Into the Depths

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  1. “So, you want to go up. You heard of the diamond city and thought you’d make your fortune. Trekked all the way here, weaselled, bribed and killed your way in. Thought you were set on a road to the good life. But something went off along the way. Instead of a picture of god you fell into this stinking hole. Still haven’t given up, though. Still think you’re gonna make it. You’re not like the rest of this human refuse. You’re better, you can see the future you want to make, think you know just how to do it. Whatever you have to tell yourself. There’s just one thing.

    Unlike you, I have an answer.”

    Welcome to Central, bastion of the human race. After our forefathers rained nuclear fire upon the land we were born from the ashes. Mankind clawed its way out of the earth, then they took back the sky and then...they built a city. A place from which their new society could stretch out its hands and reclaim a planet lost. A throne upon which to sit and gloat over the tenacity of their accomplishments. Even in the face of certain doom, the human cockroach would not die.
    Rumours spread like wildfire about a sanctuary in the dark. A gleaming stronghold-palace that welcomed all and sundry to bask in radiant comfort. But they lied. Sure, the stories are true, most of them anyway but stories are never quite as pretty as fact. There’s just one thing those tales never seem to mention, a crucial aspect left out of an otherwise tantalizing narrative: the plate. A sheet cast between two words, both wall and gateway separating that pristine Heaven we were all promised and the Hell you see now.
    Because not just anyone is allowed into the city proper and where the unwanted go is far removed from the lap of luxury. For everything above the plate is a festering pit miles deep. A second city, as dark as its sibling is bright. A tomb with the most beautiful casket you’ve ever seen. So, you’ve tossed yourself into the depths but no one gives a good god damn about that. How are you going to get out and when you do, will those dreams of yours still be as sweet.
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  2. This sounds really cool. I love the idea of a pristine capital surrounded by essentially shanty towns and underworlds.
  3. Ooh, I'm interested too.
  4. Very good, happy to see some eyes have found their way here.
  5. I don't even think I know enough to grasp how to start thinking about possible story/characters, but this tidbit is so tantalizing, I'll have to say I'm interested.
  6. There's a whole index of information linked in my signature, but I am attempting to put together something that doesn't require all of that to be read beforehand.
    Homework tends to turn many people away.
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  7. Yes, that does happen. I'm interested enough to attempt reading it, though.
    That being said, it may be my computer, but I can't get your link to load. :(
  8. Oh, right.
    I had changed my screen name.
    Fixed now.
    I'll put it here as well just in case.
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  9. Haha, holy shit, you weren't kidding when you said you had a lot of information.
    It's really quite impressive. Thanks for sharing.
  10. It's not nearly the vision in my head.
    But, as a framework it serves its purpose.
    As I said, unlike my other RP this one doesn't require the reading.
    So don't worry about it if you don't feel up to it.
  11. This looks like it could be a pleasant venture, I'll try!
  12. I am the happiest abomination at the darkling ritual.
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  13. What's next, captain? :D
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  14. Well, there are five of us which should be good to start with.
    Basically, I just need to decide whether or not to copy/paste what's written up there into an OOC thread or write up something new, set up the IC thread and away we go.
    Any thoughts?
    Both on that and the idea in general, I mean.
  15. Well, I think it depends on if you want all players to be involved in creating a plot
    Or if you have something more specific in mind.

    I suppose I could see this world being played out in many different ways, so perhaps some more information on your vision for what could happen would be a good working start.

    Of course, like I said, it's cool, too, if you just wanted to see what popped up.
  16. I think it'd be cool to have multiple intertwining plotlines going at the same time actually. Like 5 groups of 4 characters each unaware of the existence of the others and all working to counter the actions of the others. Players would probably have one character on each team.
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  17. My roleplaying style has always been improvisation.
    Yes, I've ideas for an overarching plot, but would love to see all of you doing your own thing and slowly guide you into it.
    Which would be far easier if characters were connected in some way or another beforehand.
    Having you all on opposite sides of the world and attempting the same is just tedious.
    So don't worry too much, I'm quite literally a ten-year vet at this sort of thing, no problems there.
    Just want to make certain every one of you is having fun and will carry the story in your own way while each of your characters shape it by their own involvement.

    Basically, I'll be setting things in motion with my first post, which will put a lot of questions out there and serve as the first guidepost for the rest of you.
    If that's not enough, you can click here for an overview of the world at large.
    But like I said before, this is an attempt of mine at not requiring all that reading.
    I assure you that I'll be doing everything I can to ease you into what you should know during my own posts and with my own character's interactions.
    I'm your straight man, your co-pilot, etc.
    We won't know until it all starts, but that's half the fun.
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  18. I just had an idea that I would like to run by you all.
    Basically, take the city structure and flip it.
    This could have wide-reaching effects and would change the story considerably.
  19. Uh...what do you mean by "flip it"?
  20. Oooh, room for one more? It's been a while since I've heard tell of something so interesting.
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