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    Scarlet Thompson

    Scarlet slid out of the passenger seat as grabbed her backpack before slamming the door behind her. "One day, you'll understand. It's for your benefit in the long run." She clearly heard her father yell these words, but she walked away as if she had no clue as to what he was talking about. Her father had gotten a new job. Therefore, her whole family had to relocate. They had went out of their comfort zone and finally moved out of the small town that had held them so tightly all these years

    Stepping into the school, she could feel stares on her. Oh yeah, i almost forgot, i'm the "New girl". She rolled her eyes to herself and navigated her way through the crowd of bodies and into the front office. The front office was a large room with a long desk separating the entrance of the room from the rest of the room, and four smaller desks that each held a different type of woman. The woman whose desk was closest to the door looked up at Scarlet.

    "Hello, i'm Mrs. Caton, how may i help you sweet pea." The woman's accent had caught Scarlet off guard for a second but she composed herself enough to talk like a normal person.

    "I just moved here with my family and my friend. I was told that i was to come up here to get my schedule." The lady raised her eyebrow as if she didn't believe Scarlet's words.

    "Where is this...friend of yours?" The woman asked with a serious tone.

    "She's sick. But incase you were wondering, she came here with us because her parents had to go stay with her grandmother, who has COPD." The woman further lifted her chin in understanding and muttered a few words before opening a filing cabinet behind her desk and pulling out a piece of paper. Handing it to Scarlet, she merely nods and wishes her a good day. "Goodbye Mrs. Caton."

    Lucky for Scarlet, that paper held all of the information she would need to begin her sophomore year. Most of her classes were honors but moving to a new school, she purposely requested some on level classes in order to be with Bailey.

    Walking down the now empty hall, the late bell rang just as she finished with her locker. Great, first day of school and i'm already making bad impressions. Scowling herself, she rushingly looks for class 140. First period, she had AP physics. As soon as she walked into the class, all eyes turned towards her with blank stares. Immediately, she got a weird vibe, but dismissed it. She knew it was coming from the back of the room, but she ignored it and kept her head down.

    The teacher failed to even show her any kind of attention and only motioned for her to sit down as he continued calling roll. Luckily, she hadn't missed her name and it was called just seconds after she had sat down. Slowly, the uneasy feeling diminished but she could still feel something out of place. Ignoring the tug, she sat quietly in her seat as the teacher introduced himself as Mr. Marc. She tried to forget about the eyes she felt boring into the back of her skull the entire class, but the need to turn around tugged at the back of her mind.
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    Atticus had arrived to school an hour early, as usual. And, as usual, he had hid under the bleachers until the bell for homeroom rang, reading a copy of Les Miserables he had borrowed for the library. As soon as the bell rang, he dashed from his hiding place to his homeroom, walking as fast as possible without breaking into his super vampire speed.

    Although Atticus had fed recently, the constant burn in the back of his throat pained him as he walked past the hundreds of students from Union Crest High school. Montana wasn't one of the colder States during the fall; the students wore t-shirts and dresses, giving off a delightful, meaty scent that made his mouth water.

    The only other vampire in Union Crest was his "brother", Jasper. Jasper was a good forty years younger than Atticus, and had still not fully gained control of his thirst; being unable to stay around humans for an extended period of time, Jasper stayed in the small cabin in the woods surrounding Union Crest that Atticus owned. Both Atticus and Jasper had inherited large sums of money from their wealthy families, along with the houses both families had owned. They always had a place to stay, but Union Crest was their home.

    Atticus slid into his seat in the back of the room, and opened his book again. Mr Marc knew that Atticus was far too advanced even for AP physics; he allowed Atticus to do his own thing in the back of the class, as long as he did some extra credit assignments every now and then. Mr Marc was Atticus's favourite teacher, by far.

    Atticus's head snapped up when a new scent filled his nose. Every human had a distinct scent, one that could be used to distinguish themselves from one another. Only vampires could pick it up, though. Mr Marc smelled like chalk and sea water; Mrs Lee, the librarian, smelled like ageing paper and lilac water. Though Atticus rarely spoke to any student in his school, he had catalogued each of their scents. The star jock, Lleyton Walker, reeked of leather and cheap wine. Student body president Georgina Jones; cherries.

    This new girl; roses, cream, orange blossoms and deep, deep ocean water.

    As he watched her talk to Mr Marc, Atticus felt a strange pull. Like his centre of gravity had shifted, and it was now tethered onto her. Like she was the only thing keeping him from floating away.

  2. Scarlet Thompson

    As the bell rang, Scarlet grabbed all of her stuff in a hurry and was just about to walk out of the class when Mr. Marc stopped her. "Im sure you are a very bright student and can navigate throughout this school without any help, but since you new here, it would only make sense that we give you all the help we can." He smiled warmingly at her before looking around and settling his eyes on the nearest person exciting the class. "Im sure Atticus would love to show you around."

    Confused as to who he was referring to, Scarlet turns around, only to come face to face with penetrating, light brown eyes. She found herself getting lost in the swirls of brown as they seemed to magically complement the rest of his face. The feeling she'd had earlier was back, but now a lot stronger than before. Even though she still felt uneasy, a new feeling was with it. It radiated off of him in intoxicating waves and it took everything for Scarlet to resist reaching out to touch him.

    "I think you will both get along well." Mr. Marc said as a smile played on his lips. Broken free from the effect the boy had on her, she came back to reality enough to thank the teacher.

    Turning to the boy she had discovered to be Atticus, she smiled and began walking towards her locker while motioning for him to follow her. Oh gosh. What now? Why did i tell him to follow me? I don't know where i'm going. Her thoughts began to scream at her. No! Calm down. I can not ruin this perfect moment. The last thing i need is for him to think i'm stupid and anti-social.

    Finally calm, she began to open her mouth and let words flow freely. "I'm Scarlet." She smiles up at him. He's not that much taller than her but she still has to look up in order to see him. "I have no idea where my next class is. I'm guessing you know where gym class is."​
    Throughout physics, Atticus kept his eyes locked on the desk before him. While he wanted, more than anything, to stare at the new girl, to commit every single detail of her to his brain, the last thing he needed was for the students in the school to think he was some wannabe rapist or something.

    As soon as the bell rang, he rose from his seat. Atticus was usually the first one out of the class; his vampire agility gave him the ability to weave through the mass of students without actually touching anyone. Atticus noticed the new girl was talking to the teacher, Atticus stopped breathing and kept his eyes locked on the floor.

    "I'm sure Atticus would love to show you around."

    Fuck you, Mr Marc, Atticus mentally snapped. He looked away from the floor, his eyes automatically meeting with the girl's. They were a stunning shade of yellowish-brown; caught off guard, Atticus inhaled. Deep ocean water filled his nose. How the hell does someone smell like deep ocean water?

    Once again, Atticus felt the weird tug that he grudgingly now had to admit was from this girl. He could not explain why, and he could not think of anyone who could. Jasper would know less than he did, and there was no way Atticus was travelling to see another vampire.

    "I think you two will get along," said Mr Marc.

    Scarlett smiled -- wow, she had a beautiful smile -- and lead him to what was presumably her locker.

    "I'm Scarlett," she said. She had a plain, American accent. What would she think of his English one? Atticus had been born in England -- in 1915 -- and migrated to America sometime in the 1950s. He had never been able to shake the accent. "I'm guessing you know where the gym is."

    Atticus loved gym and hated Lleyton Walker. His vampire agility and reflexes made it possible for Atticus to show Lleyton and everyone else up, which he took great pride in doing.

    Atticus, out of habit, pushed his thick glasses up his nose. He didn't need them -- perfect vampire vision -- but as had worn them as a human, and wanted to keep something from his past life with him.

    "I have gym next, too," said Atticus. He tried to keep the musical, seductive undertone, which all vampires had in their voices, under control, and failed miserably. "Don't worry about clothes, Coach Larson will give you a uniform. I'm Atticus, by the way."
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  4. Scarlet Thompson

    "Nice to meet you Atticus." She said while looking down shyly. As they entered the gym, Scarlet walked up to the coach as Atticus went into the boy's locker room. "You must be Scarlet. I'm coach Jeranic." He said while holding out his hand. Shaking it, Scarlet gave him a genuine smile.

    "And I'm coach Lesins." A woman said approaching her. She had a whistle around her neck and was holding a bag. "Heres your uniform and gym locker combination." She said as she handed her the bag.

    "Thank you." Scarlet said as she turned around and entered the girl's locker room. When she walked in, girls were already in their uniforms and were mostly heading out. Hurriedly, she walked to her locker with her head down and changed clothes. She was use to changing in front of girls in gym being that she had gym as her last school, but being that she knew no one here, she felt self conscious about herself. Finally, she finished and headed out with the last of the girls. A red head beside her smiled at her as they entered the gym. "You must be new. I'm Charlotte, and i'm pretty sure your Scarlet." She says in a confident tone.

    "Yeah, just moved here." Scarlet replies as her eyes land upon Atticus. Standing with his arms folded, looking like a greek god. Her eyes couldn't help but wonder at his skin tight shirt that exposed a six pack.

    "Today we'll be running on the track. You have to run at least a mile and then the rest of the time is up to you." Coach Lesins says as she motions for everyone to exit the gym. As they all file out, Charlotte begins to run alongside Scarlet.

    "Saw you checkin out Atticus. All the girls check him out so don't feel bad." She says as she looks over at Scarlet.

    "Thats nice to know." Scarlets says sarcastically and she looks around for him.

    "Go talk to him. I saw him looking at you. And be fast because your not the only one with the hots for him." Charlotte says as she smiles. Speeding up, Scarlet tries to catch up to him but he is going way too fast for her to even compete with. She could tell by the way the other guys were looking at him that they were all jealous, which made her smile. Before she had realized it, Atticus was running alongside her.

    "I didn't know you were such a show off." Scarlet says while trying to gasp for air.​
    Atticus sighed. The track. Such a tedious activity.

    Atticus enjoyed his vampire stamina: he was able to run smoothly, without breaking a sweat (how could you sweat when your body didn't change at all?) and without needing to catch his breath. He had already run one solid mile before the rest of the class.

    He could hear Scarlett talk to Charlotte (who smelled like cinnamon and pine) about him. Atticus was aware that he was the heartthrob of the school. Every girl wanted him. Still, it was strange to hear Charlotte speak about him like that.

    Atticus looked into the woods by the track. He and Jasper actually lived very near to the school.

    With his heightened hearing, Atticus could hear Scarlett trying to catch up to him. Atticus was halfway around the track. He sped up to catch up to her.

    "I'm not a show off. I'm just amazing." Atticus grinned. He could feel Lleyton's eyes on him. Most students had run their mile, and we're now lounging on the field. Scarlett had a little way to go; it was just her, Lleyton, a few of his jock friends and Atticus left. Atticus's glasses kept sliding down his nose. Irritated, he ripped them off, folded them and slid them into his gym shorts' pocket, all without slowing or faltering.

    Atticus realised he had just made a joke. Atticus only ever joked with Jasper. What was with this new girl? Why was she bringing out everything he tried to not do? Atticus couldn't risk getting too close to a human. That could ruin everything.

    Though he regretted it, Atticus sped up again. Lleyton's friends had dropped off, and Atticus was sure Scarlett would soon.

    Lleyton sped past him.
    Oh no, you don't.

    Atticus broke into a sprint. Well, a human sprint. This was walking pace for most vampires. Atticus shot past him. He could hear Lleyton panting, smell the salt of his sweat. Atticus bolted the rest of the track, smiling at the cheers from his spectators.

    As soon as he finished, Atticus dashed into the change room. He couldn't risk getting too close to Scarlett. Or anyone.
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  6. Scarlet Thompson

    Scarlet looked up to see a smile plastered onto his face. And man, what a beautiful sight it was. Only thing was, it didn't last long. His smile disappeared off of his face just as quickly as it had come. Not that his smile dropping wasn't enough to disappoint her, be he had run off and left her.


    Finally, Scarlet was done running her mile and walked to the locker room and a breathless heap. THe other girls had gotten done a while ago and were now in fresh clothes.

    "So, how'd it go? I saw you too over there talking. Something must've been funny the way he was smiling at you." Charlotte was now beside Scarlet with her arms folded. She was leaning on the locker next to Scarlet, and was looking intently at her.

    "It was just a regular conversation." Scarlet answered as she grabbed her things. Luckily, Charlotte notices her problem and went to her locker to retrieve a few things. She came back with a towel and soap in her hands.

    "Yeah, whatever. Hurry up and take a shower, there's only ten more minutes." Doing like Charlotte said, Scarlet went to the back where all of the showers were and quickly freshened up.


    "Thats what you get, we have another class together." Charlotte said as they walked to there next period. "Since you seem upset about the talk you had with Atticus, you should be glad to know that his isn't in this class."

    At these words, Scarlet let out a disappointing sigh. She had hoped that they had all classes together but she knew that that would probably not happen. Luckily, lunch was right after this period and she would see him. As time passed by ever so slowly, Scarlet scowled herself on many occasions for not paying attention to anything the teacher was saying. Her mind kept wandering to Atticus. She knew there was something...different about him. She had never found herself acting like a lovesick puppy before. Now, the was practically counting down the seconds before the bell rang and she could escape the class that was holding her hostage.

    Sadly, there was the thought in the back of her mind that Atticus wouldn't think twice about her, and only did because Mr. Marc had instructed him to. Or worse, what if he had a girlfriend. What if she walked into the lunch room and saw him snuggling with a cheerleader. She disliked cheerleaders, mainly because they seemed to get everything they wanted.

    The bell interrupted her thoughts and she sprang up out of her seat. "Chill out barbie." Charlotte said, as they exited the class and began walking towards the cafeteria. ​
    Lunch was, by far, the riskiest time of the school day for Atticus. He didn't eat human food, obviously. The entire room, which was filled with gross, deep-fried items and week-old milk, made him sick. Mentally, of course. Atticus physically could not feel sick.

    And the appetising scents of every human in the room didn't make him feel any better.

    He filed into the cafeteria with everyone else, passed by the lunch line and retreated to his usual seat in the very back of the room, a small table pushed right back against the wall. Atticus pulled his book from his bag and began to read.

    He had almost finished the book when Scarlett and her new friend, Charlotte, walked in. The door was on the opposite side of the cafeteria to his seat; her deep ocean water scent was muted by the tsunami of mixed aromas, emitted from the rest of the students. Attiucs looked at her over his glasses; their eyes met. Atticus looked away.

    Atticus felt incredibly guilty for a moment. What was he doing? Why was he shunning this innocent girl, pushing her out of his life after only knowing her for a few hours? Atticus could not live with feeling this guilty.

    Atticus looked up at her agan; Scarlett was still looking at him. Atticus pulled out the other chair at the table, gesturing at it. Inviting her to join him.

    I'm an idiot, he thought bitterly. Jasper would have slapped him by now.
  8. Scarlet Thompson

    "I think he wants you to sit next to him." Charlotte stares intently at Scarlet as if she was the mastermind behind Scarles lovelife. "Yeah, he definitely does."

    Scarlet looks nervously over at Atticus before turning to Charlotte. "What if he ha-" Scarlet is cut off by Charlotte's frustrated sigh.

    "Haul your ass over there Scarlet. I'd hate to embarrass you infront of the whole cafeteria and drag you by the hair and into that seat." Fortunately, Charlotte sounded serious enough for Scarlet to sigh and cross the room towards Atticus.

    "Okay." Scarlets says as she slowly approaches his table. "You got this."


    "Hi." She says simply as she sits down in the seat. Slowly looking down, she finds herself fidgeting with her fingers. Biting her lip she smiles and looks at him. "You probably shouldn't sit alone. Good thing im here."

    Why did i just say that..??

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    Atticus couldn't meet her eyes, either. "I'm sorry," he said. "About before. It was really rude of me."

    Atticus couldn't be her friend. But he could make it up to her. He hadn't needed to be so mean.

    Deep ocean water. How was that possible?

    "I'm sorry."

    (sorry it's so short).
  10. (Completely fine. I don't know about you but i get writer's block all the time.)

    Scarlet Thompson

    Scarlet was shocked to hear Atticus apologize. Back where she lived prior to, no boys had every apologized to her. Despite them all being "jerks in training" they had never once even looked at her. Now, she was nose deep into liking this guy. I cant tell Bailey, she'll never leave me alone about this. More and more, she found herself acting like Bailey. Funny how Bailey was the lovesick one but Scarlet found herself being just that. And for what, she'd just met the guy and she had already started to feel something for him. Real life didn't work that way. In real life, there was no such thing as true love. And love in itself wasn't reliable. "It's okay. I completely understand." Desperate to change the subject, Scarlet looks down at his book. "You read. What book is that?" She looked up at him and into his eyes. Big mistake. She was staring, and found it hard to stop. Fortunately, as soon as he started talking, she snapped out of her gaze looked back down at his book.
    She had forgiven him, which shocked him. He had not expected her to forgive him. He hadn't even expected her to sit down with him.

    "Les Miserables," he answered, holding up the book. "And, yeah, I read all the time. I don't really do anything else." He laughed a tiny laugh, and sensed the musical seduction creeping back into his voice.

    A familiar scent filled his nose, one burned into his brain, simply because he was around it all of the time. Burnt sugar, sea salt spray, charred wood and sunlight. The strong fragrances of Jasper.

    Vampire scents were the same as human ones, but about fifty times stronger. You could sense a vampire from a mile away.

    Atticus was slightly concerned as to why Jasper was at school. He had never come here before.

    Atticus tried to hide his concern from Scarlett -- and failed.
  12. Scarlet Thompson

    Scalret was just about to saw something about the book when Atticus's whole demeanor changes. It's hard to tell exactly why or if it was her fault but he kind of holds the look of confusion and worry on his face. Still looking at him she furrows her brow. "Is everything okay. You seem a little..." Finding the words that best fit his description, she continues. "Distraught." To say the least, she didn't like the expression on his face, and kind of found it discomforting.

    Atticus was about to respond when Jasper appeared beside him. Jasper was just as devastatingly beautiful as Atticus; Jasper had golden blond hair, bright green eyes and was just slightly less muscular than Atticus. He was taller, standing at a height of 6"4 to Atticus's 6"1. Jasper had deep, dark circles under his eyes, indicating he needed to feed -- within the next hour, probably -- before the sun started burning his skin off.

    "What are you doing here?" Atticus hissed.

    Jasper's green eyes flickered from Atticus and onto Scarlett; Atticus was immediately terrified by the hungry look in his eyes. "What are you doing here?" he whispered.
  14. Scarlet Thompson

    It was when the second guy came up that Scarlet couldn't help but feel as if she wasn't suppose to be there. She felt out of place and uncomfortable. She had to admit, he did look just as good as Atticus, despite the fact that he had dark rings around his eyes and kept looking at her like she was his next meal. All in all, there was only one word she could use to describe him: Intimidating. Yeah, not that creative, but the more Scarlet sat there, the more she began to tremble in her own seat.

    "Hello. Im Scarlet." She said, despite her fear. Plus, she was kind of getting annoyed because he had yet to say anything to her. His eyes shifted over to hers and she could see something there. I was so quick and faint that you would only be able to see it if you were directly looking into his eyes during the time it happened.​
    The second Scarlet spoke, Jasper made a move towards her. Atticus leaped from his seat, throwing his arm across Jasper's chest and pinning him to the wall behind him. "Jasper, calm down," he growled, a predator-like snarl seeping into his voice. He knew it would scare Scarlet, but he didn't really care at that moment. "Jasper, leave her alone."

    Surprisingly, none of the high school students around them had noticed the altercation. They were all too involved in their own issues. I hate humans, Atticus thought bitterly.

    Jasper wrenched his eyes from Scarlet, and set them on Atticus. Atticus could see the shame and worry in his eyes. "I'm sorry," he whispered, too low for Scarlet to hear.

    Atticus, while he understood Jasper's predicament and did not blame him for it, was furious. "Go," he snarled.

    Jasper nodded and quickly walked out of the room. Atticus stood still for a full minute, tracking Jasper's scent until the other vampire killed a deer in the woods and fed from it. When he decided Jasper was sated, Atticus turned back to Scarlet. She looked terrified.

    "I ... am ... so ... sorry," said Atticus, his voice trembling.
  16. Scarlet Thompson

    Scarlet just sat there, frozen in shock from the two boys encounter. She didn't know why, but her instincts had told her to leave as soon as the boy, she assumed to be Jasper, came. Unfortunately, she didn't listen, and as as Jasper had made a move towards her, she had almost jumped u and out of her seat. Still replaying in her mind, she could clearly remember Atticus moving with almost an inhumanly reaction time. And how could she ever get a growl like that out of her head. No regular person growls. Thoughts raced through Scarlet's mind at a hundred thoughts per second. Only when Atticus spoke did she break out of her trance. She realized that she was staring at the wall that Jasper was just at. Slowly moving her eyes down to meet Atticus, she starts to panic. If there was only one thing she had learned throughout the years, it was definitely not to trust the unexplainable.

    Abruptly getting up, she accidentally knocks over her seat but pays no attention to it. Her eyes are locked on Atticus, scared that if she looks away for a second, something will happen. That he will use that voice again; a voice she never wanted to hear again. She could have went a thousand more lives without hearing that voice and she still would cringe at it. Slowly backing up, she tries to explain but when she opens her mouth, nothing comes out. Closing her mouth, she takes a deep breath before trying again. " S-so am I." She says as she rushes out of the cafeteria, ignoring the confused glances and Charlotte yelling after her.​
    Atticus let her go. What was he supposed to do? Chase after her and tell her he was a vampire? Nope. That would only make things worse.

    Atticus shoved his belongings into his schoolbag and left the cafeteria. He sneaked behind the performing arts building, which was right on the edge of the school, and took off into the woods, breaking into a lightning-fast run. He tracked Jasper's scent to a small river, three miles away from the school. Far enough.

    Jasper sat on a rock with his knees pulled up to his chest. His forehead rested on them; though the other vampire had not reacted to Atticus's arrival, Atticus knew his adoptive brother knew he was there.

    "You idiot," said Atticus. His voice showed no emotion. "You're a fucking idiot."

    "I know I am," said Jasper, in an almost-identical monotone. "I don't deserve for you to forgive me."

    "OF COURSE YOU DON'T!" bellowed Atticus. He brought his hand down on a nearby boulder; the boulder smashed into dust. "YOU COULD HAVE KILLED HER! YOU WERE ABOUT TO KILL HER!"

    If vampires could cry, Jasper would have been sobbing; he was shaking to indicate such. "Atticus, I didn't want to do it. I was hungry, I found you at school because I thought you could help me, and she was just there. I'm sorry. I'm so, so, sorry."

    Atticus stared. "I know," he snarled. "But I'm still so, so mad at you."

    Jasper nodded, returning his face to his knees.

    "And if you ever go near that school again -- if you ever go near her again, I, personally, will kill you."

    ~ time skip ~

    Atticus continued going to school, like normal. The only difference was that, in all of his classes with Scarlett (which were physics, gym, English and psychology), Atticus stayed as far away from her as possible. He wouldn't go near her. He didn't invite her to sit with him at lunch again. Jasper stayed in the basement of their cabin.

    What was she thinking of him?

    On Friday, three days after the Jasper incident, Atticus left the school and immediately took off into the woods. He needed to feed, or he would burn into a crisp. Atticus dumped his stuff at the base of a tree and took off into the woods. He tracked down a herd of deer, and killed and drained two of them before they knew what was happening.

    Still a little hungry, Atticus started to track down a bear -- his favourite -- when a foreign scent hit his nose. Well, foreign to the woods. Atticus was too familiar with the scent. How could he forget?

    Roses, cream, orange blossoms.

    Deep ocean water.

    What was she doing here?

    Atticus ran to where she was. She was sitting under a tree, a few yards into the woods. He threw himself into the tree, perching, completely silent, in the branches. He watched her, waiting for her to move.
  18. Scarlet Thompson

    (Starts where i left off)

    The rest of the day passed by in a blur. She had no longer paid attention to anything anyone was saying to her, and only replied to questions with short and choppy answers. Luckily, she found herself getting into the car at the end of the day with her mother driving and Bailey in the back seat. "How was your first day?" She heard Bailey say as she got in.

    "Just peachy." She said, her mother and Bailey exchanged a questioning glare but they both remained silent. That night at dinner, she conversated with her parents and brothers as if nothing happened but it was still there, hiding in the back of her mind. Finally, they had all got done eating and Bailey and Scarlet made their way upstairs to their rooms. Instead of going to her room, Bailey followed Scarlet to her room and sat on her bed. "What's going on with you. Can't handle one day without me."

    Looking at her friend, she gave a loud sigh. "There this boy..." She started before she was rudely interrupted.

    "Oh my gosh, you little slut. What has it been, one day, and you're already into a guy. Tell. Me. Everything." Bailey said in an excited tone. Shaking her head, Scarlet begins to tell her friend about Atticus and Jasper.

    After about an hour of gossiping, the two finally got tired. "I'm going to be there tomorrow. Even if i have one class with you. Even if i'm sick. Ill be there." Bailey said.

    "No. Wait until you get better. Wait until i understand him. He's so confusing." Scarlet sighs.

    Yawning, Bailey looks at Scarlet with sleepy eyes. "Fine, just so you know, i'm sleeping in here tonight. Mainly because i don't feel like getting up." Bailey says as she drifts off to sleep.

    "You would crash on my bed." Scarlet says as she gets up from her computer chair and makes a small pallet on the floor for her to sleep on.


    The next few days go by in a blur. Atticus keeps his distance, and she has no clue where Jasper is. Even though she appreciates the space that Atticus is giving her, she can still tell he's there, and it takes everything in her not to go up to him and apologize in one big heap of tears. But she knew she couldnt. Instead, she sits near the front of the class ans ignores the pull she feels towards Atticus.


    Three days after her encounter, She desperately seeks isolation. She had been bombarded with questions from Charlotte about Atticus, Bailey, and her brother (who was to lazy to start school when she did). Instead, her parents let Sam start when Bailey started, which was tomorrow. That day after school, she found herself wondering into the woods, but not too far. She was afraid of being lost and alone in the woods. Therefore, she stayed close to the school, even though she could no longer see it. Sitting down with her back against a tree, she pulls out hr notebook and begins drawing. With her pencil seeming to move on its own, she lets it guide her hand into drawing a picture. Finally paying attention to what she was doing, she realizes that it is a picture of atticus. Not a good one, but at least she knew what it was.

    Sighing frustratingly, she drops the notebook and leans her head back against the tree trunk. Letting the sounds of birds chirping and trees rustling, she gets lost in the sounds of the forest. Only when she feels the pull again, does she snap her head up and open her eyes.

    "Atticus?" She yells to no one in particular.​
    She knew he was there.


    He made a split decision -- stay in the tree, or jump down. He jumped down.

    Atticus landed softly on his feet, right beside her. He was there in half a second, and he had made absolutely no noise. A paranormal action, if there ever was any. Atticus stood there, his hands at his sides, completely still and silent.

    He couldn't explain to himself how he knew she smelled like deep ocean water, but she did. Not the salty brine of the beach. It was a cool, flavourless fragrance, free of any salt. Deep ocean, right in the middle of nowhere; compressing volumes of water folding in on you from all sides, depriving you of all vision.

    It was a beautiful scent.

    He loved it.

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