Interracial Dating

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  1. @Dervish Sooooooorry! :P

    What is everyone's thoughts on interracial dating and have you seen any positivity or negativity towards it yourself? Are you in one or are you bi/multiracial yourself?

    I've seen mostly black people (who are usually pro-black dumbasses) speak out against interracial dating and even disgrace black celebrities who date outside of their race. As for other races, not so much.

    I'm also really sick of people telling bi/multiracial kids to just "pick one race" and that they will only be seen as one race because of their skin tone and features.

    I highly support interracial dating and if my celebrity crushes are anything to go by, race doesn't particularly matter to me when it comes to guys I like (although I have to admit that I may have a thing for East Asians ._.).
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  2. It's okay, but it's not for me. I dated an Asian and African American guy, and it just didn't work out. For one thing the families both treated me like I was some sort of alien. One acted like I was playing the role of queen and making ridiculous demands whenever I asked something. I asked where the bathroom was, and from the way his grandmother reacted, it was like I asked her to carry me there, wipe my ass, and wash my hands when I was done.

    Then there was the nonstop questions like I was from an entirely different species. Every time I had to be around their family I was uncomfortable, and awkward, and heaven forbid I have a different opinion than they did! 'That's because you're white and don't know anything.' Really?

    As far as the relationship between me and them, thing weren't nearly as complicated, but they weren't exactly ease. I won't blame it on their race, but I will blame it on their personalities and how they were raised. Both relationships failed miserably, and left a really bad taste in my mouth.
  3. That's mainly because of cultural differences and sometimes out of curiosity. Or maybe brainwashing? O.o I hate you had to deal with that bullshit though :(
  4. Well, both my ex's were momma's boys, and heaven forbid they bring home a girl that didn't fit into their idea of who was good enough for their sons. I didn't mind the Asian mom so much. She just complained about my bland cooking and the fact that I didn't care if people wore shoes in the house. The other one.....omg! I thought my mom was a criticizing bitch.....@_@
  5. In most Asian traditions, wearing shoes in the house is considered to be rude. Also Asian food is rather spicy sometimes XD

    OUCH! Yeah some black women can be pretty damn pushy XD I speak from personal experience
  6. dude, Asians don't want shoes in the house! you're gonna mess up the carpet! is truth.

    also, I married interracially

    and I am charming enough that mom's and overprotective dads love me

    a white girl I dated ended up getting ragged on by her parents for breaking up with me...THEY wanted me to keep dating her!
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  7. Though personally I usually tend to be attracted to my own race. Which in my case is white.
    It's not consistent, there are examples of me being attracted outside it.

    But if you were to take all the girls I've been attracted to, put them all in a bag (figure of speech) and pull out 10 of them at random?
    White would be the biggest demographic.

    Note: This is attraction, not relationships.
    I've only ever been in two relationships, both of whom ended up being white.
    But honestly I attribute this more to just not getting that involved with finding relationships more than anything else.
    Not much one way or the other. It's just something that happens like any other relationship.

    The only stigma's I've ever seen against it is Media claiming it's a thing, or people online giving horror stories about it.
    No, I haven't been in a relationship period for over 3 years.
    Does Portuguese/Italian count? No? Then I'm not mutli-racial.
  8. It doesn't bother me, however I don't find any Asian Women to be attractive, except a very small amount. Same with black women. Hispanics more so, but still not really.

    If I found a woman of a different race attractive, I would have no problem dating her.
  9. I'm attracted to humans, not race, so it's whatever. Don't really see the issue tbh.
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  10. I don't support interracial dating. I don't support dating. Or breeding. Human race should just die out, call it a day.
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  11. I was totally going to post about you being a Synth when you did the bath thread lol. Don't worry! I just find this all terribly amusing, nothing negative!

    As for this topic, I'm totally on board with interracial couples. It just strikes me as the 1960s social stigma that LGBT couples are going through now adays. One of my best friends since high school is biracial (white dad and black mom) and it was literally a non-issue, and I don't think he ever had to deal with discrimination when we were in school together. I love his mom and step dad, and I made a point to visit them when I returned to Ontario for a visit.

    Personally, who dates who is only the business of that couple and no one else. People need to stop freaking out about what other people are doing when it's something that should be the biggest non-issue ever.
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  12. #NoLivesMatter
  13. I don't really care one way or the other. For dating specifically; I've been in a relationship with a Portuguese woman for a few years. If we count the short term, I've been with black and Latin-American women and one biracial woman as well. I won't deny having some shallow biases as to what I find physically attractive, but in the end it is the person that counts.

    A negative bias does exist. There are areas you'd best avoid at night if you're walking home with someone of a different race, be it because of racist skinheads or assholes who think you're 'stealing their women.' These douchebags are in the minority, however.
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  14. We don't wear shoes in the house 'cause we don't want to ruin the carpet!!
  15. Ok, ok don't kill me D: I wanna live to turn 21 on March 2nd damn it!
  16. That's why the steam cleaner was invented!

    Plus, I didn't have carpet, so it was kind of a senseless thing to get upset over.

    It wouldn't have worked out with him anyway. I thought he was trying to eat my face off every time we kissed.....
  17. Who gives a fuck. o__o

    I mean seriously. c____c Who actually gives a fuck.

    Is there someone on this site right now who DOES? Because.... for real. o____o Get out.
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  18. You're also forgetting about people who think that certain features are loved on certain races more than others. For example, some black people think that a big ass and big lips aren't loved on them but they're loved on other races and accuse black men of being "anti-black" for pursuing women of other races who have those features and not them.
  19. I've not come across that personally, but I'm also not American. So, yeah.
  20. Lucky you :(
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