Into The Forest

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  1. Storyline-

    Elves a very mistaken creatures. They actually are beautiful, tall, mythical creatures that live in harmony with nature and all the animals in their lush beautiful kingdom. Their enemies though, was the dark and cruel kingdom of the Demon's. My character is the prince of the elves, loved by all of the elf kingdom. Though he is the youngest, he will be the next king. His eldest brother had been killed in battle by the demon's a couple years ago, and his second eldest brother went to live in the Islands of the Angels with a girl he fell in love with.... My character is left alone to be king.... But he does not want the crown... So when the day of his coronation arrived, he ran away. Into the dark forest where he knew no elf would dare to follow. My character was lost in that forest for days until he stumbles upon Your character... A demon... But not just any demon... The demon prince... Your character had been exiled when your characters uncle stole the throne from him, not thinking your character was strong enough because you wanted to make peace with the elves and he laughed in your face... What happens when you find out that this young elf actually is the prince of the elf kingdom? Will you hand him over to your uncle so you can get out of your banishment? Or will you do something else?

    -Looking for a dominant.-
    -One paragraph minimum for the writing length.-
    -Third person only.-

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