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    Age: 24
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Commoner
    Birthplace: Gerald, Kingdom of Berrea


    Magical Abilities:
    • Unknown:
    Alia is unaware she even has magical potential right now, let alone what sort of magic that might be.


    Current Goal / Purpose: Escape her seemingly fate to be forced to marry a man and remain unhappy for the rest of her life.

    Skills (Non-Magical):
    • Cooking: Having grown up as a commoner and a woman, she was expected to know how to cook and clean for a potential husband. Thankfully, she is quite good at it - if she tried, she could rival one of the king's chefs.
    • Herbalism: Coupled with knowing how to cook, she knows how to pick herbs, plants, and spices from the wilds, avoiding deadly poisonous plants as well.
    • Quick Learner: Alia has a keen mind and tends to pick things up quickly, though she can get just as frustrated as anyone else when encountering something completely new.

    Inabilities (Things she's not good at):
    • Martial Combat: Being trained as a housewife a majority of her life has obviously left glaring inabilities in actual combat situations, not knowing how to even wield a dagger effectively.
    • Horse Riding: Due to her knowing that a horse can trample her, she has some fear of them and of course this fear causes the horse to feel uneasy. Suffice it to say that she is bad at riding.

    • Being Alone: She has suffered emotional neglect most of her life, even from her parents thus fostering a fear of dying and being alone for the rest of her life. She would be glad even to just have a close friend.
    • Insects: Though not as griping as her other fear, she does hate insects except for cute ones, like butterflies.

    General Personality: Alia is a bit hard to get close to, but it's not hard to see that she is a sweet and kind soul despite any scars her heart might have suffered. She is also eager to learn and understand not only the world but others she finds interesting. She is noticeably patient and tries her best to be understanding of others.

    Inner Personality: A true romantic at heart, but this also tends to make her keep a consistent guard up after having her feelings rejected so many times - from other women. She isn't the type to set candles, but rather show her feelings through support and trying her best to help out where she can. Alia is also unusually open-minded to others and their situations, not harboring the same hate that some others do for other races or cultures, but she is very passionate in doing the right thing.

    Secret: Not something she normally shares with others, but she does have particular fantasies about the bedroom and a certain type of dynamic that she hopes to explore, if she ever finds the right woman.


    Alia was born a commoner in the village of Gerald, though her mother died at child birth, leaving only her father to raise her. Soon enough though in her young childhood, her father married her aunt and the woman came to be her mother as she grew up, but she knew that she was not her real mother. Despite minor hiccups between her step-mother and herself, she grew up with a fairly happy childhood of her father being proud and loving his little girl, even though her introverted nature kept most of the other children away.

    It wasn't until her young teenage years when she found that she was not like many of the girls and certainly not something her father expected. Alia was growing more and more curious of other women than she was of boys and the secret was soon out that she didn't even like boys at all. With her less-than-caring step-mother and her father not understanding and shunning her for her romantic options, she soon found herself being the outcast of the village. Her father continues to ignore the fact that she doesn't enjoy men romantically and often forces conversations about marrying a nice young man some day and having grandchildren. She has gotten to the point of desperately wanting to escape.

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  2. Name: Morwen
    Age: Less than thirty
    Race: Mostly human
    Occupation: Consultant in matters of occult
    Birthplace: unknown
    Appearance (open)


    Magical Abilities:
    • True sight: while unable to actually wield magic, her left eye is gifted with an ability to see it. Even the slightest spark of residual magic in milenium old runes is like a beacon of light to her eye and the sight of really powerful mage can be even painful experience.


    Current Goal / Purpose:
    Skills (Non-Magical):

    • Vast knowledge about arcane lore: Learning was the only way she could survive her time with Mistress. To not know something meant to die and Morwen was too stubborn to do that. she learned true names of demons and rituals that summoned them. She learned about planes of Hell and dark secrets of Heaven. Knowledge equals power, Mistress always said, and she wanted to become powerful.
    • Able to speak and write in multiple languages:
    • Experienced fencer: Words can be powerful weapon but sometimes, a more direct approach is needed. Not every situation can solved by blackmail and sweet talks and the sharp blade is always useful, especially when you know how to use it.
    Inabilities (Things she's not good at):
    • Swimming: It is kind of embarassing for her to admit it, but Morwen can´t swim. She spent the most of her life in desert where water was a precious resource and because of that, she hadn´t much ways to practice it.
    • Using ranged weapons: Because of special condition of her left eye, she has keep it hidden most times and thus making using ranged weapons dificult
    • Water: Morwen fears things she can´t control and things that can take control of her. Water is an exemplar of both of those things combined into one terrible combination.
    • Loosing her freedom: she was a slave once and will do anything she can and shouldn´t to never become someone´s toy again.

    General Personality: Morwen is what life made her to be. She spent the most of her life in service of insane maniac, sharing her bedroom and spilling blood in her name. She had to always watch her back, because there was always someone waiting to stab her. Paranoia became a healthy state of mind and ruthless and arrogant behavior became a virtue. Many years passed since then, but old habits are hard quit even if she really wanted to do it.

    Inner Personality: It might look that Morwen is driven by revenge and anger. That she wants to repay for what has been done to her, but her scars runs too deep to be simply repaid. What is Morwen really looking for is a way to heal herself. Something have been stolen from her, a dignity, a soul... And she wants to get it back. Maybe killing Mistress will make Ssher feel whole once again. And maybe something entirely different is needed.

    Secret: She might look like a cold, heartless and always calculating lady, but deep inside, she is just girl looking for someone who would accept and caress her. Someone she could own and be owned.

    Morwen don´t remember much from her childhood, if anything. There are sudden visions, a little deja vu here and there, but she has no solid memories from that time. she knows that she came from someplace north, her skin is too pale and face features too sharp for her to come from southern deserts. she also knows, that her parents and rest of family is dead, because Mistress leaves no survivors, only slaves and bodies. Morwen doesn´t remember anything more, and she doesn´t even want to know anything more. Past is not important as it belongs to enitrely different person.

    Her first real memories begin with her arrival to Moshtekch, Crown jewel of Her terrible empire. She would be sold on White market, if it wasn´t for her gift. Mistress recognized her ability and made Morwen Her personal slave. She wasn´t the only one, She collected quite a collection of "gifted" slaves, and every single one of them sought Her attention. Even Morwen did after while, and she was quite a good at it. She became Her "Left hand". Her "Herald". She was sent to places, where army couldn´t succeed and to places where magic was too delicate to be used. She had Her attention and that was all that mattered.

    But nobody can´t stay in grace for eternity and even Morwen had fallen. A newer slave climbed her way a up. More devious and powerful, able to really wield magic instead of simply "seeing" it. Before she could notice, she was stabbed in the back and left to death in the sand. Mistress didn´t help her. Mistress didn´t even care. She cursed Her, swore revenge and just because that simple thought, she survived. Then Morwed hid for a while, planning her next step. After that she run away, to place untouched by Her wanting hands, looking for a way to do as she swore.
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    Plot Info
    [[Character Name]] has lived a life of slavery, serving [[Evil Wizard]] for many years as servant and as a sexual puppet. Finally though, she found a way to escape the clutches of the wizard even in spite of the considerable magical prowess of the evil woman. Lost and needing help, she stumbles into Gerald after a few weeks on the run and sees something within the village.

    Though she doesn't have magic herself, she has learned how to sense it's presence and on the far end of the village, she sense a strong - maybe even stronger than the wizard's own - aura of magical energy. Maybe this mystery person can help her finally escape ... forever.

    Synopsis of Chapters
    • Chapter I (The Meeting):

    Village of Gerald
    General Info
    Gerald is a small village that grows carrots, wheat, and potatoes for the nearby castle, so it almost consists completely of commoners that server Lord Tyr. There isn't anything special about the village, being more or less just another small group of people trying to etch out a living under their noble's protection. For the purposes of Alia, though some other towns and cities are more open-minded than Gerald, the village is very traditional and close-minded about anyone that is not a normal, hetrosexual human.
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  4. World Info

    There is no name so feared or a person so dreaded like Mistress. Nobody knows where She came from or what She really is. One day, She simply appeared in the grand temple of Moshtekch, right in the middle of morning prayers to the Lord of the Dawn. It was an unheard thing for a girl, to show up in the grand temple for any woman who dared to step in, was publicly executed.
    It was also unheard for a girl to murder every single guardsmen, who were trained slaves forged in heat of battle, by ripping them apart with sheer brute force of her will. It is said that She started from their manly parts and that their screams were so loud and high that it cracked all the glass in city and turned street dogs crazy.
    Since that day, no prayers to Lord of the Dawn were held in Moshtekch. The city of slavers was enslaved by Mistress and she ruled with the whip and burning iron. She took the slaves and made them an army of slavers. She took the masters and turned them into slaver, serving Her every need. She is the scourge, threatening to crush the world to its knees.
    Some says, that Mistress is a mage of extraordinary powers. Those people are fools who never met Her. Other say that She is a prophet of the Only god, teaching the world lesson of humility. Those people should be hunted down, because they are dangerous zealots weak in mind.
    The truth is that nobody knows, who or what Mistress exactly is. Only one thing is sure, that if we don´t do something about Her, we will all end up in shackles.
    Exraction from speech of inquisitor Kavali
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  5. So while I edit the original post for my CS ... what sort of Tyrant (or otherwise) were you thinking of? Also is like your character a hero or knight or...? Just trying to get a grasp of how everything will be setup and introduced. Also if you have any ideas to what makes the evil bad guy so powerful that YC needs MC's power for.
  6. I was thinking about some kind of very powerful wizard, maybe a little bit creepy one (obesessed with death maybe) not cartoonish. I imagine my character being his slave, lover and apprentice. Basicaly the "left hand" of evil vilian cliché. MC needs YC because she understands magic in theory but she is unable to use it on her own.
  7. Oh, that's an interesting take!! So she escapes the evil wizard(ress) and stumbles onto MC who happens to have magic, but it's under development. So, haha... that's an interesting dynamic. Submissive is the hero and the Dominant is the teacher? :D
  8. Something like that but I wouldn´t really say dominant. She is afraid of being slave once again, so she tries to take matters to her hands whenever she can and be in control of the situation. But deep inside she has enough insecurities to turn into more submissive person.
  9. lol... well, when the time comes, Alia will have to help build her up. Had to do that with my wife. She is a Dominant, but had quite a bit of insecurities. She's much better now.... :P

    So I'll fill in the plot information now as you described. If you think of any other details you want added, etc, lemme know.
  10. Will do. I am just finishing my character-
  11. Done. Sorry it took me so long and that it doesn´t look so pretty, but my mobile makes using codes literally painful.
  12. While, very interesting character... will be fun to explore how the two interact. The only thing we need to do as players is make sure that they don't totally disown one another is some form or way, haha ... well, I can either wait for you to fill more info about this Mistress and her cult of slaves or start the IC while you work on that. ^^
  13. Well, I think you can start with IC, I don´t think there is anything with Mistress directly relevant to YC right now.
  14. Ok, I'll post something soon. ^^
  15. IC link under my CS. ^^
  16. And I responded fashionably late, as always.
  17. No worries.
  18. I'll reply in the hour or so, but darn! Morwen is super forward and confident haha. Love it.
  19. Hey - heading out for South Korea tomorrow, so may not get to reply for a few days. I might try though since my layovers are so long, but who knows. ^.^
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