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  1. Nicolas and Rose were lying on the ground on a secluded part of the castle, it was a sunny day and they were on the grass under a giant tree, he was holding Rose and playing with her hair.

    He leaned down to smell her hear. "I love you." He whispered. The two of them had been together for a couple of months, they'd known each other for a long time and had always been close and as they grew they fell in love. He kissed her cheek and smiled against her skin, he really hoped he could stay here forever but he knew that was impossible, the times they had alone were few and far between but they were always amazing, this girl was great at driving him mad. He always dreamed about telling his father, they had a good relationship and he was a kind man, Nicolas was sure he would find a way to allow them to be together, even if it meant lying to the kingdom about who Rose was.

    He had an important meeting today, he hoped it wasn't too bad, he was often bored in those kinds of things but his people always came first, he had been raised to understand the throne as a responsibility and not a luxury and he acted accordingly. one of the reasons he didn't have much time with Rose was because right now his kingdom was having a lot of economic trouble and so he spent a lot of time in meetings just lime the one he had today.

    Anyway he decided to stop thinking about politics and focus on being right here, right now with the love of his life.
  2. Rose smile her head on his chest and arm around his waist. She smile and kiss his chin softly whisper. "I love you to"

    She was happy they fell in love. Despite her being a servant and he a prince it never stopped them and she didn't want to be with anyone else. She smile softly and drape her leg over his and buried her face In his neck enjoying the time together.

    One day they would tell his father, one day they will marry, one day they won't have to hide and no one will stand in their way. What she didn't know is the meeting he has is to be married to the neighboring princess who isn't nice as what most think.

    She link their hands and look in his eyes. "I'm scared" she whisper. Her biggest fear is losing him to arrange marriage cause he is the prince or her being a servant she could be traded to someone else as this Saturday it was the day when royals can trade servants if they feel the ones they have don't do their job right or if they want someone new for other reasons. She was scared she could be taken away from here.
  3. "Don't worry love, I won't allow you to be trade, and even if I wasn't there to protect you, you know my father would never sent you away, you're the best servant he has and don't worry about me, you know my father doesn't like arranged marriages, he wouldn't force me into something like that." Even though what he said was true, Nicolas father's main worry was his kingdom and he would do anything he had to in order to keep his people safe.

    "Let's just focus on being together right now, ok? Let's just kiss and pretend that we're just a common guy and a common girl enjoying a lovely day outside." He said as he gave her a peck on the lips.” He smiled. “I love you.” He repeated in the hopes that they could leave sad topics behind them and just be happy for a while before he had to leave.
  4. Rose nodded and smile "I know. Your my prince and my love. Your amazing" she smile and kiss him softly

    She snuggle close and caress his cheek. "Sound good common boy. I like that common cute manly teddy bear boy" she giggle and kiss him softly and lovingly. She rest her head on his chest and trace their names on his stomach with a heart around it. "I love you so much"
  5. He got a huge smile on his face and kissed her. They stayed there for a while, making out, talking and siply enjoying wach other's company. after some time had passed Nicolas had to go.

    "I'm sorry love but I have to go, my father says this meeting is important, I can't be late." he sad sadly before kissing her one more time on her kiss and one more time on her forehead.
  6. She smile making out with him and talking. She got sad he had to go and nodded. She kiss him and sat up then stood. Once he stood she hug him and kiss his cheek. "I love you. I'll come to your room tonight to say good night" she said softly and left.

    The rest of the day she did her chores and made sure the castle was spotless and clean. Once finish she limp to his room and started picking his clothes up and cleaning since the other servant didn't do it. Sigh she had fell in the kitchen earlier and sprain her ankle and had been limping all day. She pull the covers on his bed back and fluff the pillows then went and started cleanin the bathroom exhausted and was waiting for him to come in the room.
  7. He arrived to the meeting just in time and sat by his father.

    "Hello father."

    "Hello Nicolas."

    Just then the door of the room opened and the king of one of the neighbor kingdoms came in with his daughter. They were the royal family from a very rich land and they were known for believing they were better than anyone else and not very kind but they valued justice above all. All in all they were decent people and, even though he didn't particularly like them, Nicolas was glad to have them as allies. The princess was the youngest of two siblings, his older brother was going to inherit the throne and the girl was going to take an important place in the government unless she found a husband.

    Her name was Catherine, she had dark brown hair and brown eyes, she was rather short and very thin. When they were little they had spent quite a lot of time together waiting for their parents to come out from meetings, those memories were tedious and unpleasant, he never liked this girl, she was mean to her servants and thought he could boss everyone around, even Rose who back then was just starting her training.

    Nicolas and his father got up and made a reverence at the same time as their guests did.

    "Hello Matthew." Said Nicolas’ father, greeting his fellow king.

    "Hello Marcus."

    "Hello Nicolas." Said Catherine.

    "Hello Catherine, how nice to see you again." he said formally.

    They all sat down and Nicolas' father started talking.

    "Catherine, Nicolas, I'm sure you're both wondering what you are doing here. Well as you know Nicolas our kingdom is having a lot of financial problems and Catherine I'm sure you're aware of your father's concerns about our loyalty." Of course King Matthew was worried about their loyalty towards them, he was not the kind of man to believe in other people's word. "Well these situations are affecting our kingdoms, we all want good relationships to bless our lands and neither country would benefit from our bankruptcy. And so, my dear children we have come to an agreement, you two shall get married.”

    Nicolas managed to stay calmed the whole meeting and he was a gentleman until the moment their guests left. He went to his room and found Rose sitting on his bed.

    “Hello.” He said in a distant voice.
  8. Rose saw him and limp over. She sat next to him notice his voice and look. "Honey what wrong?" She ask softly worried. She place her hand on his cheek concerned. "Talk to me. You want to take a bath while you tell me what is wrong?" She ask softly help hkm take his jacket off and set it beside them. She caress his cheek worried.
  9. "I would like a bath." He said softly. He had to tell her, he had to start planing a way for them to stay together but he just could't bring himself to do it. "You should join me." He said not looking at her.
  10. She move his chin to look at her. "Okay I'll join you. Promise to tell me what the matter is in the bath?" She kiss him and limp to the bathroom.

    Once in the tub she relax in his arms her back to his chest and hope he wouldn't notice her swollen ankle. She turn her head. "What happen in the meeting love?"
  11. He looked into her eyes. "What happened to your anckle?" He replied, he wasn't ready to talk about it and wanted to buy a couple of minutes to settle his thoughts but he was a lot clamer, she calmed him, her body against his like this, nothing between them it was heaven. He kissed her bear shoulder and marbeled at the feel of her skin.
  12. "I slipped in the kitchen. There was water everywhere I'm lucky the ladder didn't fall on me" she said softly enjoyed them being close and bodies touching. There is a bruise on her side from the fall as well you can see. She kiss his cheek and rest head on shoulder glad to have him now for the rest of the night.
  13. He sighted. "You should be moore careful love," he said quietly. "I don't want anything to happen to you." he spent a couple of minutes kissing her soulder and neck lovingly, caresing her skin and simply enjoyinh her company. "Do you remembe Catherin?" He asked. "The princess that used to boss you around whem we were young?" He didn't want to bring this up but he knew he had to.
  14. "Promise" she whisper and moan softly enjoying his kisses. She link their hands on her stomach to hold happy and content. She froze at Catherine name and look at him terrified "y yeah what about her? I remmeber her I almost drowned and I'm scared of water cause of her" she whisper scared and shaking a little. "Oh gosh don't tell me she is here and you guys have to marry" tears fell terrified that is right
  15. He simply held her tighter, he hated seeing her cry and he hated even more to be the cause of it. The worst part was that he could do nothing to stop it, he had to marry Catherine, she was the only way in which he could save his people, they were his responsability and he had to do ight by them.

    "It's ok love, we'll figure out a way to stay together." He wispered. He just hoped she wouldn't leave him, he knew they could figure something out but he knew he could never find it in him to try to convince her if she didn't wan't to stay with him, that would have been selfish, she was an amazing girl and deserved the best, certainly more than a married man. He couldn't stop a few tears coming to his eyes when he thought about her leaving.
  16. She buried her face in his chest tears falling. "You can't. She can't do this" she whimper thinking all the times as kids she reminded her she is just a servant and could never have him.

    She was going to lose the man she love by her. Tears fell she held onto him crying softly. "She taking you from me, I can't lose you. You can't marry her"
  17. "It's ok," He said with tears in his eyes. "We'll figure it out, I'm not going to give upon us, I'm here for as long as you want me." He held on to her tighty and kissed her, he just wanted to hold her to his body and forget everything, he only wanted to go back to this morning when they were so happy it seemed nothing could ever go wrong.
  18. "It's ok," He said with tears in his eyes. "We'll figure it out, I'm not going to give upon us, I'm here for as long as you want me." He held on to her tighty and kissed her, he just wanted to hold her to his body and forget everything, he only wanted to go back to this morning when they were so happy it seemed nothing could ever go wrong.
  19. She cried softly in his arms. She didn't let go and when they got out and layed in bed together she held onto him.

    Tears fell as she fell asleep her face buried in his chest held onto him like she thought she would lose him I the night if she didn't.
  20. The next day he woke up early and simply looked at Rose for a while, neither of them had gotten much sleep that night and he was tired but they had to get up soon or soeone would see them.

    He kissed her forehead. "Wake up love." He said softly, a part of him hoping that she wouldn't and that he could watch her like this for a couple more secons.
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