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  1. I've officially given up making a nice neat starter. I can't come up with anything. I've seriously been trying to come up with a good opening post for days now. *Flails About*


    It was quiet on the ship. Too quiet in fact. Ambros looked at the stalled engine again, before lifting his wrench and slamming the heavy iron object down. Immediately the engine kicked on again. He sighed tiredly before heading over to the comm system. "Hey, we're back in business. After this drop, we really should get the engine replaced though. I'm not sure how much longer he'll hold up."

    Ambros Illir Kyrin, though only 23, spoke and moved like a veteran of the field, constantly alert. He stood tall, especially for those from his home world of Atria where the gravity was 1.43 Times higher than Earth's which caused the people to grow shorter, more stocky builds. He was just over six feet tall, of narrow frame and build. Far from an athlete though, Ambros spent most of his early life practising with a rifle, or playing cards. He'd even earned a decent reputation at the tables.

    That was years behind him though. He'd been Captain of the ship Asmodeaus for five years at the present time, picked it up as a salvage ship, named it after a Demon Prince, long before he actually knew it's meaning. He just thought it sounded cool. The name stuck though, and was printed in the law as his. He couldn't have changed it if he tried. And while most ships were considered female, Ambros found it only fitting that a Demon Ship be male. He even had the name printed in great gothic letters across the side for emphasis.

    Ambros ran his fingers through his long black hair, pulling it tight back into the ponytail that he normally wore. "Anyway, I'm on my way back up, see you shortly." He said into the intercom. Straightening his jacket, he headed towards the elevator.
  2. Sighing in relief as Asmodeaus started back up Kira runs a pale hand through the red hair that had fallen into her face. "Great, see you soon Captain." She giggles lightly and after flicking a few switches she sends Asmodeaus toward the small moon they were headed to drop supplies at. Not trusting auto pilot to get them to the moon, she moves the steering wheel to the left a little.

    Kira Lea Moset, 20 years old, though young she is an accomplished pilot. Learning to fly young she makes her homes on the ships she pilots since she escaped the poorly terraformed planet that was her home world. Her voice is soft and sweet though she speaks with nearly no filter on her thoughts. Well around those she trusts.

    Locking the wheel to keep them in this direction she stands and stretches. Rolling her shoulders to get the kinks out she raises her arms above her. Barely reaching five foot she can stretch even up on her tiptoes and still not touch the ceiling of the ship. Her slender form bends forward as she finishes her stretching moaning softly. She stands up and fixes her vest and shirt and rearranging the belt that drapes across her hips.
  3. With a quiet clink, the elevator doors popped opened, and Ambros stepped out, heading up to the Bridge. "Hey, 'we back on course?" He asked, stepping in. He'd hired Kira within the last year, and so far she'd done an excellent job of flying Asmodeaus, though it was a difficult task with as many repairs as he was constantly needing to make. It fed kept them fed, and put some leftover pay into their pockets, but overall the money went into repairs. In the last two months they'd had to repair the drive core, the rudder, replaced one of the rudders that had been hit by a stray chunk of space rock. There was one particularly frightening moment when the front window took a large piece that sent spiderwebs throughout it. He invested in a high quality replacement after that.
  4. "Yup everything is smooth so far. As long as he keeps going we will get there in.. oh about 6 hours. Give or take an hour." Smiling softly Kira sits back into her seat and leans back glancing over the dials again before turning to face Ambros. "Do you think we can make it to Vestis before we need to replace him? There is a good shop there I trust to get us the right parts." Running her hands through her hair again her blue eyes wander over his face, quickly she pulls her eyes away before focusing on the wheel again. Unlocking it she takes ahold of it to keep distracted. Biting her lower lip she watches out the large window.
  5. Zaigou sat down in his seat, deep in contemplation. It wouldn't be an easy trip, and he'd end up spending a good amount of time in the engine room, keeping the hulking machine functional, but assuming they didn't put too much strain on it, it was possible. "...Yeah, I think so, just go easy on him." He looked at the ledger fr a few minutes before letting out a heavy sigh "Damned thing. Don't suppose you remember how much we're being paid for this drop, do you?" He asked, giving up on trying to find it's location in the paperwork. "I hate plague planets," He grumbled tiredly, turning to face his pilot again.
  6. "As long as we dont piss anyone off that should be easy." Looking over at him she smiles softly shaking her head. "I dont think anyone likes plague planets. And I'm not sure. It should be on the last page of the ledger near the end before the signing lines. I think its a sizable amount though. Not our best but not our worst payment either." Pushing the wheel a little to the right Kira looks over at the captain again. "You look stressed Cap why? We have had pretty steady work, which is more than some ships can say." Smiling playfully.
  7. "Just wanting to get this job done really." He told her, closing his eyes and leaning back. "We've had to make so many repairs, you'd think with the amount we've put into him, Asmodeaus would be a new ship, but things just keep breaking, one after another. I just don't know how much longer he'll hold out." He told her after a few moments of silence. He decided not to riffle through the papers again. It would just give him more of a headache. Finally, after an even longer period of silence he opened his eyes again. "Don't suppose we have any tea left, do we?" He asked, hoping against hope.
  8. "I'm sure he will hold up. He always has." She takes a deep breath and readjusts the wheel again. Checking several dials she runs a hand through her hair again. Smiling at his question hearing the hope in his voice. "Yeah I think there is one or two bags left, you and your tea." Teasing him lightly she giggles and turns the wheel again to avoid a chunk of space rock. "We are making great time now so I'd take another hour or so off of the estimate."
  9. "Well, at least there's that" He grumbled, stretching and making himself another pot of tea. "And you really should try it, it's good for you" He replied as he moved about, boiling the water, fetching the teabag he wanted, and setting himself to work. He took a great deal of pride in his tea, so he was very careful about how he made it. The only thing that really bothered him about it was the lack of variety in his stock. Still, he hadn't had the money to replace it, so soon he was afraid he'd just have to make do without. "Don't suppose you'd like a glass would you?" He asked, fully expecting a decline from the young pilot.
  10. She looks over her shoulder with a grimace. "You know full well I dont drink that stuff.. I'll stick with my juice and cider at least they are sweet." She giggles and turns back to the big window. "So do we have another job lined up after we fix him? Or do we have to look for more work? Oh and if we take on passengers any time soon lets not pick them up at Juna this time.. Last time they nearly destroyed our guest rooms. I spent near 6 hours cleaning them up." She frowns remembering the last few passengers they carted shaking her head.
  11. "No jobs I'm afraid, and the channels have been pretty dry on intel unfortunately. So we may have to do some odd jobs again. I'm not relishing the idea of taxiing people acrossed the galaxy any more than you though." He grimaced tiredly, turning his attention back to his tea. As he finished up, he made his way back to his seat and began to drink in quiet contemplation, considering the odd choices that had landed the two together, and how it had effected their journey.

    A few hours later, they landed on the Plague Planet and dropped their load of supplies off, although Zaigou had nearly no belief that the planet would survive. In the early stages, the plague could be contained and cured, but this planet was nearly completely overwhelmed. That was the risk of manipulation. It was a recent development, only a few years old, but some scientists had decided to try to make a super plague 'In case enemies tried to do it first' they had said. Their excuse was that they were using it to create a super vaccine. Of course, when it was discovered that they were releasing the plague on low developed planets, they had been shut down. Unfortunately, it was already too late. The plague spread rapidly, and many planets were constantly fighting it. Many were uninfected of course, and new protocols had been set requiring screening before people came to a planet.

    Just another day in the galaxy though. They collected their pay and took off, headed for their next big adventure.
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