EXERCISE Interpreting Vague Concepts

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  1. I supply the concepts, you supply the interpretation. First off, "A princess on ice." Interpret it however you want and with whatever you want. My only job here is seeing what you come up with.
  2. Dabney finished tying the knots on the princess' hands and feet and sat her on the very large block of ice in the middle of the room. He wasn't real sure why Blakely wanted the princess on ice, but he followed orders. No one could ever say he didn't follow orders exactly as he was given them. He sat down in a chair and waited to hear from Blakely,having had no further instructions than this.

    The phone ran and he answered, "Hello?"

    "Is the deed done? Is the Princess on ice?"

    "Yes she is sir. Sitting right here in front of me on ice at this very moment."


    "Why yes sir. Was she not supposed to be sitting on the ice? Should she be laying on it? I will need a larger piece of ice..."

    "Oh for the love of ...Dabney. On ice means dead...I meant for you to kill her."


    "K.. I.. L.. L...kill. murder. end her life. Do you understand?"

    "But sir...I..she is so sweet..."

    "She is in my way. Once I am king you will be handsomely rewarded. Do it now. I will check back in an hour. Be sure to dispose of the body somewhere far away."

    Dabney hung up the phone and frowned. He peeked up at the princess and then frowned again.

    The princess listened and watched. "Are you going to kill me now?"

    Dabney flinched at the words, "I am supposed to yes."

    "But are you quite prepared to do it? It will be quite messy I should think."

    "yes, I expect it will be."

    "Perhaps it was good that you thought to have this ice. I may not bleed as much if i am very cold. That was smart thinking actually."

    Dabney looked up at her, "That is nice of you to say, but I only have the ice because I did not know what on ice meant."

    "Oh, I see. Well still, it seems it will turn out to your advantage."

    Dabney stood and went to where she was seated, "You are taking this awfully well. Are you not afraid to die?"

    "Oh yes, quite terrified actually. But I can tell you are having such a hard time. i was trying to ease your discomfort."

    "That is most kind of you, Princess. I must say I am sorry I have been ordered to kill you. You are quite possibly the kindest person I have ever met, and i dare say you would have been a fabulous Queen one day."

    "Do you really think so?" She looked shocked and pleased. "You would be the first to think as much."

    "Really?" he asked sitting next to her on the ice, "Why would people think such a thing?"

    "Apparently they believe me daft or some such rubbish."

    His face scrunched up in a mask of disbelief, "Princess, believe me when i say I am well acquainted with daftness, and you are not in any way of such an ilk."

    "Oh thank you so much for that, I can die happy in the knowledge that my detractors were not correct in their cruel slandering."

    "You are most welcome." he frowned again though, "I wonder Princess," he began thoughtfully, "Would you be able to protect me from my employer should I return you to the castle, so that you may prove those evil people wrong?"

    "I cannot imagine why I should not be able to Sir. Who is your employer?"

    "Blakely Winters."

    "Uncle Blakely requested that you kill me?"

    "Yes Princess."

    "But he gave me a puppy for my birthday. Why would he give me a puppy which requires care and training and then order my to be killed? Who will feed Fluffkins?"

    "Just exactly so." Dabney untied the ropes and stood her up. "You will, Miss. Shall I take you back now?"

    "Would you be so kind?" she asked, "I really could do with a spot of hot tea. I am rather chilled."
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