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  1. The house was a very old one, and looked like at one point a fire had burnt it out. Large sections of the roof had never been replaced, but any damage that had occurred took place long ago. Green vines and mosses had begun to reclaim the place, making it look picturesque, as though from a fairytale. Despite the missing parts of roof, some rooms inside were still darkened, cast into deep shadows. Only about a quarter of the old house was spilling light into it. In contrast to the nature that surrounded it in this wooded area, many of the boards were blackened and glass windows melted.

    A decrepit house like this was a place for hiding, and deep into it's dark depths Ravier was struggling with an internal pain that had plagued him for some time now. It had been an incredibly stupid idea to drink all that blood, to believe a demon had actually cared about what happened to a vampire. Now he was suffering the consequences. Ravier lay on his side, curled in on himself in the darkness of a windowless room. He was covered by a ragged, grey hooded cloak, which served to hide his face. Beneath the cloak he wore heavy black boots, long gloves that came up to his elbows and met with the rolled up sleeves of his shirt. He did his best to keep his skin completely covered.

    A tremor ran through his body for the umpteenth time this day. Ravier was fighting a pain deep down that was leaving him unable to rest his body, as well as the mental struggles he had to put up with as his condition reminded him daily of what he'd lost. Though he'd gained a lot from it as well. If this was gaining, in the end. He was in an upstairs bedroom, the windows blackened out, fiddling with some idea in his head out of boredom. Things were usually eerily quiet in this place, only the occasional stir of a woodland animal would disturb the peace. During the day, he would not leave this place. And right now, he hardly felt like he could move. Ravier was going nowhere for a while.
  2. Amanda was running for what felt like forever. Her brown hair wiped around behind her and she felt her hoodie hitting her shoulders softly. She ducked behind a tree scooping out for her prey. There she saw it. A fairly large buck standing there thinking it was safe. She crouched there catching her breath watching it stand there. Amanda pulled out her knife slowly.
    The sunlight hit the knife and the wild beast spotted it and took off.
    Amanda growled, "Wouldn't be fun without a race to the finish." she jumped up and chased after it. It wasn't long until she lost the beast around an old house. She threw a fit cursing angrily. She throw her knife and it broke through one of the only windows in the downstairs. She just about screamed her frustrations. She plopped herself down against the walls drawing up her knees. Small tears began breaking way.
    "Its okay Amanda.. Breathe.. You'll make it through this," said the small childish voice in her head.
    She knew that voice well. She felt herself starting to calm and slowly she rose pulling out a small switchblade. "Let's find this knife and get out of here. This place gives me the creeps." Slowly Amanda approached the building and opened what was left of the door, that opened with a loud creak. She flinched nervously. "Okay. Find the knife and leave." she repeated to herself a couple times. She walked carefully trying to not do anything stupid. She didn't know where the blade was. Slowly looking from room to room she felt like she wasn't alone. Slowly she breathed heavily. "Just my luck," she said looking around at the condition of the place. "I through my knife into the one window that was breakable." she sighed softly until she finally came across the room with the broken glass.
    Her blade was stuck in old wood that made up the wall. She grabbed the handle and pulled, the area around the wall gave in easily and she fell back. Her arm getting cut by the glass. She squealed hating the sight of her blood. She started panicking and feeling the sensation of vomit.
    "Keep it together Amanda," said the voice in her mind.
    She started looking around frantically. "There has to be a cloth here.. Something.. Oh please.. Something!" She started searching the house and finding only ripped fragments of cloth. She rushed upstairs feeling dizzy already. Slowly she moved trying to conserve her energy. Soon she collapsed in the hall way. The cut was already starting to scab over. She laid there for awhile shaking thinking she was bleeding out when she wasn't.
  3. A crash broke the silence of the place, but all Ravier did was roll over onto his back and place his hands behind his head, listening. Someone had come in, his sensitive hearing could pick up her breath, her soft words, and her heartbeat... so it was a living thing, then. But certainly no woodland creature, unless those had suddenly learned how to speak English. He heard a crash that sounded oddly like a wall coming down somewhere downstairs. "Someone is tearing my house down..." He muttered to the ceiling, unconcerned. Still he didn't move.

    Ravier was interested more so when he heard the noise of pain, and so he made his way to the sound out of impatience and curiosity instead of waiting for it to come to him as he'd first thought. It was unmistakable now, he could smell fresh blood and it was kind of throwing him into a frenzy. A lot of time had passed since he'd had blood, and even though he could go for longer without it now, it was more painful to do so. Drinking would alleviate some of that pain, and so he moved now with purpose. Piercing silver eyes stared out of that dark shadowed face, visible even if the rest of him wasn't.

    What he ended up finding was a girl, with an injured arm. He didn't bother trying to look non-menacing, he knew he did in all the grey and black cloaking, with not a bit of skin showing on him. He headed towards her at an easy pace and stopped just in front of her without a word, tilting his head in an oddly curious gesture. Right now, Ravier was but a husk of what he used to be, he was something of a ghost of himself, and it would take a lot of... something, to make him more himself again. Not that anyone had particularly liked the Ravier of the past.

    The girl was lying on the ground with her back to him and likely hadn't noticed him. He was walking around barefoot and was capable of padding silently around this piece of junk house. There was a pressure in his head, accompanied by a pounding that matched her panicked heartbeat. Why was she panicking? By the time he'd come over to her, her wound already looked like it had stopped bleeding. Never one to miss an opportunity to be cruel, Ravier leaned down over the already frightened girl and whispered into her ear. His voice was soft, almost sultry with a hint of high British accent. "I see you've found my house."
  4. Amanda's eyes snapped open and she tried to stab the thing in front of her. Whether she missed or not she still got up moving away forgetting the cut. She glared at him trying to be menacing and scare him away from her. She wanted no trouble from him, but she looked ready to fight, the fight probably wouldn't be amazing or anything. Amanda really looked like a hobo. Upon close inspection she had a dirty odor and dirt covering a good part of her arms and legs. Her jacket was torn in places and didn't cover all her arms and it almost looked as if all she had was her jacket covering her torso. Her shorts looked old and also torn. Her hair looked like it hadn't been brushed in years and looked almost infested with dirt. Her shoes looked almost ruined and black with mud stains.
    If it wasn't for the jacket being so loose anyone would see she was starving, her face didn't show signs yet but her eyes showed a lack of sleep and physical care. Se growled at the man trying her hardest to seem somewhat threatening no matter how much it drained her. "I'll leave your pathetic house.. just get out of my way." The voice in her head told her to be kinder. She stepped forward towards the stairs he was blocking. She kept his eyes locked with his. She was afraid and she was trying her hardest to not show it with her movement, but her eyes showed it all the fear of a lost little girl.
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