Into the dark

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    She was dancing. Swaying with the slow melody of a sad tune that her hands couldn't stop playing. Her body was still and perfectly postured while her long arms moved from left to right as if following the escaping notes. Her fingers barely touching the key of her piano but even then, she kept dancing. Her spirit was the one moving with so much violence that she could barely contain her stiff pose. Though it was almost impossible to remove Alba from that stance since that was how she was taught to play the piano; arms extended and an erect back. Every time that she made a mistake as a child or arched her back because of the uncomfortable posture, Alba got hit with a long bamboo stick that forced her to cringe and regain her 'professional' composure. Almost two hundred years later she still remembered the fat woman that even if she was extremely strict and demanding, showed Alba how to escape the world and keep herself sane by utilizing music as her escape rout. Music kept Alba sane and alive all this years. It was her companion when she felt alone and allowed her to be alone when life got overcrowded. Music was her everything.

    Alba's tanned lips slightly parted and she began to sing in the only voice that she knew. Soft, collected and controlled. Though as the rhythm forced her hands to move faster and the beat accelerated, her true voice started to come out. Loud enough to make the windows slightly vibrate with the intensity of what her heart was trying to say in her native language. Her Spanish was flawless and natural, flowing out her lips like they belonged to someone that looked like her. Alba's skin was a pale olive and her curly black hair covered a quarter of her back like a grim curtain, her eyes were silver but for some reason she missed her natural dark brown eyes. Years before she complained of her normalness. She was never as svelte as many girls of her era. Didn't have blonde curls that excited the boys or bright green eyes that others could admire. Alba was a scrawny girl that sang like an adult and played piano with her soul more than her hands. But physically? She was bellow average. How she would had loved to be bellow average now. Meaning that she would had never been cursed in this beautiful, but immortal body.

    By her side was her loyal mascot Loba. Loba was a wolf, hence the name Loba which translated as 'female wolf' in Spanish. She caught Loba as a puppy trying to eat her chickens. For some reason she felt sorry for the bright eyed puppy and just decided to stay with her. Loba NEVER left her side ever since and had grown so tall that she reached about Alba's waist. Now, Alba was not the tallest woman alive, but not the shortest either. She was about 5'7 so Loba was pretty much the same height of an average 4 year old. The white and grey wolf simply laid besides Alba, contently nomming on a thick bone while she seemed to enjoy the music that was being played. All of the sudden the animal perked her ears and lifted her massive head. A small growl excited her snout and Alba immediately stopped playing her piano, still sustained her stiff position to take a deep breath. 'Human. Male. Young. Probably some kid on a dare.' The brunette looked at her mascot who was just awaiting for a command. Alba just motioned her head towards the door. "Go get him. No biting " The wolf seemed to understand perfectly because she got on her four legs and started galloping out the door, barking and growling viciously.
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    He kept walking along by himself as usual, just listening to his music, and walking along in the Darkness. Not minding the people behind him daring some kid to do something. "Come on you can do this. It's just a myth or something plus I hear she's very hot and is half naked, you can do this man." the other guy said to the kid. "I-I-I don't know, ahh screw it. Let's do this." he said as he ran for it. Brandon knew that the kid was pressured into doing this but said nothing he just kept walking minding his own bussiness, He hummed to the sound of his music that was playing on his IPhone and turned it up louder so he couldn't hear anything. He loved the darkness made him feel alive, he wished some times that he was a Vampire or a half breed or a Hybrid. But it was only a myth, well so he thought.

    He took a left on a dirt road where the kid took as well not realizing that, that's where that kid was heading. He stopped and layed down on the grass about 130 yards away from a farm house, he always went here as a kid and never stopped. "The stars are always beautiful here." he said to himself. He sat up and took off his shirt because it was pretty hot outside and stood up against tree and sighed.
  3. Loba in the dark looked like what she was, a rabid, vicious wolf with reflecting eyes and drool that dramatically fell from the corners of her lips. Which lifted to expose her bright white fangs. Alba stayed put and listened for a second, Loba's barking ceased and she just started walking with the purpose of scaring the young man. Since it was something that they were used to doing, Alba continued playing her piano which was located in the dining room of her humble house. Alba decorated her house like they did in the early 18 hundreds; with beautiful golden curtains and red rugs that were spotless. Paintings and portraits that seemed to be imitations of actual paintings but they were original paintings of herself and her parents. Conserved and preserved every few years with the same explanation 'They were my great,great,great parents.' each year adding another 'great'. So, she continued enjoying of the music and the soft breeze that blew through the window. Lifting a satin curtain that caressed a side of her face tenderly. Alba closed her eyes and took in the refreshing evening air that was always so damp and light. This time it carried another smell that she did not remember ever enjoying. It was sweet but musky, blood that had not been corrupted or tainted by any venom so she knew it was another human. Just then Loba snarled loudly and got extremely violent and defensive since she got scared by the male who was laying on the floor. Instead of simply poking her head with a growl, Loba launched herself at the standing young boy with an open jaw ready to snap his leg in half with a simply shake of her strong head.

    Loba No! No lo muerdas no!" Yelled Alba as she, just like that, appeared besides the wolf with a hand gripping on to Loba's crimson red collar. Alba's body was indeed covered with a white robe that could had been see through if it weren't for the poor light in the place. Just like the wolf's eyes, her silvery-blue eyes just sparkled like a mirror directed to the sun. "If i ever see you here again, i WILL kill yo---Loba!" But just then the wolf shook her masters hand away and ran towards the male who had been laying down. For the first time ever, Loba lost control and returned to her violent nature, biting on to the guy's leg and shaking her head furiously enough to have broken something IF she actually bit him and not his jeans. The other young man took off running and Alba had to literally lift her mascot and restrain her. "Oh Lord. Are you okay?!" Asked Alba genuinely concerned. She didn't want anyone on her property but she didn't want them hurt either! She couln't afford any unwanted attention or concerned parents dropping into her house. The smell of blood slowly started polluting her air and her eyes ever so slowly started to turn a deeper shade. Hunger was starting to take over.
  4. Some type of dog attacked Brandon "HEY!! GET OFF..." he yelled trying to get the dog off until some woman came and got the rut away, he looked at her and just stared for a moment and got off the ground, she was beautiful, very beautiful. "Yeah, I'm worries. Just a couple of scratches here and their but I'll live." he said as he touched his leg, he was bleesing pretty bad, he whipped it up with his finger and sucked on his finger that whipped off his blood from his leg, "Mmmm..always sweet." he said to himself. He looked down and grabbed his IPhone5 and looked at the strange beautiful woman, "Sorry for bothering you and your dog I didn't know I was on your property, please forgi..." he stopped and looked at her and realized she looked different than before, "Ma'am are you ok?" he said as he stepped closer. Brandon got closer and grabbed his IPhone and clicked on the App Flashlight, and shined it up just enough to see her, as he did her eyes was normal, he put it down quickly, "Oh shit, they are true.." he said as he chuckled, "..I'll leave you be I don't want to cause any troubles." he said as he tried to walk away but he was limping and it hurt him pretty bad, his leg was broken but he didn't want to tell her that. He didn't want to have her know that he was weak. "Ouch...damn it come on." he said to himself still trying to walk.