INTEREST CHECK Into the Scrolls: The Gongs of War

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Hey there, I'm new here and obviously it's a bit ambitious to be starting a new Roleplay off the bat. I have lots of experience roleplaying though, particularly GM'ing so I decided hey, what the heck. Okay, here's a bit of a teaser, tell me if you're interested after reading it. Cheers!

The gongs of war and the thunder of warhorse hooves shook the earth as magic rent the ground asunder. The steady drumbeat that led the marching armies echoed across the land. The hoarse chants of soldiers were like battlecries raised half-heartedly and the stillness of the surrounding world was a silent lament for the coming slaughter.

War would never have been declared if the journey into another world had been a peaceful one, but even the best plans fall into disarray when the battle comes. The humans met resistance. Resistance from a fabled race of creatures that were mentioned only sparingly in their own myths. Creatures majestic and graceful, yet infinitely more powerful than the average human.

Above what would soon be a bloody battlefield was a milling mass of black feathers, beaks and talons. Their skawking filled the heavens, serving as an omen of bloodshed that had never been seen in the history of the Azalar. The clouds of war were gathering.

The iridescent sky of sunset was streaked with colors and the wispy clouds above shone with a plethora of shades and hues. The clang of hammers on steel dominated the atmosphere in the battle camps below. Men has challenged the realms of the unknown.

Not too far from the camp, three massive arches towered. The white marble giving off an orange glow in the light of the setting sun. As though shown through a film of water, images flickered in and out of existence underneath the grandiose arches. They had become as much a symbol of hope, of egress from their collapsing plane as a symbol of the war and bloodshed that would soon erupt.

Beyond the arches was a realm far beyond mortal understanding, where worlds intersected and one could see the myriad planes of the multiverse as far as the eye could see. It was a world of infinite darkness where no sun shone, but light permeated the very air. Upon marble pedestals that floated in the void, massive scrolls were suspended and they overflowed the boundaries of their pallid stands; the rest of their contents spilling down into the dark abyss.

Connecting the platforms was a network of bridges and ramps that distorted perception. What seemed to be far could be but paces away and what seemed to be near at hand could be beyond the horizon.

In the middle of this world, a massive temple stood where Dragons held sway as guardians. Anyone who entered the temple in the world of the scrolls found themselves inside a replica of the temple in the world of the dragons. Some say the temple in the world of the scrolls is but an illusion, some say that it is but a majestic portal, yet the prophecies on both sides say that entering the heart of the temple would be what decides the war.

The humans have found a way to manipulate the world of the scrolls and now, war is being waged on both sides of the world of the scrolls. On the side beyond one of the scrolls, the humans and their allies. On the other, in a world far beyond reckoning where dragons ruled the land with justice and compassion, were the stewards of the world of scrolls and their amassed army of sorts.


Basically, the pitch is about a war between the human and the dragon factions that takes place in three different worlds. The human world: Azalar, the World of the Scrolls and the Dragon world: Meran

The human plane of Azalar is artificial and was beginning to decay, so under the guidance of their patron Eternal, Sa'maihan Sar'haiel, they ventured into the World of Scrolls to seek out a new home.

The World of Scrolls is kind of a dimensional nexus where every world is a scroll that can be entered. At the heart of this plane is a massive temple, a copy of which rests in the Dragon world. The World of Scrolls is sacred to the Dragons.

The dragons saw the humans' trespassing on the World of Scrolls as sacrilege and tried to chase them out. The humans took this as a sign of hostility and struck back. Thus began the war.

Now, the constant entrance and exit of these factions in the World of Scrolls is creating turbulence in the fabric of reality but neither side has noticed this. The only sort of inkling the Dragons have is a sort of "sense of wrongness" around the temple in their home world.

Other signs have appeared, but both sides only blame the other for them. In the World of the Dragons, an unnatural summer has yet to end. The heat is near-scorching and bodies of water are beginning to dry up.

In the human world, winter has come before autumn and despite the freezing cold, stores of food spoil quickly.

Worst of all is deep within the World of Scrolls, an ancient evil is stirring, bent on seizing absolute power.

Additional Details:

Eternals are a race of beings that govern the many worlds. There were 12 prime Eternals but it is possible for one to transcend the realm of mortals into the realm of the immortal by imbibing Eternal blood.
Uhm what? This is totally an idea made by me. I am familiar with the Elder Scrolls franchise but mostly only by name and I know next to nothing about it.
Anyone, anyone at all?
So after reading it I still don't really know what it's about besides a war between humans and dragons on another world. But even to get that I needed to read the entire thing and I didn't know what the sides were until the end.

Basicly you have nice imagery, but I really don't know what this about besides a war between humans, dragons, and their allies and it took me far to much time to figure that out.

Maybe give us more info?
Hmm.. Okay. Updated the first post.