Into The Darkness

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  2. David slowly roamed the forrest, he was familiar with everything surrounding him.
    He was alone, he had been for years.
    Slowly he sat down against a tree, he inhaled the fresh air.

    David smiled "such a nice day.." He said to himself.
    Not knowing that somewhere there might be someone else who shared his loneliness.

    David (open)
  3. Scarlet pads through the forest, her paws making not a sound as she stalks through the forest in search of prey. She was alone and she had been alone since she was still a pup. Her pack had thought her a curse, a demon. They'd tried to kill her so many times and constantly abused her. She eventually just ran away and has been alone ever since
    Scarlet sighs and stops beside a pond to drink. She had a past that could never be revealed...and powers that terrified other wolves. She could become a human.

    She looks around,she could scent a human nearby. Or at least it smelled similar to a human.
    "Oh well it doesn't matter, humans wouldn't be able to hurt me anyway, " she tells herself.
    Padding into a small clearing filled with sunlight and a flat boulder in the center, she lays down on the boulder and rests her head on her paws.
    The sunlight makes her pelt all the more horrible, for her appearance was what had made her pack hate her. Scarlet had fur the color of freshly spilled blood, her teeth were crimson, and her eyes a vibrant yellow. Though she looks horrible, Scarlet was a kind wolf... and a kind human.
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  4. David smelled something, a presence he could sense.
    He got up and looked around.
    He didn't want to turn, but the only way to find whatever was near was to turn.

    David closed his eyes, his body started to change.
    It was always painful to turn, but once he got there, he felt alright.
    He was bigger than most of his kind, also stronger.

    His fur was white, there was a light blue glow over and around him as if he was on fire.
    He started tracking the scent and as he got near, he howled to show he meant no harm.

    wolf form (open)
  5. Scarlet hears a howl and is immediately on her paws,looking around for whoever made it. She stands her ground and waits for the wolf to show them self.
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  6. David slowly approached, as he saw her in a pose that implied she was ready to fight.
    He was never one for violence, and so he just stared at her.
  7. I see him, a gorgeous male wolf and quickly turn and run into the forest. My heart races as I flee, running far and not stopping until I'm miles away from the angelic male. I must have appeared a demon to that perfect wolf. I look around and see a tree with a hole dug under the roots. I dig it out and make it into a temporary den.
    I lay down in my makeshift den, I dream of that wolf...
  8. David was shocked as she ran, he tried to follow her, but she disappeared.
    He slowly moved further, trying to follow her scent.
    David wasn't going to let this one chance of company slip away.

    He ran and ran, until he finally could feel her presence again.
    Locking on it he walked towards the tree, and laid down next to it.
  9. I wake, my vibrant yellow eyes fluttering open. I yawn,catching a large whiff of his scent. I freeze... then I see him... he was right beside the tree. I whine loudly then in a flash I run past him into the forest and run far away from him... I could not allow him to hunt me.
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  10. David followed her, he had no other choice to pounce and pin her down.

    As he had her pinned he looked at her, he turned human and smiled "stop running.. I don't want to hurt you."
  11. As I'm pinned, my instincts take over. Power fills my muscles and I surge upward, throwing him off of me and sending him flying into a tree. I run away and once I'm far enough away I become a lovely human female. My hair is long and golden, I have pale skin and wear a lovely loose dress. If the wolf sees me at all he sees only the back of a lovely young woman melting into the forest. I vanish into the forest.
  12. David got up and sighed ''Why won't you stay!?'' He yelled as if they just had an argument.
    He looked around ''You're supposed to communicate.. I think you're beautiful..''
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  13. She hears his voice and sigh... she couldn't, as much as she was desperate to, allow herself to get close to anyone. She felt like she was desperate to get close to him... that was something she couldn't allow. She learned the hard way that getting close to people only hurts you.
  14. Scarlet turns and allows herself to look at the young man, still in the form of a beautiful woman. images (4).jpg She frowns to herself...I must be crazy she thinks to herself. She tentatively peeks at him... a smile playing on her lips.
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  15. He sighed and looked down "I know you're there.. I can feel you."
    He got on his knees and took a deep breathe "I wasn't trying to scare you.."

    He was desperate for her to stay, but she didn't seem to want him anywhere near her.
    Was it him? He was always convinced that he didn't look that bad.. Of course, someone so beautiful would only look down on him.

    He took another breathe and eventually laid down "If only.."
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  16. Scarlet had the power of hearing the thoughts of others. She hears his thoughts and gasps, she steps out of the trees into the open.
    "Who are you, and how could you possibly think a monster such as myself beautiful? " she asks him. Her voice was kind and gentle, but confused and cautious.
    Scarlet looks at him, this man was so incredible. How could this perfect creature think a monster with foul powers like her beautiful?
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  17. Scarlet realizes that she's still a human and goes behind a tree. When she reveals herself again, she's her true vile wolf form. Scarlet sighs, she was ashamed of her blood colored fur and crimson teeth. They made her appear evil and cruel. She craved love, companionship, and to be understood.
    She looks at him her yellow eyes filled with longing and pain.
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  18. David was still in his human form, he approached her.
    He smiled gently and reached out his hand and touched her fur.
    He observed her as he brushed his hands through it softly "because you are beautiful, in both forms.."
    His voice was deep, soothing, sincere.
    David had no reason to lie, she was the most beautiful creature he ever laid eyes on.
  19. Scarlet was shocked at the sincerity in his voice. She smiles and enjoys the warmth of his touch. She begins to transform and soon where once was a wolf a lovely human girl now stood. She had lovely pale skin and kind yellow eyes. Her long golden hair flowed likes water.
    "What is your name, " she asks him, marveling at the handsome boy.
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  20. David didn't move his hand, as she transformed, he slowly caressed her skin.
    He blushed and looked down "I uhm.. I'm david, what's your name?"
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