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  1. "So far as we know, with current technology, there is enough of a chance to reach the constellation Draco. It would have to work with a coalition of many nations. We could use FTL travel, but even that will take at least 500 years. It will work though"
    -John Peterson, Head of NASA, in a statement to the UN Intergalactic Council.

    "I was born and raised on The Bahamut, Not leaving it for anything. unless the Sickness spreads."
    -Takeshi Akagaya, An altered human Celebrity known for his talk show.

    The year is 2375, FTL travel exists, Man wants to reach the constellation Draco. They send out 12 ships to terra-form a planet in the head of Draco. They sent a multinational fleet known as The Dragon to colonize and Terra-form This planet.
    There are twelve ships in this fleet. 6 of them, (The Wyvern, The St George, The Smaug, The Fenrir, The Tiamat, and The Bahamut. With the St. George as the Flagship.) Support Terra-forming, Where as 4 (the Dragonfly, The Grendel, The Paarthurnax, and the Saphira.) Think terra-forming should be done on a limited scale. and the last two (The Glaurung, and The Hydra) Think that no Terra-forming should be done at all.
    Back on Earth, Mission Control set up certain Councils to deal with certain things. There is a council consisting of members from each ship and control the fleet (simply called The Council) , a Security council which thinks Violence solves problems, A Police force that only carries Riot Shields and Cattle prods and deals with uprisings, The Science council which studies stuff, and uses science to solve problems The Medical Team which wears Spacesuits/HAZMAT suits and carries Riot Shields, Cattle prods, and sometimes SMGs. (The infected are tough!), and the Civilian council which is a minor group that deals with small things.
    Now, many problems plague the ships. The computers on the Glaurung have been infected with a virus which has wiped out most information, Earth has lost contact due to a meteor hit, Disease is spreading through the ships, and an unknown alien species is attacking The Paarthurnax. The Council tries to work things out, but the Terra-forming thing has gone off causing The Grendel to be cut off, and The St George is running low on food. Overpopulation has resulted in a massive crash, Medical supplies on the Bahamut are almost out and they are only 3 years away from Draco....

    Character sheet:
    Job: (Medical Council, Security Council, Executive Council Etc.)
    Species: (Android, Human, or Altered Human.)
    Weapon: (If Security or Police force.)
    extra Info:
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  2. Character sheet:

    Name: Yuri Makarov

    Age: 27

    Job: Medical Council

    Ship: The St. George

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Nationality: American/Russian

    Species: Human

    Weapon: HAZMAT/Space Suit, Cattle prod, Plasma assault Rifle.

    Personality: A smart and brave young man, Yuri was trained in the medical and the Military schools. Yuri gets angry, and can resort to violence, but he also has a fear of blood, and is a bit OCD and Impulsive.

    History: Born to the current head of the Medical Council, Yuri was destined for the medical profession from Birth. Yuri was given to the Military side of the Medical School, which was the Medic side of the Security Council. He was trained in almost all forms of medicine. One day, he met a girl. They began dating. They were going to be married, until the virus struck. She was killed in a quarantine break by the infected. Yuri took it upon himself to clear the infection. iIf it killed him or not.

    Other: I got nothing.
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  3. Information:

    The Infection: Dubbed The Red Death by the Medical Council, The disease causes people to turn red, and to bleed out of every hole in their body (Yes, including Pores, and eyes.) The Red Death was named for the color of infected people's skin. It starts out like the Cold, or the Flu, but rapidly grows, and is very infectious. It also ramps up the Infected persons Anger and Adrenaline, causing them to be stronger and angry than usual, causing several Quarantine breaks. If an infected approaches you, seek a medical Council Employee immediately.

    The Dan'Ru'Ki: The Alien race that lives among us. Discovered 50 years ago, the Dan'Ru'Ki now live among us. this causes issues, as Human Supremacists attack them. but the Dan'Ru'Ki are a fairly peaceful race, except for the group calling themselves "Sons of the Watcher." Who see God as the supreme being, and asks them to wipe out all that are not Dan'Ru'Ki. They kill Medical Council Workers, and steal their armor, so be careful if you see that armor in an area not marked Quarantine.

    Nations: This was a Multinational mission, so here are the nations that were involved:
    Major Nations:
    US: Headed the Mission.
    Japan: Provided much of the technology.
    Russia: Provided Military Support and Uranium.
    Israel: Provided more Military support
    The UK: Provided livestock.
    China: Provided rice.
    Italy: Set up religious institutions.

    Minor Nations:
    New Zealand
    South Korea
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  4. More information:

    The Ezekiel Codex: Named for the Biblical book of prophecy, the Ezekiel Codex contains all of the information for living on your ship. It gives news, times, and everything ever. It even minorilypredicts the future. Everyone carries one.
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