Into the Darkest Woods [IC]

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    "Greetings strangers, you seem to have stumbled into the darkest of woods... while there is much to fear, fear not. For we are of this land and while we too are lost, we at least know what the eat and when to run. Come... we've surely been brought here for a reason. I'd like to live long enough to find out what that reason is...."


    Pain was the first sensation to strike her body when Kyumia stirred. Pain in her temples, pain along her back, pain in her eyes as if she'd suffered a blinding flash that left her eye muscles sore from trying to adjust. She tried to open her eyes but at first they refused to comply, as if they didn't trust what they might behold if they did. Even with her lids closed, she could tell she was somewhere dim, and the familiar cool air that flowed along her body told her she was still in the great forest. Perhaps she had hit her head? Fallen and been knocked out? But... no... she.. what had she been doing before this? Memories escaped her, but she was fairly sure she had gone to bed like any other night.

    "Urgh.." she forced her lids open and pulled herself into a sitting position. Looking around, squinting at the bio-luminescence of some of the plants around her, her thoughts were confirmed. She was certainly in the Northern Woods. The trees around her were familiar enough, but as she looked about, she realized there were plants she had never seen before... this was confusing, of course, for she spent a large deal of her life outside and was more than familiar with the local fauna and flora. If she didn't know the plantlife that surrounded her then.... "No." She looked about more frantically for a moment, trying to see if she had simply misjudged the appearance of a plant. But she hadn't. All around her silver glowing flowers told her she was not at home, and yet the trees told her she was in the Northern Woods. Such a story from her surroundings could only mean one thing.

    She was in the heart of the Northern Woods.

    "No. No, no, no. I-..." Silencing herself, she decided to try and calm down before jumping to any absolutest theories about her demise. Everyone knew that the heart of the woods was a death trap, a pit of consumption. Those who ventured this far into the woods never returned, not once. It was said that the Gods reserved the heart of the woods for themselves and any who intruded would never be allowed to leave. Was she in the realm of the Gods?

    "Just my luck..." she shook her head. What the hell had happened? How did she get here? What kind of a ludicrous situation was she in? There were more questions in her head than she could ever hope to have answered while sitting on her bottom in what may well have been the darkest woods in all of Umbria.

    And so she stood. What else could she do but get up and move around, explore, search? As she did, she was horrified to see that just behind a large root was a body, and just beyond it another. As she turned around, she saw at least three other bodies scattered about the forest floor. Pulling back in surprise, she took a moment to decide what to do. "Hello...?" She said in her native tongue. "Hello? My name is Kyumia.. are you-" She stepped closer, unsure if the bodies were corpses or not. She hoped to the gods they weren't. As she approached, one of them stirred. Stepping back, she decided it'd be best to keep her distance; wild animals often lashed out in fear when caught off guard, these people could likely do the same. At least one was alive and the others seemed to be breathing. She didn't know if they were friends or foe, but she at least knew she had the upper hand in defending herself in the woods.
  2. The first thing Sania noticed when she came too was how cold she felt. Now, the forest itself was probably not that cold. However, she was from India and dressed for summer, which could be extremely hot and humid or extremely hot and dry, depending on where exactly you were. So, it was no surprised when she started shivering in her light and thin shirt even before her eyes opened. When the did open, she found herself on her stomach, one side of her face pressed against fallen leaves and dirt. A small whimper of pain escaped her as she tried to move. Her whole back felt like a bruise. How long had she been in this position... and why here of all places?

    She slowly pushed herself up so that she was on her hands and knees, panting slightly and trying to keep from making any more pain related sounds. She rested there in that position for a good while, breaths coming out fast as she stared at the unfamiliar ground. She had been in groves and orchards before, but never a place that seemed so wild and dark. Her heart started beating faster as she lifted her head and looked around herself. She couldn't recognize... anything! She couldn't identify any of the greenery, which wouldn't have been so amiss in her normal everyday life. The fact that this was all so sudden and strange was making her think more than usual. Where was she... who had brought her here and why?

    The cold she felt was no longer the only reason she was shivering. Sania slowly sat up on her knees, ignoring the feeling of leaves, twigs and rocks pressing against her covered legs, not caring much about the sharp edges digging into her hands, which were still splayed on the ground. Her dark eyes darted to and fro as she looked about, trying to find a reason as to why she was here. The only thing that made any sense to her was that she was abducted and brought here. But if that was the case, then why couldn't she see a captor anywhere? Instead... all she could see were other bodies.

    Oh... my god... She stared from when she sat. Were they dead? Was... was that going to happen to her? Was this some sick person's game? Crazy thoughts started running through her mind, though they were interrupted by the sound of someone's voice. Sania tensed, her eyes widening. Was this the person who brought her and these others here? What... what if this person wanted to kill her now? She jerked up to her feet and immediately stumbled and fell to her knees. Not only had she tripped, her legs were so stiff that she hardly had a chance.

    "Please don't kill me!" It burst out of her mouth before she could even think of anything else to say. She wrapped her arms around herself, as if her flimsy appendages would be some sort of protection against whatever ill willed person she thought was coming for her.
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  3. Octavious Bilodeau

    Octavious couldn't remember what really woke him up. One moment he was sleeping, his mind a twisting pools of nightmares. The truth is, he had been having them for several weeks, all of them involving in some way him being beaten to an inch of his life, or his father beating his mother in the same fashion. Things did however pierce through the haze of his dreams. Coming to him muddled, clouded like he was underwater. Slowly he felt the earth under him. The pain he thought he felt became more real every moment. It was almost surreal the moment a sleeping person realizes their dreaming. A slow gust of wind however made him realize one very important thing; Tay wasn't in his bed.

    That's all it took. Those subtle and not so subtle hints telling him he wasn't where he was the night before. His body took all those clues and added them up to one thing, danger. It was like a sports car going from 0 to 60 in a flash. One moment Octavious was sleeping semi peacefully on the forest floor twitching from time to time as he recoiled from blows, the next he was sitting straight up breathing like he just ran a mile. Like a lighting bolt had jolted him awake, Tay shook his head, looking all around trying to gain some kind of bearing. He only had a moment to see the forest the silver flowers and the bodies scattered around when something else shocked him into action. The voice of a stranger begging for their life.

    A second lighting bolt that jolted him to his feet. It only took a moment to find the girl, on her knees holding herself in fear from the stranger that looked like he was towering over her. She was only a few yards away sitting between him and the other stranger. He launched himself forward only to hit the ground again, hard. It was like his body wasn't his own any more. A dull throbbing pain he was use to, though he wasn't expecting to feel. The same kind of feeling he got after getting pounded on for 8 rounds. So Tay picked himself back up slower this time, hoping he could act big and tough right now instead of being big and tough. Puffing his chest up, he did was Octavious Bilodeau did best. Be a loud noisy jackass.

    "Heyy, JACKASS!" He yelled out, slowly making his way past the girl on the ground to what he realized was another women. "What in the gods green earth do you think you are doing?!" He stood right in the path between the two of them.
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  4. The only thing that woke up Nicole was no the uncomfortable surroundings, the constant and needy yelling and questions, or how cold it was. But how hard the ground was. Being how the last thing she remembered was coming home from a long class and belly-flopping onto the soft heaven known as her bed. Surely, this hard and rough dirt was not her bed she so dearly loved to death. Nicole had felt someone make way past her from the soft sound of feet thundering through the ground.

    Nicole turned to her back, muscles and bones aching tremendously. Her eyes just stared for a minute before struggling to sit up with body hurting, making it feel like she was just in a car accident. When she did sit up, she took in her surroundings. Trees, trees, trees, mist, trees, people, and trees. Her ears finally poped making the noisy peoples more prominent to her. She had turned on bottom to go and look at people who were stuck in the same situation as her, seeing as how a kidnapper took them but is no where in sight. Maybe something like Hunger Games?

    A woman holding herself in absolute fear, another woman standing and was trying to approach the other woman, but a man stepped in between. Looked like a fight were starting up to her. Nicole, being lightheaded, just scratched her scalp roughly before asking in a rude manner. "Will y'all please shut the fuck up?!" Her voice cracked at the last word. She scratched her head again when her stomach growled in response to her thoughts about delicious food and complaining about how cold it was and why she was wearing a sleeveless shirt. The chilly air blew harder towards her and she just kept on complaining in her cranium, not showing how freezing she was with this damned wind.
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  5. Amalthea

    Leaves pressing against her face and the smell of decaying earth told Amalthea that she was outside and lying on the ground. Her eyelids fluttered open, heavy and unwilling, and she looked at the forest floor through the dark mess of her hair. How...did she get here? Her thoughts were muddled as she struggled to remember. Yesterday, she remembered...helping her mother, hanging up fillets to be smoked. It had been evening, the sky filled with beautiful golden and burning hues, and Maya ran past her and bolted straight for the forest. Maya. Cold dread washed through her and she shot up, scrambling to her hands and knees. "Maya!"

    Searing pain exploded all over her neck, shoulders and back, and Amalthea let out a stifled groan, her brows furrowing deeply. She instantly regretted doing that, remaining in the slumped position as she endured, waiting for the torture to end. Strange white flowers surrounded her hands, and it took her brain a minute to register that they were glowing. As soon as the pain lessened, she blinked and reached out to touch a petal, her fingers only lightly touching it before being drawn back towards her. W-what was this? As she looked around her, she saw similarly glowing plants and giant, towering trees. She gaped upwards at the distant crowns, realization slowly settling in that this was not the Taiga she grew up with.

    Voices made her head turn towards a group of people; a woman was hugging herself and begging on the ground, a man was yelling at a woman a bit further away, and another woman snapped at them. Her breaths escaped her in shallow and quiet bursts as Amalthea shifted to a sitting position, her fingers digging into the moist dirt as she slowly dragged herself backwards--away from them all. "Who are you people..." she mumbled, her hazel-colored eyes darting from one person to the next. Every part of her mind was alert when she turned her attention to the white-haired woman, noting how the others had reacted to her. Something about her was off, not right. Was she the one who brought them here? "You--" Her voice came out hoarse and unsteady, and she became aware of how dry and sore her throat was. "--You did this. You brought us here."
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  6. Outsiders

    Despite having given the female space, the darker skinned woman shouted out in a voice layered with fear and confusion, begging for her life. Mouth hanging open slightly, the elf was about to say something when another person came barreling into the picture shouting at her in what sounded to be profanity, though it was hard to tell exactly what his words meant.

    God's green earth? What gods does this person worship? What is earth? She thought to herself. Getting a closer look, she noticed the features of the male and female were similar, but not at all like any race she'd ever seen before. Perhaps they were indigenous to the deep woods of the North? She looked from the male to the female, realizing she would get nowhere without casting a spell of tongues. Whispering under her breath, she summoned forth a spell that would grant her ears the ability to understand their language and her tongue the ability to speak it. Slowly, she began to speak to them then.

    "My name is Kyumia Soulstorm. I am from the Southern woods." Then, another of their kind burst out with what Mia now knew was profanity, demanding silence. Mia cast an un-approving glance at her. No matter the situation, the woman was being primitive and rude, shouting profanities at the others who were clearly trying to figure out what was going on.

    Then, as if Mia was not already outnumbered, a third woman appeared and quickly began accusing her of doing this, whatever this was. Mia stood up straight and looked at her.

    "Brought you here? A thousand pardons but how could I have brought you here if I myself have never been here? Is this not your home? Are you not dwellers of the darkest woods in Umbria? The Northern Forests of the land? None have ever ventured this deep into the woods and returned, so none know of what live in here. I have never seen your kind before so I assume this is your territory." She bowed in respect, a wise choice in the case that one of their elders was around. "I did not mean to enter your lands. I do not know how I got here." Rising up, she looked at the pale woman with the short, dark hair.

    "But... if this is your home... you would not be so disorientated...." She began to put pieces of the puzzle together. "You are all one race, yes? From where do your kind dawn?" She was growing more and more uncomfortable with each passing minute but oddly her curiosity was growing along side it.
  7. The unapproving look Mia had given to her was enough to snap her out of her drunken-like state. She sat up straight and looked over the white haired female in a 'Okay, I see how it is' way with a raised eyebrow. By the time Mia had finished, Nicole had been listening intently, fully functional. She stood with a bit of struggle and rolled her right shoulder and wincing in response to a shock of pain. Nicole spoke up with her left hand gripping her shoulder, massaging it a little.

    "Sorry, but what do you mean by 'Where do your kind dawn', Miss Pointy Ears?"

    Nicole had purposely mocked Mia's formal way of speaking and calling her a different name, even though she had listened the introduction of the albino-like woman. She even had a humble smirk to add in. Her shoulder had begun to feel better by the second although there was a tense air with the group. 'This Kyumia girl is so formal it's hilarious!' Nicole thought putting out her hand for a handshake. "I'm Nicole." She introduced herself in a respectful manner, as to not give off a jerk attitude or the attitude that she was the person who put them there...but Mia had already been accused of it.
  8. Amalthea

    Amalthea opened her mouth to argue, but the reply she recieved was enough to silence her. 'Wait---what?' she thought to herself as she looked at Kyumia. If she wasn't the one who brought them here, then who did? Cheeks burning, she found herself frowning at the woman when she bowed to them. Kyumia didn't strike her as a person who would have put them there. She was too...polite. Biting her lip, Amalthea pushed herself up from the leaf-strewn ground, a duller pain radiating from her back when she stood. Staggering towards a tree, her long and brown skirt wavered when she supported herself against the trunk. She shouldn't have accused Kyumia like that, she had no right to. But what should she have done? This was confusing--she didn't know them, she didn't even know where she was.

    When the other woman spoke, openly mocking Kyumia, Amalthea had to take a second look at her. Realization dawned upon her when she saw what had been so 'off' about her earlier. Her ears. She hadn't noticed it at first, but they were pointed, like the elves' in the stories. But this couldn't be right. Elves didn't exist, they couldn't. But there she was, defying what she had been told as a child. "I must still be dreaming..." she told herself as she shook her head, trying to make sense of this all. But if she was dreaming, then it was strange that she had felt so much pain from merely moving around. It had been too real.

    The woman with her hair hanging in curls--Nicole, introduced herself to the elven woman, and Amalthea straightened herself up after having listened to them both. "You called this place Umbria," she started, unsure how to go about this. "I don't know where I am, all of this is foreign to me," she continued, flicking a glance towards Nicole. A cold wind blew by and her hand involuntarily went to hold her arm when she had looked back at Kyumia. "My name is Amalthea." So far, she wasn't sure if she could trust Kyumia, or the rest for the matter. But for now, she was more intent on getting answers.
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  9. Octavious

    Octavious was scared out of his mind. He shook slightly, glaring fiercely at this strange women. Tensed to fight, the adrenaline and pain made it hard for him to think straight. His hands were clenched in tight fists at his side ready to fight. Whatever happened in the next seconds he was prepared to act. Yet despite that the women surprised him by speaking. His body immediately relaxed as she talked, seemingly just as confused as he was. The adrenaline faded and it was replaced by pain. He sighed and listened to her speak without interruption. His arms folded as the scowl dropped off his lips and his brows furrowed in suspicion.

    Vvery quietly Octavious said under his breath, "Bullshit." He didn't believe a word she said. Octavious didn't know what kind of drugs this women was on but there was no way she knew where she was. Maybe this women was a hippie from the mountains in Colorado, whoever she was it was obvious she was insane. Suddenly from behind him the same girl who had yelled at everyone, like they were bothering he beauty rest, spoke up pointing out something very strange. Octavious had been too tense to realize that the pale women in front of him had obviously pointed ears. Despite that she stepped forward to shake the persons hand, introducing herself as Nicole.

    For the first time Octavious heard another voice in the forest. Turning slightly to look at her as she spoke he saw the pale, dark haired women standing near by. She used that word again. Umbria, the same one the "elf" had used. She had talked like this was some kind of place that we had come from. It was all total bullshit, and Octavious was about to voice that opinion when he noticed maybe for the first time as well, something else. Glowing plants all around him. he had never in his entire life heard of a glowing plant anywhere, he almost thought it was fake, but as he looked around there was no was this could be, there was so much of it around.

    His thoughts were spinning in circles. He just had to know where he was, so he stepped forward as well. Stepping past the curly haired girl, pushing her hand down to stand directly in front of this women with pointy ears. The moment he did so he locked his eyes with hers before finally speaking. " Kyumia or whatever or your name is. Look me in the eye and tell me the truth. What continent are we one?" A simple question that anyone even someone on drugs should be able to answer. If she lied or pretended not the know, Octavious would know Kyumia wouldn't be able to look at him and lie.
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  10. Outsiders

    Kyumia looked at the stranger with the wild hair.. Nicole, was it? A strange name, yet somehow suiting for the woman. She blinked and placed a hand over one of her ears when the woman referred to her as Miss Pointy-Ears. "I-..." she paused, trying to figure out the best words to explain. "I meant... where are you from? Your people, like the Great Light dawns from the horizon, you too must rise from somewhere. Where is your...home? Your place of origin?"

    Then the pale, dark haired woman spoke, asking about Umbria, introducing herself as Amalthea. Just as Kyumia was about to answer, the man stepped in front of her and looked her in the eyes, his expression and tone stern and asked what continent they were on. Slowly, as if concerned her answer would not be accepted, no matter how accurate, she spoke, looking him straight in the eyes as she did.

    "We are on Umbria, Land of Secrets. I am fairly certain we are currently in the Norther Forests of my home country, Ylvirn. Though as I said, none have trekked so deep into these woods, not even locals like myself. This is the territory of the Gods', I'm certain of it. Though I cannot be sure how we arrived here... You all... you are of one race, yes? What people are you? Where are you from?" She took a step back, not appreciating the close proximity of the seemingly agitated male. Her eyes scanned her surroundings, her gaze falling on each of the outsiders as she realized she was certainly outnumbered and slightly flanked according to their positions. They didn't appear hostile, but she couldn't be sure. As she said before, the disorientated and confused were the most unpredictable sorts.
  11. Everything happened so fast after Sania saw the person with white hair that it was a little hard for her to make sense of anything. Without saying much, she moved back, trying not to make any noise, stopping when she felt rough wood against the back of her flimsy shirt. She tried to calm herself down, breathing in and out slowly. Once she figured she was a little better, she looked up to see the people gathered.

    There was the one she had seen first and thought was the reason she was here. Apparently she had been rather wrong about that. Was it because of what she yelled that the three other humans believed the white haired one was to be accused. Oh dear... The more she listened to the conversation, the more it seemed to her as if no one had a clue as to what was happening, not even... what's her name? Sania heard the man speak, saying the name 'Kyumia'. She could also see he didn't believe her at all.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, Sania was a rather gullible sort. So even if Kyumia wasn't telling the truth, the fact that she seemed as confused as the rest of them, along with Sania's own guilt for thinking the female was a murder and about to kill her... well, this human was not feeling as if she had been too kind, and perhaps she had jumped to conclusions a little too fast.

    She stepped forward, arms still wrapped around herself. When she spoke, an Indian accent was rather distinct in her voice. "Uhm... I do believe we are all humans?" She looked at the other two females and the male. Well, they looked human to her. "I uhm apologize for before, I was simply confused." She bowed her head a little. The last thing she needed was for the only people here to be upset with her.
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    Anya could hear voices. Strange, angry voices. That was odd; villagers rarely ever argued. And this felt somehow unfamiliar. Had she fallen asleep in the forest again? It certainly wouldn't be the first time. She sighed, her mind wondering why everything was so dark. Oh yes! Her eyes were closed. Slowly, she opened them, her pupils taking a few seconds to adjust to the light. Her brow furrowed as she stared up into the trees. This was not her forest. She stood up quickly, paying no mind to the strange people yelling on about something she couldn't understand. She walked around, her step light as she studied the bioluminescent plants. These couldn't possibly be from the...

    Her eyes widened. Oh dear. She gasped as she realized where she was. How had she gotten here? Her heart raced as she tried to find some sort of explanation. That was when she finally took notice to the people yelling and talking in a rather strange form of dialect. She whipped around, a smile turning up her lips. Speaking the same sort of spell Mia had used to learn and speak the human language, her smile became a grin. "What strange creatures!" she exclaimed rather loudly, hopping her way over any remaining unconscious beings as she made her way to the humans.

    She studied each closely, approaching a dark-skinned girl whom had previously been on the ground with her arms held close around her (Sania). "Marvelous!" She took the girl's hand, turning about it every which way and that as she tried to figure out what sort of creature these people could be. They were very similar to Anya herself, but they were obviously foreign. Perhaps they came from some strange land! Or perhaps they were natives to this very forest! All fear she had previously felt disappeared as she dropped Sania's hand and moved onto the next, grabbing arms and clothing and hair. Not in a cruel way, of course. More in the way a child would when faced with an entirely new thing.

    "What do you call yourselves?" she asked, not having heard any of the previous conversations. When her eyes landed upon Kyumia, her smile became even wider (somehow...). "Ah! I am not alone! You must be from the Southern forest! Am I wrong?" She had visited such places before, and the people tended to have unique appearances. She'd never met Mia before, though--or even seen her, for that matter.

    ((And there's my wonderfully optimistic local))
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  13. Amalthea

    For the first time since she had woken up in this forest, Amalthea began to shiver. The thin, long-sleeved top she was wearing did nothing to protect her from the cold. She was at most dressed for early summer and she wished she had that thick, knitted scarf she had recieved for her 14th birthday. But it was only wishful thinking. The longer she stood there, the more she began to believe that maybe, just maybe, this wasn't a dream. It was an unsettling thought, the kind that made her heart thump dully in her chest. If this really was real--that they really were in this place, then would she ever be able to return home? To her village and her mother? To Maya?

    Was she stuck here?

    The elven woman, Kyumia, looked as if she had been about to answer when that same man from before had stepped forward and pushed down Nicole's hand when he passed her. That single action had been enough for Amalthea to arouse mixed feelings about him. He looked just as confused about their situation as the rest did, but that was just plain rude. As he questioned the woman, she listened intently when Kyumia had replied to him, speaking about a 'Land of Secrets' and a 'Northern Forest'. There it was again, that feeling that she was dreaming. 'It's like I'm suddenly in a story...' That had been too much for her, and she was fairly certain that she would wake up soon and discover that she had fallen asleep against her desk.

    The dark-skinned woman spoke again, calmer this time, and Amalthea turned her head to look at her. She had a foreign accent when she spoke, but then again, they all did. Her's were just more noticeable, and she couldn't help feeling that she had heard it before somewhere.

    Having been concentrating on her, Amalthea jumped when another woman made her presence [rather loudly, one might add], and she watched her warily when she glanced in her direction. Like Kyumia, she had pointed ears. Was this a common feature here? The brown-haired elf made her way to the dark-skinned woman and proceeded to touch at every part of the girl. Amalthea couldn't help but to feel sorry for her. Not only had she been pleading for her life a few minutes earlier, but she was now the target of the other's curiosity, grabbed and poked at. Amalthea was frankly bewildered with the woman's enthusiasm, and she inwardly thanked the heavens that she wasn't the one being prodded at. "We are from Earth, and we are humans..." she slowly responded as she glanced from one elf to the other, unknowingly repeating what the dark-skinned woman had said. "You are both talking about forests. Is that where we are? In one of those forests?"
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  14. Octavious Bilodeau

    The moment Kyumia took a step away from him Octavious did the same, retreating several feet as he tried to wrap his mind around what was going on. She was either a very good liar or she was actually crazy enough to believe what she was saying. Either way she was no help to him. Inspecting his surroundings for a moment, Tay picked out a tree he could sit against. He half walked half dragged himself toward it finally he plopping his butt on the ground with a sigh of relief.

    From his spot on the ground he could see everyone who had woken up so far. Including the women he had rushed to save and another freak with pointed ears. She seemed way to happy to have woken up in the middle of the woods with strangers, probably becuase it wasn't the first time. She went straight to the indian women, and started poking and prodding. Frowning slightly at the whole affair he was just thankful that he wasn't the one being bothered.

    The more Octavious thought about the situation, the less it made sense. There was no way these woods were in Colorado, yet here he was in a glowing forest with elfs like a fairy tale. Something else that was nagging him was the people themselves. The only other american was that Nichole girl. The others seemed like they were from diffrent countries around the world. So how did they wake up here? Tays thoughts kept circling around the one thing he refused to believe, that Kyumia wasn't crazy.

    The last straw was the other people who had seemed as confused as he was started buying into what these crazy women were spouting. It finally pushed Tay to stand back up suddenly. "Well everyone, it was nice meeting you guys but I am not buying into some crazy people spouting nonsense about the territory of the gods or lands of secrets. " Pointing in a random direction deeper in the woods he continued. "I am going to go find Trinidad, we can't be too far from the city. Have a great fucking day." With that Octavious turned on a heel and began walking into the woods away from the rest of the people.
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  15. Outsiders

    When the woman who had screamed for her life a short while prior said that she and the others were humans, Kyumia cocked her head to the side, completely unfamiliar with the word. "Humans?" She asked, wrapping her mouth around the foreign word. "How... unusual." As the woman apologized, the white-haired elf dipped her head in a light bow. "It is not at all a problem. It is to be expected that you would fear for your life upon waking up to people you do not know in a place you are unfamiliar with."

    The pale skinned woman with the strange accent spoke then, confirming what the dark skinned woman had said. "Earth... I do not know of this place. Is it across the seas? One of the distant lands we know so little of?" Just then, another woman came bounding into the vicinity and immediately began chattering to everyone and poking and prodding at one of the humans. When she looked to Kyumia, the elf knew immediately that the brown-haired woman was of her own kind both through her appearance but also her familiar accent, or lack thereof. The other elf seemed to be of the woodland race, whereas Kyumia's bloodlines ran back to the snowelves of the far north who had migrated to the southern woods several thousands of years ago.

    Answering the pale human's question and her fellow kind's at once, she explained a small bit about herself. "Yes, I dawn from the Southern woods, second home to my people who once ruled the great north. You must be from the forest's edge, the border-dwellers, yes? It is assuring to see another of my kind, at least now we can be certain we are within the Dark Woods. Though...." her brow furrowed then as she looked around, as if trying to convince herself she was wrong, but she found no indicator to tell of such things. "I believe we're in the deepest regions of the woods, a region even we," she gestured to the other elf, "do not venture into. These are the Gods' realms. We do not belong here and none of our kind have ever ventured into these regions and returned."

    When the man in front of her began to grow more distressed than he already was, Kyumia was tempted to use a calming spell to settle his nerves a bit. He seemed unpredictable and she did not know what kind of powers these humans possessed. However, just as she was about to summon the mana from the forest, he backed off, finding a place to rest alone for a short while before growing frustrated once more and getting up to storm off. Mia cast a concerned glance at the other elf. "We cannot let him leave. He will not survive these woods. You know the beasts that lurk in the shallows, nevermind the depths."

    She stepped forward, going after him. "Human!" He kept moving forward, as if trying to ignore her. "Human! Please, consider your actions! Do you even know where you're going? Do you think you'll stand a chance in these woods alone? Tell me, can you recognize one single species of plant? Is anything familiar? You will not survive in these dark woods alone." She stopped following him then. What could she really do? He seemed more stubborn than a Thunderwing Stallion and he clearly did not trust her. Following him shouting warnings of the woods would likely only annoy him further. Turning on her heel, she returned to the group and looked to the curly haired woman with the large voice. "You... Nicole..? You are one of his kind, please stop him." She looked the girl in the eyes, a pleading look on her face. Kyumia did not know these humans, but she could not stand the thought of a life being wasted out of ignorance.


    The woods were beautiful, that much was certain. The plants were all foreign and there had been some pretty intimidating animal sounds echoing through the trees once or two, but all in all, Graham was simply amazed at this magical world he had found himself in. He'd woken up about 20 minutes ago, give or take, with a miserable headache and a serious survival-based personal crisis, but once he'd accepted the fact that he had not idea where he was and wasn't even sure he was on earth anymore, he found himself oddly calm. He'd decided that since he didn't know where or when he was - he'd considered time travel as an explanation - he decided he should explore a bit and see if he could find anything. When he'd heard a woman screaming for her life, he decided he knew which direction to head. Had he not had his attention captured by the raw beauty of the woods so many times, he'd likely have arrived quite a bit sooner.

    What he didn't expect, was to run into another man in the woods, especially since he'd heard only the voice of a woman. When he came around a tree, he almost knocked the kid square in the face but instead dove back, swinging his arms about in a wannabe-ninja manner. "Whoaaaa now, man! You shouldn't sneak up on a guy like that!" He dropped his hands from a defensive position and cleared his throat, sweeping some dirt from the front of his shirt. Offering his hand, he smiled brightly. "I am Graham Kakko (Kau-ho)." He said with his thick, Finnish accent. "Would you happen to now where the hell we are?"
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  16. Sania had only just spoken when she realized there was yet another newcomer, this one far more obtrusive than the others. She didn't know what to say as her hand was taken hold of and inspected like something never seen before. "Uhm..." She didn't know whether to pull away or let the girl be, but thankfully she didn't have to worry about it too long; the girl had let go and moved on. Sania rubbed her hand a little before looking to Amalthea, nodding in agreement. She was still rather weirded out though, from all the touchiness, so she kept rather mum, simply paying attention to the others. It was best not to interrupt anyway.

    She was glad to see that white haired and brown haired pointy eared females didn't seem to be anything as she had first mistakenly thought. In fact, the one named Kyumia seemed rather composed and knowledgeable of this place... or at least this world. Sania decided it'd make most sense if she stuck close to this female. She obviously had no clue where she was or who these people were, but she did know that dying was not something she wanted to do today, or any time in the near future. The name 'Dark Woods' didn't sound too comforting to the ears. However, it was not hard for her to believe in something like the God's realms. She did after all come from a culture that homed many gods of many shapes and sizes. She had however always thought that where they lived would be... brighter? A little more orange and gold perhaps?

    She was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard the man. Sania was a little surprised when he started off on his own. Why would he do that? It made sense to stay in a group when in a strange and potentially dangerous place! The thought of calling him back came to her but she stay quiet yet again. She was fine talking and giving orders to children. Not so much with adults. What if they got angry and yelled at her, maybe even hit her? It wouldn't be the first time. A breath of relief escaped her when Kyumia suggested Nicole to go after him.

    "So... uhm... how do we get out of here?" she ventured to ask.
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