Into the Metro, A post apolocyptic tale

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  1. Moscow, Russia.


    In the year proclaimed to be the beginning of the end for the human race, the seeds that had been planted more than fifty years ago took root and bloomed into weeds that blanketed the world. Humanity, for all it's progress, was unable to ignore the destruction brought on by the most unholy weapon that they were able to create.

    Nuclear Warheads.

    It is unknown who fired the first missile; some say it was us, others: the Americans. Who started world distruction is not important, no more important than which ape first slapped another ape. It does not matter because that was another world, a life that is far gone.

    As the world was destroyed by nuclear explosions and the very air tainted to the point where we could no longer breath, a small number of us escaped into the metros and subways under our cities. That was when our world become much, much smaller.

    Metro, Moscow


    Twenty hard, cold years passed. Our Metro has become a much harsher place. Our home is divided, between the Reds and the Fourth Reich in our tunnels, and the monsters in the choking winter above. The Metro is what can be easily called Hell, and we must fight for every breath we take.

    For those who are born and know nothing but the Metro, I pity you, and my heart goes out to you through these final words of mine. If, by some cruel twist of fate, those who find this live to see grass growing and trees blooming on the surface, then take this note as a message from the past.

    And finally, you will only waste time if you are looking for items on my corpse. My final Military Grade Round is in my gun, though it will not be for long.
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  2. This sounds so much like the short video around youtube lately - Metro: Last Light. Is that your inspiration?

    I am definitely interested in this but before I sign up for it I need to know a bit more about the plot and whether this is a group RP or one on one.
  3. I kinda just wanted to get an idea down. Honestly, if it does sound a lot like the intro, then it is coincidental. I drew my inspiration from what I know of Metro 2033 and not Last Light. Its a fanbased but I wanted to flesh out a few ideas first.

    That sound ok?
  4. It does sound good. So do you have any more details about the plot? Do you plan this to be a group RP?
  5. I do plan it to be a group RP.

    And no, I will not accept Rangers. They are too... B A for normal plot.

    And lets not deal with the Dark Ones, ok?

    Anyway, I do have a few ideas: Short caravan trip, idk. Anyone else?
  6. Never played Metro 2033. But I like the setting sounds very interesting. I can definitely see some unique characters developing out of this. A brilliant burnt out surgeon with a drinking problem, who feeds his habits by distilling alcohol from old diesel fuels...A young scavenger who was born just after the retreat into the subways, who never misses what they never had, capable of seeing the wonder in the ruins from the world before....

    But thats just me, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Great storyline!
  7. I haven't played the game that much so I don't know about rangers and dark ones but if you don't want them in the game then I guess my lack of knowledge is alright ;)

    As for what could happen...players that would join would decide to go and check if the world outside has changed, maybe?

    Jamie what a great characters. Why am I still so tired to make up something as good as that.
  8. I admit, the Inteligent Dinosaur has a point.

    And some really interestsing characters.

    This is a BRAINSTORM topic. So lets get brainstorming...

    Except for me since school just ended.
  9. Rising raidiation levels in a particular area of the metro could be forcing the characters to abandon their safe haven and travel deeper into unmapped areas in search of another home. Stressors such as hunger, adequate clothing, radiation sickness related deaths and resentments could lead to a power struggle amoung those viewed leaders of the community and others who think they can do a better job. Ambushes by marauders seeking resource is pretty much a staple of any post apoc story.