was over. But unlike everyone else, Gavan had inherited his mother's optimistic side. Just like her, he never gave up if he saw just a glimmer of hope.

    He strolled through the market, picking up loads of bread, some eggs, meat, fruits, veggies, anything that he could hold in his arms. Once he paid for it he walked back to his small resting home for the next few nights and sat down on the chair he made from the tough cedar wood. After allowing his stove to warm with the hot fire he had built under it, he tossed some food on there to cook and soon was eating away at his breakfast.

    The leftover he tossed carefully into a sack before hiding it under his chair in a small box he kept most of his needed belongings. He wasted no time grabbing his bow and arrows, knifes, and even a sword that he had gotten from his aunt Elsa before he had left. His mother had been cautious about even allowing him to take a bow and arrow although he had been shooting for years. Then her father slipped him enough money that was still to this day helping him survive, along with the material to make his own knifes. Then when walking to tell his aunt Elsa goodbye, he promised her to bring Conner back. As he did so she slipped the long sword with a crystal handle on the top. She told him it was Conner's, and he still carried it with him as his good luck charm, hoping to run into his cousin and reunite once and for all.

    He strolled through the village, careful to hide his weapons and when he made it through the entire city, he stopped at a crossing. He sat on the bench and held his hand in his face. Yet again, it was nothing. There was nothing. Not one child was here. Everything at the end of another lost day seemed hopeless, but Gavan never gave up. He didn't let the pity sink in, instead he was forced to brush it away as he noticed a movement to his right.

    Immediately on instinct he jumped up and pulled the bow from his cloak. He had it positioned with the arrow ready to shoot when his head cocked to the side. Standing in front of him, crunching on some grass and leaves was a reindeer. His eyebrows knitted together in confusion, having never seen a reindeer away from Arendelle.

    He lowered his bow but kept it at his side as the animal looked up. It was almost like he was staring directly at him. He again raised his eyebrows and slowly made his way towards the animal. Maybe if he got close enough he would run and leave him in peace, but the animal stood there and stared back at Gavan. With a loud huff from him, Gavan noticed the piece of black letter in the animals mouth. He cautiously leaned his hand out to touch it when the reindeer pushed his own head forward so that the letter was on his fingertips.

    As he opened it from its folded spot, he read the crystal white words aloud:

    You are one of the twelve chosen few to receive this letter. You were chosen, because you wish for something with a great desire. So I shall grant you your wish. Into the Woods you must travel, to the Tree of Truth. There you will find me and if you follow my commands, you shall have your wish granted.

    His... wish? The only wish he had ever bothered to make on every passing star or every celebration in the kingdom? The wish to not only reunite with his cousin again but to give all the lost children back their old lives?

    The thought that the past two years of searching had finally paid off. Even if this letter wasn't true, Gavan held on to it. He knew that this was the one opening he had been waiting for. With a loud laugh, Gavan wore his proud smile and nearly jumped from his spot on the earth excitedly.

    "This is what I have been waiting for! Don't you understand? I can free the children from whatever curse has been laid upon them and prove all of the villagers who didn't believe we had a chance wrong! I can see my cousin again! I can fulfill my duties and i can go back home to Arendelle and see my family again! We could be a family again..."

    As his excitement roared on, pacing back and forth as he thought of everything he could do when he found this so called Tree of Truth. With great thunder now in his heart, he again turned back to the large animal that stood a few inches above him. He patted the animals head like he had the reindeer in Arendelle and smiled proudly.

    "You will come with me? To this grest tree? I will need to get my things from my resting are, but you brought me this letter. You can show me the way!"

    The grunt coming from the animal left Gavan satisfied. They walked home together, nearly sprinting by the time they got to the campground. He gathered everything he owned into two small bags which he tied and slipped over the reindeer's neck. They then took off, Gavan running to catch up with the large animal as they ventured into the woods.
  4. Gavan walked through the woods until he finally decided he should find a clearing and stop for the night. He tossed his stuff in between two tree trunks and then slowly walked away from the camp with the reindeer following after him. He spent the next little bit finding limbs and leaves and whatnot to build a fire with, and even managed to get a rabbit he could eat that night before he passed out.

    As he made his way back to where his bag was, he paused and looked towards a fire that was burning jot but a few feet away. He stepped out and walked towards it as he seen a small cat curled up in a ball, but other than that there was no one around. Surely someone else built the fire. He doubted the cat had done it all by itself.

    He turned back around just in time to see a lady walk through the bushes and back to the small clearing. He paused as he saw her and his breath slowed as he looked back at the cat.

    "Is this your cat? And your fire? I left my things over there and came back to find this. I'm Gavan by the way. You wouldn't mind to share, would you? I grabbed some things to make my own, but it could be easier if we just combined it into one big fire. It'll keep us warmer. Plus I have food I can cook for us if you're hungry. I'm sorry, I never caught your name?"

    Gavan didn't wait for her response to anything as he tossed more wood into the fire and watched as it got warmer and higher. He then put rocks around it so the fire wouldn't escape the small circle and catch anything else on fire.

    He grabbed his bags from the reindeer's sides and let the reindeer find a spot to lie down and rest, much like the cat had. Gavan then pulled out some knifes, silverware, plates, and a board before he started to cut the rabbit into piece so they could cook it over the fire.
  5. Mira was...quite surprised when she came back through the trees to find a young man standing the clearing she had made her camp in, but even more than surprised, she was scared. This man was a human. She hadn't ran into another human since the day when she was a child, when that group of human children had attacked her. She wasn't exactly sure what to say. She was stunned, really unable to answer him for a long moment, just watching as he came over and started to build the fire up, as well as start to prepare the meal for them to eat.

    Taking a deep breath as she stood there, she had to remind herself to stay calm. This man didn't know she wasn't a human. He had no idea she was witch. He had no reason to think poorly of her. So, she could just relax, right? As long as she didn't show him her powers or let on what she really was, everything would be fine. Just fine. And so, with that in mind, Mira walked over to kneel by the fire, slowly nodding, "Um...yes. This is my cat, and my fire. I'm very sorry, I hadn't realized you had planned to make camp here."

    Reaching over to her satchel, she pulled out a small basket that she had covered with a cloth, a small rope tied around it to keep the fabric in place and the contents from spilling out, "I...have some berries we could eat too. Their fresh, I just picked them about an hour ago." Untying the rope and pulling the cloth off, she nodded to herself in seeing the blueberries were still in good shape, none split form the basket and none crushed, "I also have some bread I cooked myself and some peaches I pulled from a tree back at my home." She hoped she was at least being a little helpful and able to add onto the dinner the two of them would apparently have.

    Sitting down and watching as he began to cook the meat, she spoke, "Oh, and I'm Mirabella. My cat over there is Rino." Reaching over, she put another branch into the fire to give it a bit more life as they cooked, laughing slightly as Rino, who had finally woke up, hopped into her lap purring, "So lively this time of night?" She watched as the black cat hopped over to do the same to Gavan while she herself, reached over to pet the reindeer that had made itself comfortable on the ground, "So, what are you and your...reindeer? doing so far out into the woods?"
  6. Gavan smiled brightly at the girl. He didn't see anything different about her... aside from that she was more beautiful than any woman he had ever met or talked to, but that was aside from the point. To him, she was just an ordinary human. He grabbed a few apples from his bag and after handing Mirabella an apple, he tossed one towards the reindeer and then took a bite of his.

    "Well its very nice to meet you Mirabella! Do you prefer being called Mirabella or another name? Oh.. yeah.. that's my reindeer. Actually it's a funny story. See, I've been looking for my cousin. He was kidnapped when we were younger and I haven't gave up hope. I believe that he's still alive. I believe that he's still around here somewhere. I just need to find him. Anyway, I got sent this letter that said if I go to the Tree of Truth, I will get a wish granted. So... I will wish for my cousin and all the other sons and daughters of the kingdoms to be returned back to their homes. I'm not sure what exactly happened, but I guess a wicked witch kidnapped all of the children of the kingdoms, but I don't know. I think it was a witch, but maybe she.. or he.. wasn't doing it to be evil. People say I'm crazy for thinking that but maybe the witch had good intentions and people never see the good in them. Oh, I'm sorry! I tend to ramble sometimes... I'll shut up now. Anyway, why are you and your cat out here?"

    Like his mother, Anna, not only had Gavan inherited her rambling paragraphs of talk, but also her good intentions. He always saw good in everyone. Unlike everyone else, Gavan didn't automatically assume a witch was bad because she did one thing wrong. He did things wrong all the time, but that didn't make him a witch. It just made him normal. Everyone makes mistakes, but if they try again, then they weren't a bad person. They were just normal.

    Gavan smiled at the girl in front of him and then turned, grabbing a knife from his side satchel and then grabbed some meat and other food he had packed. He began cutting it up and cooking it as he listened to her story intensely, the smile never leaving his face
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