Into the Arena

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  1. A soft puff of dirt moved from the tip of her toes as Zeneba landed in the arena, black wings opened to the air. Wrapped around her muscular body was a thin black dress, although from the way it was sewed together it looked more one long piece of fabric wrapped continuously around her. There was a deadly grace to her that one couldn't quite place. She lived for the fight and the violence, but dealt it out with an eerie gracefulness. Her eyes were solid black as was her waist length hair. She had no weapons on her but that didn't shake her core. The angel was strong, confident and a born fighter, despite what the humans thought of her kind.

  2. Zeno made his way casually into the arena. He was wearing his usual long black duster with no shirt underneath, and black baggy slacks. His boots made a loud thud with each step he took, walking to the opposite side from Zeneba. He was wearing his gauntlets, which were made from thick plate steel and extended up past his shoulders, tinted black with golden glyphs and rune marking etched into it all over. They made his hands and arms look much larger than they really were.

    As he reached his position, he turned to face Zeneba, and stretched his arms out, then brought his fists together twice, making a loud clang sound as the 2 gauntlets hit together. He took a stance, and readied himself.