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Pretty much anything
Ok so first of all I got this idea from this fanfiction I read, When Ichigo from bleach gets his powers back when traveling through the dangai, a gateway that links the dead and the living, gets him sucked into the fairy tail world. So the title is the same if you wanna read the fanfiction to see, but I wanted to see if anyone would be interested I an idea like this with instead it being ichigo it's our characters. Our characters don't even have to be from bleach.

So pretty much I have no actual plot line for this but I it kicks up, i'll get something going. But anyway if any of y'all are interested then please show below, I would also like a co gm to help me out.​


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I know nothing about the world of fairy tail besides that there's magic and lower technology levels than our world, so I wouldn't join this RP, but the idea of various OCs from various universes getting somehow sucked into a world completely different to their own is an interesting idea.