Into the Badlands

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  1. I'm curious. Anyone else going to watch this when it starts? For those of you who don't know about it, here is one of the trailers.

    I have seriously become obsessed with this show, and it hasn't even started yet. Every time I see a trailer for it I get goosebumps!

    Am I the only one excited for this show? Please tell me I'm not. X_x
  2. Hell yea, this looks like it's going to be sick
  3. I plan on watching it as well.
  4. I plan to give it a shot.

    I need me some action.
  5. Yay! I created new viewers!
  6. On meta notes:

    God that trailer makes me tired of "bwooooooom" sounds. Nothing against anyone but the trailer editors, but my ears almost feel tired from hearing "bwoooooom."

    AMC's been doing these Kung Fu Friday deals to try to hype up their show, which is cool, except the Kung Fu doesn't start except for when it's too late for me to watch all of a movie. Or even start. As much as I want to see Shaolin Soccer I'm not staying up to 2:30 AM to do it.
  7. Tonight is the premiere, for those of you who are interested. :) Will be watching after Walking Dead is over!
  8. It's being touted as a "live-action anime." Potential is there!
  9. Not even five minutes in and there's been lots of bones crunching and blood.

    I think I may be in love.....
  10. I missed this.
  11. I think it has a lot of potential, much of which wasn't hit episode 1. It's off-canter, falling somewhere between Mad Max and Kill Bill, leaning a tad more towards Kill Bill. There's a lot going on, which can't be explained in a single episode without being an exposition dump, so I'm eager to see where it'll go. First episode awkwardness is almost always an issue, and this was by no means a failure. Even if it ends up being a quirky kung-fu movie put into TV show format, that's a win.
  12. Hooooly svit that was a fun watch. Det my new AMC show och choice
  13. It was amazing!!
  14. It's fuenny, because my husband thought for sure I'd be into it for the story behind everything, but the fighting is what got me. The choreography of the fights was amazing.
  15. ITs likely the best small screen fighting we'll get in the west aside from Daredevil. DD's corridor fight scene is the most brutal, well executed and awesome fight I've seen in a western series. This though? The fight in the rain was gorgous as fuck. Also, It's nice to see some proper Hong Kong movie inspired Choreagraphy make its way.

    The story looks decent, the setting is interesting. There are some hiccups to be sure, but it was mad fun.
  16. I am in a sort of love dont care limbo when it comes to ITBL it can become to par with the hit series AMC is known to run, but can also quickly turn into a syfy show series if the plot and effects arent like the first ep...
    i cross my fingers for a prosperous future
  17. I am going to admit this now. I've got a major girl crush on The Widow...
  18. Widow is hngggg
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