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  1. HELLO EVERYONE my name is Hannah and iv'e been on hear for a few months but i have been rping for a total of 5 years i am into 1x1 rp's that deal with romance horror hate and putting characters into the worst and best situations.

    partner info
    1: somebody who can post a moderately detailed paragraph
    2: can post about every day if not i understand
    3:will try out anything
    4: can stick to there characters
    5; can play mainly male characters

    rich boy x poor girl
    drug user x drinker
    cowboy x cowgirl
    teacher x assistant
    werewolf x human
    vampire x werewolf
    werewolf x werewolf
    professional Piano player X deaf person
    Ouran Highshool Host Club
    Mori X haruhi
    HikaruX haruhi
    Karu X Haruhi

    Vampire knight
    Kaname: Yuki

    Kenpachi x Yachiru

    I am open to anything ells
  2. I am kinda interested in the rich boy poor girl one but I was also wondering if you would be willing to do a vampirexvampire or a vampirexhuman roleplay.
  3. Of course I am interested in both and what if we mixed up the two :)
  4. Anybody that is interested can pm me as well
  5. I'd love to do an Ouran or Vampire Knight RP
    Also interested in the pro piano player x deaf person
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.