Interracial- A Bad Thing..?

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  1. Okay; This is the first time I'm posting something on here. So..I'm sorry it will be pretty shitty. So bear with me

    Name: Alana
    Age: 17
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Personality: Outgoing, Sneaky,Smart,&Impulsive

    Alana wakes up for her first day of being a junior at Kenward High School. She lays there staring up at the ceiling. "What a day it may be.." She mumbles to herself. She slowly turns her head to look at the clock. "Damn it..." 7:03 flashed on the clock next to her bed. She groans getting up and stretching. She scratches her head walking to her wardrobe. "So glad I took a bath last night. " She yawns out. She looks in her closet and saw her school clothes. She takes off her pajamas and slides her skirt on, zipping it up on the side. She starts to put on her shirt buttoning it up as far as it can go. Yeah it's a slow morning. She goes over to her mirror to brush her hair. She then digs in her closet for her boots. She zips them all the way up. As the boots go up to her thighs. She tried to show less skin as possible but she was showing plenty of cleavage. She wasn't trying to but that was something that could not be helped. She then walked downstairs to the kitchen, looking at the clock on the stove. 7:27. 'New record.' She thought to herself . She knew her mom was at work while her dad was sleeping. She sighs heavily. "Always no breakfast.." She grabs her bag from under the end table by the door and walks out also grabbing her keys to her car. She was happy she didn't have to ride the bus. She got into her Camry and pulled out the driveway. "!" She said to herself as she was driving.
    Eventually she makes it there to the school and drives to the back parking lot. She sits there staring at the radio clock. 7:40. "Sshiit!" Alana gets out grabbing her bag and keys once again and locks her doors. She looks around seeing some girls in a car go park give her a dirty look. She rolls her eyes and walks up to the school pulling out a schedule from her bag's side pocket. She passes the office and looks the paper. "Math first...wonderful.." She says through her smile as she tries to find that room. She slowly starts walking, her heels of her boots click the floor. As some guys were chatting they was looking at her and whistling. She didn't pay them any mind as she just waved with her back turned. She stops at a room and reads her schedule. "Found it.." She smiles then wanders to her locker to find it. She did this every year. Find her first period class first then her locker so she can stick by it til the bell rang.
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