Into the Lair of the Plasma Dragon - Recruitment/OOC Discussion

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  1. Five painfully cliche companions:

    a brusque young woman,

    a charming man,

    a wise old wizard,

    a meek priestess,

    and a taciturn young rebel.

    Each of them was arrested for crimes against the kingdom of Meilith. Normally the severity of their offenses would call for execution, but the king had a change of mind. For the past century the country's mines have been unusable due to the plasma dragon that took up residence deep within, only to have other savage creatures follow. As a different punishment, it was decreed that these criminals would venture into the subterranean caverns and seek out the beast to slay it for the good of the kingdom.

    If they succeed, their records will be wiped.

    If not, it saves the time of an execution.

    * * * * *

    So while it's based on a D&D campaign (and also the Mines of Moria), I'd like to see how this 5-player works out as an RP. Obviously action and fantasy would be the primary elements, though in my mind's eye I foresee possible romance...? Maybe? That's up to everyone else.
  2. Interested!
  3. If this actually opens up, I'll take on the meek priestess.