interracial (m for f)

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  1. So this is a bit different, but I suppose it could be alot of fun.
    This can either be a white male/black or mixed female.
    Not taking MxM pairings at this time

    Here is the dealio.
    He/she moves to a new neighbourhood.
    At first he/she didn't pay much attention to it, but once the new school year started, he/she seemed out of place.
    What if the school hasn't got alot of caucassion students?
    Maybe he/she gets picked on because he/she isn't familiar with known slang or whatever.
    Nothing too bad.
    And then there's love, what if he/she finds him/herself attracted to someone, but everybody tells him/her that he/she can't be with that person because of their race?
    Will they get together and fight the rest or will any effort be a lost cause?

    PM if interested.
    Looking for someone who is active.
    Preffer Realistic faceclaims.
    1/2 paragrapghs minimum per post.
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  2. still looking
  3. always looking
  4. Still looking
  5. constantly looking
  6. I'm interested!! ^_^ Please pm me!
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