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  1. Tsundere little succubus and Cool elven archer! It's as cool as it sounds, and oh... tentacles~


    Dastan Sea, a major aquatic channel surrounded by various kingdoms and federations. The salty stretches of water enabled travel, communication, trade, and cultural exchange between the nations. It's very important to all, from fledging tribes to mighty empires. Like any other sea however, Dastan had storms and in this particular night, heavy rain was pouring down combined with lightning and thunder, chaotic waves wracking the water surface, woe to all sailors who found themselves caught in this raging storm.

    "Cap'n, She won't last any longer!" A sailor screamed at the captain, who was in a bit of panic himself, the bearded eye-patched man, growled, "Davy Jones' Locker! No choice, we abandon ship!" He cursed, of all ships out there, his must be the one caught in this overwhelming hurricane. "Tell everyone to-" His voice was cut off as a huge... huge wave loomed over the ship like a sea dragon's gaping maw, its watery jaws opening wide, ready to devour the insignificant vessel. Taken by shock and fear, the sailors could do nothing but await their fate... just before the wave hit however,

    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" A high-pitched scream, rather girly at that, tore through the air. Its sheer volume managed to gather the sailors' attention as they craned their head towards a pile of barrels in disbelief. A stowaway was hiding there all along, a petite young woman with pink hair tied into a pair of side ponytails by large ribbons, wearing a black dress that's incredibly out of place in a cargo ship, and... were those wings, bat wings? All went unanswered as the wave came crashing down.




    "M... mmmgh..." She must be the most misfortuned Succubus in the entire demon realm. Rumia lay on her back against yellow sand, her clothes torn and mangled. She didn't remember what happened after the wave hit... it was all water, water, and then... this, stranded on an unknown beach. "A-agh... *cough*!" The pink-haired girl coughed up salty water as the young demon moaned in pain, she slightly shifted her body, wanting to get up but the pain was too great. "Ugh..." Everything went black as she passed out.
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    With the rising of the sun did not only come warmth and light, but also tasks that had to be taken care of. Everyone had them, and Aren was no exception. The first rays shone though his window waking him up and making him remember his schedule. First, get out of the bed. The most annoying part, but it couldn't be helped. Then put his clothes on, grab his enchanted bracelets, and head out. His home was not far away form the sea, and even if the walk took half an hour, it was worth it. He set up fish traps yesterday, so now all he had to do was to get to them and collect.

    There were ropes at the beach, which were attached to the cages Aren throw into the water yesterday. The cages themselves were rather small, and the ropes made it easy to pull them out. The end result was not bad. 5 fish from all cages. Aren went the the last cage, and what he saw there was not what he expected. There was a girl with an unusual hair color and bat wings lieing on the shore. It was not the first time that someone was washed ashore, but this one was special. Letting her here would be wrong. No one deserved to be washed ashore, rest a bit, and then get taken back into the water with the next flood. He didn't think twice about it and decided to take her with him. There would be enough time later to decide what to do with her.

    They arrived in his home half an hour later. Aren carried her on his back the entire time and was not surprised that she didn't wake up during their walk. After all, she must have been really exhausted. Her clothing looked kind of messed up, and it crossed his thoughts to take it off, but for many good reasons he decided against it. Last thing he wanted was for her to go hostile and attack. She was not human, which meant that she must have had some magic. He just put her onto his bed, covered her with some soft sheets, and moved the bed closer to the fireplace. Aren's house was not very big, but with one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room, it was big enough to be useful.
    She had to warm up. And not only that. She would have to eat once she would wake up. With that thought in mind, he left her in the living room of his house and went to the kitchen. If she would not wake up from feeling better, the smell of soup would do that.
  3. All those hours spent on the beach and the green-haired young man carrying her home passed her like fleeting winds due to her knocked out state. A few more hours would pass before her a soft weak moan escaped from her lips, her eyelids fluttered open. "W-where...?" Rumia slowly sat up as her blurring vision focused, the sight of a modest living room greeted her, "Huh?" The room reminded her of a fisherman's house, she knew because she visited once before to suck off his lust and energy, she was a succubus after all, it's what her kind do. Still, that didn't explain why she got here in the first place, the last thing she remembered was screaming like a coward and then...

    "*Gasp?!*" The succubus came to a conclusion, someone must have taken her in, likely the owner of this house. True to her nature, her keen nose caught the scent of a man first before the soup. "Huweh..." Her mouth watered, she was hungry, she needed sustenance, no the soup would not do, she wanted this person's sexual energy. "Alright, Rumia, alright, you can do this..." Breathing in and out to calm herself down, the young demon prepared her magic as two separate orbs of light shone from each of her palms, one red and the other blue, fire and ice. Spreading her wings, she got off from the bed then flew stealthily to the kitchen, finally spotting a young man with green hair, wonderful, the young ones were best.

    "Hehe~" With a naughty giggle, Rumia waved her left hand, working her ice magic to spawn ice blocks beneath Greenie's feet, she wanted to trap his ankles to the floor. She'd drain him until she's fulfilled then move on, she couldn't stay put for so long as a certain someone must be sending thugs to drag her back home, she didn't want to go home, home was hell... literally.
  4. Aren was in the middle of the final steps with the soup when he felt like there was movement. Was the girl finally up? He was about to check when his feet were suddenly encased in ice blocks. Now that was a surprise. Aren remained surprisingly cam though, took the pot aside so its contents wouldn't burn, and just raised one foot after another to crack and break the ice like it was nothing. One would do a mistake to underestimate him just because he was young. A mistake that the hovering girl above him already did. Aren looked up to her, kinda enjoying her surprised expression, and created a bow from energy to aim at her with 3 arrows in the next moment. It was probably made with the bracelets he wore, but even without them, he still had quite the strength in his legs. "Nice to see you are up again, but if you do that again we will have a problem. Wanna talk this out?" This was one advantage to meet elves. They were usually quite reasonable, and Aren was no exception. He preferred to negotiate so both parties had an advantage. Well... or at least him.
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  5. If the man expected any reaction, any feedback, from his display of unexpected strength, well.... he got one, a rather big one. "Wha-?" Rumia had large eyes, but it surely went to inhumane proportions when the male elf broke off her magical ice as if it was a mere nuisance. Her jaw went agape as he looked up at her, she didn't like that calm look on his face, it actually scared her more compared to anger. Sweat dripped from her pores as Rumia dimmed down her magic, scratching at her cheek with a very awkward expression, "Ehehe... uuuuh..." Quick, Say something! "Hi...?" By Astaroth the Archdemon, how stupid could she be? Rumia's face turned blue when he produced a bow - most likely magic - out of thin air along with three arrows, all aiming at her sorry self.

    "W-w-wu-wu-wait-wait wait!" Her cowardly nature took over as she frantically waved her hands while slowly floating back down, "D-don't shoot me, please? I.. uh... I was just... uhm..." She rubbed her arm, looking away from him as cold sweat continued to drip, she obviously messed with the wrong elf. An awkward silence fell as he awaited her answer, after a few moments of fidgeting and mumbling, the succubus suddenly flicked a quick small fireball towards Aren's face, more to startle him than actually attacking. This done, the foolish demon would try to bolt out of his house, "Nope, suckers!!" If there was an award for stupidity, she'd win them, multiple times.
  6. Well would you look at that. This little demon actually had a cute voice. Aren read from books that they were usually had deep and echoing, like the ones from certain nightmares. He made a mental note to add this to the notes later. For now he was thinking if he should shoot her after all. A nervous being was not to be underestimated. Just like the cornered rat, they tended to bite, and a bite is just what he got after a moment of silence. She managed to quickly create a fireball and throw it at him. A not bad idea at all actually, but useless. Aren didn't had this kind of bow for show. He let go of the arrows, piercing the fireball and making it dissolve in a ring of fire rather than an explosion. The arrows continued to fly through the air, aiming at the little demon, and before she even realized her trick didn't work, she would find herself pinned to the wall. The arrows didn't go through her body and wings though. Just along her slightly torn dress (one at left thigh, one at right shoulder, one at chest height on right side), and unless she was willing to somehow jump out of it and run around as nude as she was (probably) born, she would stay there for a minute.

    Aren made the bow vanish and approached the now pinned demon. "You're not really smart, aren't you?" It was kind of insulting, but he knew he had a point. Trying to attack an archer who already had his bow prepared was not a good idea. She could have accepted his idea to talk and tried it when he talked. When he was close enough, he put his hands on her chin and looked at her face. At one point even opening her mouth carefully to look inside. He may have been strong and a good archer, but that didn't change the fact that he was a curious boy. Nothing too unusual about her. He had seen fangs and wings from hybrids, but there was something else about her that he couldn't put his finger on. "What are you anyway? You're not a bat, that's for sure." Aren continued his examination at her wings. He was close all the time, and now more cautious since he knew she could quick cast. Another attack would turn out to be a really really bad idea, unless she had something to knock him out. If he would be conscious after another attack, it would backfire really bad.
  7. "Eh-?!" The deliciously wonderful moment when one realized one had bitten off more than one could chew was experienced by a certain naughty demon girl that morning. Rumia's pinkish-red eyes widened accompanied by a loud shocked gasp, her body was pinned to the wall by the arrows, she didn't even notice the elf having fired his bow, his agility and accuracy were extraordinary even for an elf. "E-eh... n-no! I uh.. uhm... I-" The succubus went into panic mode as her mind tried to think any underhanded ways to save herself, coming out with nothing but incomprehensible stutters. Her neck craned backwards as her head made contact with the wall behind her, trying to get as far away from Greenie as possible, of course it accomplished nothing as the young man calmly approached her, oh she was soooo dead.

    "Mmmk~?!" She whimpered as he grabbed her jaw, frightened pinkish eyes turned away from observing pair of greens, what was he going to do? "N-no, s-sorry, I didn't... please..." Her moving lips only helped him to take the chance and opened her jaw, revealing her oral cavity, nothing out of the ordinary compared to humans except for a pair of fangs, smaller than vampires or orcs, all succubi had those. She felt violated, rather ironic, but as a succubi, she liked being in control, the dominant partner in a relationship, like that one time when a eccentric wizard summoned her to do... well, kinky stuffs. Her current situation was far from her control, she was being examined like a guinea pig, against her will too. Still, Rumia could feel no lust or ill nature from the elf even with her succubi senses, so what was he doing? From his inquiry, Rumia assumed he never saw a succubus before, so he was simply curious... maybe, the elf was one of those hard-to-read kind of people.

    "Uh..." This gave her an idea, he didn't want to harm her, she could use this to her own advantage. "I'm uh... not a bat." She muttered, rather offended that he put her on the same level as those cave-dwelling fruit-eating vermins just because their wings looked similar, demons were a far more glorious race, "You never see a demon before?" She calmed herself down enough to have small-talks, "I'm a succubus and I..." Should she tell him? Well, no harm in trying, she might even get what she wanted, "I'm hungry, succubi needs sexual energy you know... like uhm... hehe, like your semen." She felt awful, a proud demon shouldn't be asking like this, this elf should be grateful she considered him as a potential prey, "Who are you anyway? How could you... beat my magic like that?" She demanded, pouting as blushes crept up her cheeks, her pride was sorely hurt.
  8. Her wings felt interesting. Similar to leather, but it felt like there were no bones. Maybe muscles and magic formed them, but that would be a matter for another time. For now he listened her out while he continued his examination. The only thing dangerous about her were her spells. No claws, the fangs were too short, and her arms didn't seem like anything special. But it made sense if she was indeed a demon. Many have learned tricks to win battles instead of overpowering opponents with brute strength. "Hm... Are you sure you are not just a girl with a talent for magic and a dirty mind?" Aren couldn't help it. She just didn't seem like a demon. From her perspective, it must have been kinda sad how her charms didn't seem to take effect. He was either having a complex mind, or was just too simple to care about sex.

    Talking was kind of weird with how she was forced to stay in position, but he couldn't just release her. She had a tendency to get stupid ideas, and he didn't want to see his house burn down. Aren noticed that part of her dress looked like a black collar, which gave him an idea. "Hold on a second." Aren examined it and remembered that he had one that looked very similar, which would do the trick to keep her ideas on a minimum. He went to a chest, which looked like it was taken straight out of a dungeon story. Simple wood with metal reinforcements. After a bit of searching, he found a collar that was looking a lot like hers. It only lacked the ribbon. He didn't even bother asking her for permission and put it on her neck. Not too tight, not too loose. "Alright. I will release you now. If you try anything again, you will not get far. If you make me shoot, it will hit this time."

    Aren put his hand on the first arrow, and it vanished when he pulled it just a little. The process repeated two times until the little demon was free again. "Come over here for a second. We have to talk." She was not the only one who had ideas how to use the other for her advantage. Aren had an idea for her powers. He turned his back to her, knowing he had nothing to fear form her anymore. Why? Because the collar he put onto her was not just an accessory. It was a special collar he used for training. It blocked the flow of mana in one's body, making it nearly impossible to cast magic. An inferno spell would be just a warm breeze, and a fireball would be nothing but a warm touch.

    Aren poured some of the soup into 2 bowls. It was a simple chicken soup with little chunks of meat, carrots, small noodles, and some basil. He was sure that even demons could enjoy some normal food. "Alright. So you want my seed. Odd, but it works I guess. But if you want that, I want something in return. See..." Aren told her about how he earned his money. He took on quests and occasionally explored a very special dungeon. The quests were self explanatory. Kill this, get that, deliver those things. Sometimes not all of them in one quest, but it was always at least one. And the dungeon was so unusual because it was rumored to be infinite. "It has a lot of floors, and I already got to the 20th, but there is a part that I can't take care of on my own. To put it simple, it's a 2 person puzzle. I want to continue, and that's where you come in. I want your help with that floor, and maybe with others too. Now then. We have something the other wants, so how about it?" Aren gave her a few moments to think about the offer, and then decided to give her a little push. "If you deny, I will leave you with that collar and kick you out." A weakened demon was already having problems. Weakened and restrained? A goat was more lethal. After giving her the little push in the right direction, he took another spoon of soup to his mouth, knowing he pretty much won already.
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  9. "Eeeeeh?!" He was messing with her, definitely, cause there's no way her succubi charms could fail, she never failed before... wait she did that one time when one of the potential victims turned out to be a queer... but that's beside the point, Aren wasn't the type to like an incubus, right? If so, she was at a horrible disadvantage. Still, whether his question was genuine or sarcasm, it struck a massive blow to her dignity. "No! I am a genuine succubus! How dare you, hmph!" She looked away from him, one cheek bulging in an angry pout, if she could cross her arms, she would.

    "A-are you going to release me or not?" Annoyance slowly took over her panic, she wondered if she could try her surprise attack again as the elf already unsummoned his bow, but she decided against it, it was too risky, he was no mere young man. The pink-haired demon raised an eyebrow as Aren told her to say put, "By Amon, really?" she groaned, this simpleton told a pinned person to 'hold on'? Completely redundant, though he might do it just to make an incredibly lame pun. He went over to a chest and procured something, a black choker... no, collar. She didn't like that thing, it felt like an empty void to her arcane senses. "W-what are you going t- hey?!" Before she could finish, he forcefully put it on just above her dress' choker. Instantly, she felt her mana stream blocked, rendering her magical prowess useless.

    "Oh no... no, no no no no!" The implication dawned on her, as soon as he released her, she tried to claw at the cursed collar but it wouldn't budge. "Y-you... you! How could you?!" Rumia screeched in anger, he stomped on her pride as a succubus and as a mage, he crossed the line twice, she'd never forgive him for this dire transgressions. "K-kh..." Her hands clenched into fists as he casually turned her back against her, so he thought she was harmless eh? Well, she'd prove him wrong, but... how? The collar blocked her magic and she wasn't exactly strong physically, she could rely on her speed, but... against an Elven archer? It'd be like challenging a Minotaur to a wrestling match. Pouting and grumbling, Rumia had no choice but to obey.

    She stood up then grumpily sat on the chair across his, staring at the soup with disinterest, "Hmph..." She pushed it away, she didn't need it. "..." The demon girl kept silent as he offered her a deal, he was literally making a deal with the devil, but the aforementioned devil held no power, turning it into a one-sided ultimatum. So he was an adventurer, just like her... the difference being he's seeking for riches while she was running away - scratch that, it's very different. In the middle of his story, Rumia had already slumped forward, her forehead put against the table's surface, she wasn't interested in his life's story, ending his life would be a much better tale. "Eh... so you want me to go with you?" She asked rhetorically, his threats certainly did its purpose as Rumia's face turned blue in fear, "F-f-f-f.... FINE!!" She slammed her fists on the table, clattering the bowls, "Fine! I'll do it, what choice do I have anyway?! Y-you... you better take this thing off me after we're done! I-I don't need your seed anymore, you jerk!" Oh yes, she hungered for his blood instead, his sweet blood spurting from his torn jugular.
  10. She wasn't that wrong about calling him a jerk. It was not that he meant bad, but he knew that he needed help, and this is what he would get from her. Whenever they would then go after each other's throats would be another debate, but for now, they had a deal. "You can technically choose to leave with the collar. Just saying. Then let's get going. The sooner we get this done, the better." That was probably the one thought they had in common. Both wanted to be done with this quick. Aren poured her bowl back into the pot and took the lead and walked outside, but stopped and turned around when he realized he forgot a kinda important thing. "By the way. My name is Aren. What's yours? Oh and think you can walk?" Not only were names really important for communication, he also didn't want to call her demon the entire time. And since she was still partially recovering from her little accident on the open sea, Aren figured she was not back to full physical strength yet.

    Now that she was outside, she would see the exterior of his home. It was a hut, standing on 4 wooden pillars. Probably to avoid trouble with curious animals and high water levels thanks to rain. A little ladder was leaned against the entrance door to serve as stairs. The whole construct was simple, but sturdy enough to withstand typical forest weather and be a good home. The area around the hut was clear. No trees within a 10 meter radius. Just grass, some plants and flowers, but no bushes. A clear dirt road was at the front, but it ended after a few steps. Again, simple, but it was a peaceful spot to call home, and also expendable. Setting up a home like this took maybe 2 days. Compared to how long it took to build a stone house, it was nothing.
  11. "Kiiiiih!" Her composure - which she didn't have much to begin with - shattered completely as the elf taunted her with the illusion of choice, leave with the collar still on her? He might as well shoot her dead right then and there. Rumia begrudgingly followed behind the Elf, idly wondering if she could pour the pot's contents onto his head. Her evil thoughts were halted when he introduced himself and had the guts to ask for her name, also strangely offering his concern to someone he just tortured, yes, tortured. "H... heh!" The pink-haired demon scoffed, "I don't care who you are! I will call you 'Jerk' from now on!" She panted, continuously raising her voice took a toll on her weakened body, "A-as for my... my name, i-it's..." She sighed, feeling rather light-headed, "Rumia." Let him have her name, she'd still call him by that particular title though.

    His concern was irritating, even a simpleton could see she's not fine, "I'm hungry... and you blocked my powers, I can't even fly!" True enough, she couldn't activate her natural demon magic to power her wings. Just as Aren hypothesized earlier, Rumia couldn't fly without using a small amount of magic, it shouldn't be a problem normally, but the collar messed it all up. Some demons were strong and brutish, like the Efreets, relying on physical strength and sheer destructive power, while others like succubuses relied on magic and trickery, bewitching their victims to get what they want, Rumia was the latter obviously. Dealing with someone like Aren was her sub-race's bane, combined with the collar he forced upon her, she was practically enslaved by him. "Nope!" She sat down on his wooden porch, "I can't walk! Not until you release this collar!" She refused to move like a child in tantrum, but her resolve dwindled soon enough as she realized Aren would just leave her there.

    "...." No! She must stay strong, she couldn't let this bastard push her around.... "F-fine! Damn it!" She followed him in the end. "H-hey, uh..." Rumia caught up to him, walking slightly behind Aren, fidgeting with her crumpled dress, "H-how can I help you if I can't use my powers?" Jackpot, he'd have to release her sooner or later and when that time comes... Ufufufufufu~ I'll kill so hard! You will die to death!
  12. Her walking looked rather... interesting. Yep. That was a good word for it. But he couldn't let her walk around like that. Aren walked over to her and took her right wrist with his right arm, turned around, lowered his body, and pulled her arm over his right shoulder. Before she realized what he was trying, he already stood up again and carried her piggyback. His arms were holding her legs, and with how close her head was to his back, she could easily listen to his heartbeat while they exchanged warmth. "This will do. If we meet someone you know, just tell them I am your servant and I'll play along." Despite Aren being able to easily outplay Rumia, he did not want to make her feel bad on purpose. That was just a side effect of him getting her help. Part of him also wouldn't mind it if they turn out to be friends. "Just endure the collar for a while longer."

    With Rumia on his back, Aren walked through the forest and walked carefully. She was angry already, and he figured that bumping into something wouldn't make her mood better. They went through the forest until they found a moss covered ruin. Despite how old this place looked, it was rather undamaged. No broken pillars or general rubble on the ground. Not even simple cracks. This place was build to last. Aren went to a stone door and pushed it open with his foot. The inside was an unusual room. A mirror on the left side and stairs that led down for as far as the eye could see. He walked in and closed the door behind them, which made a mechanical sound. "And now we're locked in here for a while. Or until we clear one floor." Aren lowered his body to let Rumia down, then turned around, and went close to her again. His hands went for her collar. "If you attack me now, you will have to clear a floor on your own. There are traps and monsters here, so unless you suddenly feel stronger, try to hold back your usual ideas for a while." The collar was off her again, and her strength returned to its previous level. At least she didn't waste any more power. "Now then. This place is full of treasure. I'm sure that we can find something that will come in handy even for you. Keep what you think is useful. The mirror over there keeps track at which floor you were at. Some kind of portal I guess. Let's just walk through it and you'll see how you can help me. Ready?" Not that there was much to prepare, but it never hurt to ask.
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  13. What was the deal with this elf? He took her in, gave him shelter until she - partially - recovered, cooked her meal, all that for a stranded demon. Rumia was aware that her kin wasn't exactly liked by most races in this realm, some even hated them and would kill on sight, elves certainly were one of those 'holier-than-thou' race who regarded demons as nothing more than troublesome vermins. Aren was obviously no typical elf, he didn't even know about succubi before she told him, not to mention immune to her charms. Naturally succubuses are able to awaken lust in males with the veteran ones able to corrupt all but the most strong-willed men. "Mmmh..." Still, he forced her into servitude, but to be honest, she did make the first move.

    "Eh?" When he took wrist, Rumia expected him to harm her, the girl winced but before she knew it, she was already carried on his back. "Eh... eeeeh?!" The gesture dawned on her, he was treating her like a child, she was no child. "H-hey! What do you think you are doing?!" She pounded at his back, but giving nothing more than a few harmless bumps due to her weakened state. Her cheeks turned red as he spoke, so he wanted to ease her discomfort, what a gentleman... n-no! She shouldn't be thinking that, this person was a jerk who liked to enslave girls. Be that as it may, Rumia didn't continue her struggle. Whether she admitted or not, being carried like this felt nice compared to walking in her current state, the warmth emanating from his back combined with his heartbeat certainly eased her. "Nmmmh... F-fine, I'll let you, b-but it's not like I want it, y-you did it without my permission, got it?!"

    At last they arrived at the ruins, moss-covered but strangely unscathed, making the term 'ruins' rather unfitting for this particular... ruins. A very out-of-place mirror greeted them as he carried her inside, "..." Rumia stayed silent, she didn't like the look of this place, her hands wrapped around Aren's torso tighter in search of security, not even realizing it. She rubbed her arms in anxiety after he let her down, her pinkish eyes darting left and right, "Y-you deliberately locked yourself in this place? S-stupid, w-why did you bring me into it?" She sighed, her plan backfired, he seemed to read her mind, "...I-I didn't plan to attack you.. w-why would you think that? Ehehe..." Her giggle was so awkward, she was practically an open book.

    She rubbed her neck as he removed the offending collar, the flow of mana in her body restored, she cracked her fingers a few times as her wings flapped, lifting her shorter form a few centimeters above ground so she was at Aren's eye-level, "Yeah, sure... j-just..." She moved closer to him, positioning herself behind the elf, "Let's just get this over with."
  14. Rumia sure was a complex girl. In one moment she hated and attacked him. In the next she was clinging to him like a clingy child. Aren didn't take 2 seconds to figure her out. She had a crush on him. How hard that crush was? No idea, but that was the only explanation why she didn't try tp pick up the next rock to smash his head with it. She didn't plan in advice, so it couldn't be because she needed him for one floor. But moving on.

    Aren nodded and walked into the mirror. Once Rumia did the same, they would find themselves in a simle room. There were 4 ways to go. A generic area that repeated itself over and over. "I'll watch the distance and front. You have an eye on our backs. Trust me. This is the last place you want to be surprised at." The monsters were taken out rather efficiently with their abilities combined. Aren weakened monsters before they were close, and the ones who got close were either frozen and killed with the next shot, or ignited by a fireball followed by a wind arrow that turned her small fireball into a little firestorm. Their abilities synced nicely. What was also interesting to note was how Aren sometimes warned Rumia of dangers. Just because he was mean didn't mean he wanted her to get hurt.

    And then came the final room. There was a big machine with many cogs and moving parts. Steam emerged from some pipes on occasion. "And here we are. This is what I have trouble with. I had to go back and clear an earlier floor to get out, but that's beside the point. Look at the thing over there." Aren pointed to a podium. It had some buttons on it, and also a slider. It was probably used to operate the machine since it looked similar. Just less steamy. "Not sure how it is called, but let's roll with controller. When one buttons is pushed, the machine reacts. One has to push certain buttons, while the other has to shoot symbols on the big machine. Since I have the better aim, you go over to the controller and push buttons. Don't worry. All you have to do is figure out the order in which they have to be pressed. I remember that the upper left was the first. The others did nothing." Aren activated his bow again and went into position. After preparing 3 arrows, he said "Ready when you are", and aimed at the machine.

    The controller had just 5 buttons, and they figured out the order rather quick. Each time the correct button was pressed, a big plat on the machine turned around, revieling a blue gem on the other side, which Aren shot. That fixed it in place and allowed for a limited time for the next button to be pressed. It took about 4 tries until they had it. The controller sank into the ground, and a hidden door opened at the wall, revealing a treasure chest. Nicely decorated with golden frames and made of white wood. Quite the sight for some dungeon. Too good in Aren's opinion. "Don't touch that. Something's off." He was actually too far to get there first, so could it be that he was just greedy and wanted the contents for himself?
  15. Surprisingly for a couple in a vitriolic temporary alliance, they harmonized quite nicely, perhaps it was the nature of their abilities or a hidden chemistry between them, who knows? What mattered to Rumia was staying alive. "Ha!" Another monster shattered to million icy pieces after she froze it in an ice block followed by Aren's arrows striking it. She was scared at first, but after the tenth encounter or so, it was kind of... fun actually, her inner demon satisfied by all this killing. They were simple monsters sure, but Rumia had the feeling they lived here, making her and Aren the intruders, they were simply defending their home. No shite was given though, Rumia invaded people's homes as an occupation. Slowly, a smile crept upon her face as she began enjoying their little adventure, sometimes even giggling as she decimate yet another monster with her flame blasts. "Gotcha!" She turned around when Aren warned her of a possible ambush, counter-initiating the waiting foes with their synergy. "Haha! We did i-..." She suddenly went flushed, gritting her teeth, "D-don't get any ideas! I... I'm doing this to stay alive..."

    At last they came to the final room, Rumia forgot about her circumstances for the moment and just admired the steampunk-esque chamber. The curious demon flew here and there, examining the steamy machines while Aren explained about the puzzle. She put her arms on her hips, smirking at the elf, "Well, no wonder you can't finish this on your own, I, however, can." She proudly put one hand to her chest, "I can just press the buttons while shooting the symbols with my ice shards, hohoho~" It was a rather childish attempt at belittling him, but she'd take any chances, show him who's the better explorer here. Rumia flew down to the podium and began pressing the buttons, the puzzle became easy enough after a few tries, "If it was me, I'd finish it in one try." Her eyes practically shone with greed when the treasure chest appeared, a reward? Nice, demons love material wealth.

    "Nuh uh!" Rumia quickly bolted to the chest, hugging it like an obsessive lover, "You just say that because you want it all for yourself, well guess what, Jerk, I won't let ya!" She giggled, using both of her hands to lift the cover, "It's all mine!"
  16. The moment she lifted the lid, tentacles shot out of the chest, wrapped around her arms and chest, and pulled the little succubus' front into the chest. The lid came down again and melted just around her waist to be a perfect fit. Her front trapped in the chest, the hole way too perfect making her unable to pull out, and her back exposed in an almost humiliating manner. Aren let out a sigh and casually walked over to the trapped demon. This sight was... priceless. Her own greed was punished so damn perfectly that he had to hold back really hard not to burs out in laughter. "This... *chuckle*. Ahem. Oh this is just perfect. You okay in there?" Aren knew this kind of trap. Naughty mages made these on occasion to teach lessons in a rather harsh way.

    Unknown to him, the inside was not empty. It was full of glowing tentacles that moved around now that someone was trapped inside. She could see every single one. How they filled about half the chest. How they still held her wrists to the other side of the chest. And also, how they began to creep up to her trapped front. Her tattered dress was of no use to help her. They just went though the holes and carassed her bare skin as they wrapped carefully around her torso and coated her in some odd smelling liquid. In the next moment, one tentacle ripped her dress apart from the inside, exposing her body to the dark glow of the chest. A demon of her kind would figure out the liquid after some time. An aphrodisiac to increase her sensitivity. And that was bad. The more aroused she got, the easier could these tentacles suck the mana from her body. As if they knew about the combination, they assaulted her small chest, wrapping around the base and teasing her nipples with very little contact, only to make her moan out at least once to open her mouth and force a big tentacle in it.
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  17. They say 'one would reap what one sow', the cold harsh truth of this particular saying rang very true for one succubus that day. "Eeek?!" A shrill girly scream echoed in the chamber as numerous slimy appendages wrapped around her and before she could do anything, pulled her inside... half of her actually. "W-what is this?! Aren would hear her muffled voice from inside the chest. Rumia's instinctively tried to squirm her way out, but the tentacles were strong and her waist was stuck by the malleable chest.

    "W-wha-...?! Her eyes shot wide as she finally realized what was going on, she foolishly fell into an obvious trap, her and her big mouth. The tentacles began creeping into her torn clothes, wrapping around her chest and coating her skin in a foul yet intoxicating liquid, she could see - and feel - it all.. "N-nmmmh~! N-no... d-don't, aaah~?!" She was no stranger to these perverted creatures, Lady Valenas - an Elder Succubus - loved to use these kinky creatures for torture, pleasure, or otherwise, to humans or her fellow succubi. Still, she never saw them being used as a trap, inside a chest to boot... which went inside her chest. If she wasn't held in this humiliating position, she'd giggle at her own corny joke.

    "Ha~ i-is this... nmmfh~ N-no, uuhn!" The liquid, by Amon, it was exactly she expected it to be, love juices aiming to awaken carnal desires. "Kyaaah?! She struggled again when the tentacles upped the ante by ripping off her dress, finishing its already tattered state. A snake isn't immune to its own poison, the same rang true for her as the aphrodisiac began affecting the succubus. "A-aaahn~" Her moans echoed inside the claustrophobic wooden chest as the naughty appendages caressed her modest breasts, extremely sensitive due to the slime covering her, another loud moan abruptly interrupted by a thick tentacle forcing its way into her mouth, worming its way deep to the back of her throat, slithering back and forth much like a male's genital would.

    Her moans turned into gagged wails of twisted pleasure as her pink eyes started to roll upwards, her mind turning into mush, logic and reason overpowered by lust.
  18. For someone who's partner was in a quite sticky situation, Aren was surprisingly calm. That was because he already knew what would happen to her. A friend of his fell for a similar trap, and was freed after a rather messy and naughty experience. All this monster wanted was to unwind, which Aren could understand. If he would be into that sort of thing as he was into fighting, he would go insane when locked into a chest and only visited every few months or even years. Still. The sight was not bad at all. She would probably never admit it, but she liked what was happening to her. These things were experienced, almost as if they were taught how to assault in this way. A few droplets of her love juices wet her panties, leaving a darker mark on the already dark fabric. This gave him an idea. Not only was she pretty much in such a scene already, but they kinda had made a deal about this dungeon. This was probably the best time to keep his end of the deal.

    With a little smile, he went to the side of the chest and shot the hinges. This pretty much broke the restraining effect since Aren now could easily pick up the lid now. The inside was looking very entertaining. Her eyes spoke for her, and it was easy to tell that this monster had an easy game with her. He wondered for a moment if she would cum from being forced to suck. If it was that exciting for her that her pride was flushed away by lust. He made a note to tease her with that later. But for now he grabbed her and pulled her away from the tentacles. Just when she seemed to react to it, thinking it was over, Aren raised her higher. With her back against his front, and his arms under her knees, and her legs being forced to spread apart by Aren, one had to wonder just what idea he had. It almost looked like he would throw her back into the chest, but this time her whole body would be assaulted. "Aren't you at least a little ashamed? Just look at how horny you are already Rumia. Maybe I should just put you down into it. Or... how about I continue in its place? An elf instead of a monster. It's your choice, but I have a condition." Her mind was probably somewhat blank by now, but he waited until she reacted in some way before he continued. A wimper, or straight question, or a look in her face. His head was right on her shoulder, with his mouth speaking quietly into her ear just what condition he had. "We two are going to take on adventures together from tomorrow." Just what was in his mind? What plan or idea was he following as he proposed this rather strange offer?
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  19. "Ubuf... nnmgh~" After a few moments of oral desecration, body coated by aphrodisiac slime, and breasts teased endlessly, Rumia's senses were thrown out the window. The succubus let herself loose as her muffled moans turned into screams of overwhelming pleasure. This was just her top being defiled, one couldn't imagine what would happen should the tentacles assault her whole body. She was a demon of lust, she should be better than this, but the tentacles were too skilled as if they were specifically designed to emulate an incubus' sexual expertise. "Mmmfh~" Ah to hell with it, she couldn't care anymore, let the thing suck out all her mana, all she wanted was to cum. So entranced in her forced kinky act, she didn't even realize Aren had opened the chest, revealing her humiliating state to the elf. The normal Rumia would so much kill herself rather than being seen like this, right now? She was just a piece of flesh being used by a monster.

    Her wails intensified as she felt her orgasm drew close, the tentacle in her mouth moving back and forth, and then suddenly... it was gone, the pleasurable feeling was gone, everything was gone, why was it gone?! "A-ah?" Rumia's blank eyes stared in emptiness, her intoxicated mind still figuring out why the tentacles stopped pleasuring her, it took her a full minute just to get the vague idea that Aren had something to do with it. "N-nmfh...?" She whimpered in aching denial as the elf lifted her half-naked form up, the upper part of her dress completely gone, leaving her tattered skirt and dripping wet panties. Rumia gasped as her body screamed for release, the aphrodisiac only made it worse, her back laying on Aren's torso, her arms limp on her sides, legs spread apart by the amused green-haired elf.

    "A-...aren?" She called out to him, barely comprehending any of his words, her mushy brain received something about shame, horny, and... an offer? "Ha... nngh, A-aren..." She didn't care what it was, his voice kept yapping, she didn't want that, she wanted release, she hungered to cum so bad. His seductive voice tickled her ear, Rumia answered with a slow nod, obviously not in the mind to consider anything, "J-just... let me cum... I want to cum... Aren, I'll do anything, just... cum, mmmfh~!" She hissed as another waves of pleasure shocked her brain. Any more delays and she'd go berserk like a blood-starved vampire.
  20. Rumia was not the only one about to go insane. Wait. If one now assumes that the other one was Aren, and that his raging boner wanted nothing more than to carve its shape into Rumia's insides, one would be wrong. It was no doubt that he was somewhat aroused from the scene, but Aren had an insane level of self control. Although the opportunity was great, he would not abuse the little demon for his own benefit. No. The other one was the tentacle monster in the chest. Locked away into some dungeon, busy only with producing it's devastating slime, and having to fight other monsters for its position, a girl arriving here was a pure bliss. It tasted her skin, her mouth. And it wanted more. Just like her. But it knew that Aren was not one to mess with. Something about this elf was... unusual. And the things one did not understand usually were followed by confusion and fear. A common process, even for monsters.

    Aren was enjoying himself in his own way. Teasing Rumia was bringing pure joy to him. How she was about to go berserk only from not being kept violated, and how she would now agree to anything he would propose, just as long as her need was fulfilled. He thought about teasing her a little more, but decided against it. As cute and aroused as she was, she still was a little demon with magic powers, and Aren knew when it was time to stop playing with fire. He stepped forward, the tentacles beginning reaching carefully for her as she was close enough. Aren gave her a gentle kiss on her head, and let her fall right into the chest, where she was instantly greeted by the slime covered tentacles again.

    Just like before, it restrained her hands, but this time behind her back, while her body was once again covered with the mixture. This time her lower half too, making the last sane thoughts leave her mind. The monster wasted no more time in teasing her and straight out forced a big tentacle into her pussy, reaching deep into her until it hit her womb. Aren kept watching as before and noticed how she came from just that already. Her back arcing from the sudden assault and reaction. What he would give to get a picture of that moment. It suited her to be dominated, and it was far from over. The tentacle pulled out, only to thrust back inside over and over and over, violating her little body to it's hearts content, forcing her to cum and loose her mind from pleasure and pressure. It didn't take long until she sank into the chest and was pretty much covered in tentacles. From neck to toe, it carassed every single inck. A slimy and warm hug from all sides as she was moved back and front, allowing the main tentacle to go even further. With one sudden push, it went into her womb and hit it from inside. It didn't matter which experiences she made by now. This was the deepest yet, followed by an insane load of cum that filled her deepest part. Her stomach swelled up a little, only to be pushed down, making the cum forcibly leave her body, only to be filled up again in the next few minutes.

    It repeated for a good while. Aren was sure it had been about 30 minutes of Rumia getting her needs satisfied until she suddenly passed out. As soon as Aren noticed that, he got up from the side of the treasure chest and suddenly aimed with his bow at the core of the monster. Any further intercourse would probably cause damage to her, which he wasn't fond of. "Fun time's over. I can't let my party member just die you know?" The monster reacted to the threat and quickly stopped. But damn. The sadness was in the air. It pretty much radiated form the monster, which kinda woke pity in the elf. As mentioned before, he could understand the monster. After it released Rumia and carefully placed the now nude and slime covered succubus on the ground, Aren took his bow away and remained at the chest. He had an idea, which was good... for him. He took out an amethyst ring from his pocket that he found on an earlier floor. "You know what? I think I have good news for you." The rest of the scene was taken into secret as no one was there to see what was going on.

    When Rumia would wake up again, she would have quite the dejav. Her body feeling heavy and exhausted, a warm fire at her side, and her body covered with some sheets. The smell of soup filled the air, and the ceiling was looking awfully familiar. Yep. She was at Aren's place again. Probably not the best place to be at in her opinion, but when thinking about it, she was not dead by sex. Aren easily could have left her with the monster and take whatever was the real treasure for himself. Yet he did take her back with him again. He was again in the kitchen, but was now prepared for her ideas. Rumia would also notice 2 things. First: Her clothes were still gone, but she wore Aren's vest. It was not enough to cover everything, but at least her chest was covered, which was better than nothing. The second thing was that her strength was back. At least being assaulted and repeatedly being cummed inside restored her strength. If it wouldn't be fore her sore body, she would be back at probably 100%. When she would come to see him, she would notice that Aren was not just cooking a meal. He was warming up the one from this morning. It was night by now, pitch black, and he sat there sewing her torn dress together. Quite the work considering he had to wash the pieces first, and then sew them together. Especially the finer details gave him trouble, but he didn't to a bad job. Of course a new one would be better, but still. The string he used was almost invisible, and only those who looked closely would notice it. He was busy with it, noticed when Rumia approached, but didn't turn to her when she moved into the kitchen. He was curious what her first idea would be. He expected some attack again.
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