Interplanetary Mistake

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  1. Sofia McMinn walked along the path, looking around with wide, terrified red eyes. Her black tail was wrapped tightly around her waist, her black ears folded so flat against her head that they blended in with her jet-black hair. She was 9, a mix between human and feline, and scared. Honestly, it looked kind-of cute. She was wearing a white skirt with white sandals, black leggings, and a white t-shirt that said 'Daddy's Girl' in swirly pink letters. She stumbled around. "Mommy?" she whimpered, crossing her arms and looking away from the big scary strangers. She looked behind her and suddenly, she fell forwards. There was a bright flash of light and she suddenly felt really, really cold. She frowned, tears glittering in her eyes as she sat up, looking around. A policeman walked over.
    "ID please."
    Sofia looked up at him as she stood, slowly backing away.
    "If you do not show an ID, we will have to take you in." he said. A robot.
    Tears streaked her cheeks as she turned, fleeing the scene. It was snowing, but she didn't care, running quickly down the sidewalk. "Mommmyyyy!" she yelled, crying. People skirted around her, but she slammed into someone, falling back and scraping her shoulder. She curled up, her lips blue, her face red and wet from crying and the cold. She was shivering, hiding her face from whoever she bumped into. She sniffled, whimpering.
  2. I hear a little girl's voice, screaming out for her parent in a way that brought more than a few memories back. As someone small bumps into my leg, I turn, taking in the small girl, and the robot that was coming towards her. After a moment, my jaw clenches, and I turn all the way around, reaching out a rough, weathered hand to the small girl, my black gloves hiding them from view, black leather-metal weave jacket shining, and my dark blue metal-weave jeans defining me as someone that doesn't spend much time sitting around. A grey backpack filled with items that no one but myself knows, and black running combat boots that is made from military-grade composite metal-alloy weave. Most valuable thing I own, besides my weapon.

    And now it's all about to be lost, if that bot comes here. With my hand out, I say, "Decide quickly, I can help you or leave you here!"
  3. I sniffled, rubbing an eye and looking up at the man. I glance at the even scarier police bot with glowing red eyes. I grab the man's hand, standing and clinging to his arm as if I'd die otherwise, shaking, crying, terrified. I had no idea where I was, let alone where my mom was. "Mommy.." I whimper.

    The police bot paused, it's eyes scanning over the scene. "HALT." it's voice echoed.
  4. I pull the girl up, and turn and run through the crowd, slipping between people that only an experienced runner would know how to do, and did my best to escape. What the hell am I doing, taking in a girl! I know nothing on how to care for little ones... But I keep running, darting into an alley, and telling the girl, "Climb on my back, quickly!"
  5. I curl up in the man's arms. When he stops, I rub my eyes, looking around. When he spoke, I barely registered his words, but I nodded, climbing up on his back. I rested my head against his shoulder, closing my eyes.

    The police bot tried to follow, but the crowd was too dense. He turned his siren on to no advantage, watching as the man and girl disappeared from sight. He turned back, heading towards the station.
  6. With the cop out of the way, I grab a set of pipes and begin climbing up, the random turning of the pipe allowing me to have good handholds, and still let the apartment occupants' still have warm water... which wasn't the best for my hands. After climbing the 5-story building, my hands are red, and close to blisters, but not quite. Rubbing my hands together, I say, "Ok, girl, why are you here?"
  7. I blink, looking around. "Y-your hands.." I whisper, my voice a little rough from crying. I cough slightly into my arm. "I..I'm lost.." I whimper, tearing up again. "I-I want daaddy...mommy weft.." I try to wipe the tears from my eyes, but they don't go away, beginning to drip on my face.
  8. I frown, not entirely sure what to do. How am I to get where she's from when she's that little? She probably came from an entirely different sector. Sighing, I say, "You're gonna be alright, I'm gonna do my best to find your parents. I'm sorry sweetie, I'll do my best."
  9. I nod slightly, whimpering. I wipe my eyes again, nuzzling your shoulder. After a moment, I calm down again. "L..let me s-see your hands.." I say quietly, wiping the tears off my face and taking a deep, shaky breath.
  10. Unsure of why she wants to see me hands, I pause for a moment. However, there isn't any harm, so I go ahead and take off my gloves, putting them in my jacket's inside pockets. I hold them out in front of me to show the red, nearly-blistered hands from climbing up the hot-water pipes.
  11. I whimper a little. "D-does it huwt?" I ask, putting my hands gently on them, a tear falling down my cheek. I did this. This was my fault. I was lost, and I got someone hurt. I sniffled.
  12. "No. No, I'm fine, little one. It's no problem, I get worse everyday at work," I say, calming her, referencing my work station at the mining center. "It's not your fault. I volunteered to help."
  13. I remove one hand, rubbing the tear off my face. "I can fix it.." I say quietly, reaching into my pocket. "Can I?" I ask quietly, pulling out a small device with a blue light. On my planet, it was like a bandage, only it healed on contact.
  14. I stare at the device, disbelieving. "Those are found only in the Inner Circle... where did you come from?" I ask, baffled and skeptical.
  15. I ran it over your hand and the blisters healed. I shrugged. "I...I don't know..I fell through the telepowt thingy and I got lost.." My ears were perked up a little now and my tail was swaying slowly behind me. I put the device back in my pocket once your hand where healed. I rubbed my eye and shivered again. "Whewe did you come fwom?" I asked.
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  16. "I came from a place few people know about, and a place that no one should return to." Holding her slightly tighter, I begin moving, walking across the roof, heading to the larger buildings, a good ways across many, many rooftops.
  17. "Owkay mister.." I say quietly in understanding. I rested my head against the man's shoulder. He was warm and comfortable, which kept me from getting too cold. "Whewe awe we going sir?" I ask curiously, curling into his arms. He reminded me of my father.
  18. "Somewhere safe, where we can try and get you home." I pick up the pace, aware that rooftops is usually where the dregs from society, including criminals, stay at. The different ledges and narrow alleyways that are everywhere provide many hiding places and escapes from the rooftops, and I'm all too aware that the rooftops is only safe during the day.
  19. I nod slightly. "Owkays.." I nuzzled the man's chest a little, embraced in his warmth. I yawned, but could not go to sleep. I just couldn't. "Why awe we following the roofs?"
  20. "Safer, for now. No one will ask for IDs, and that means you won't be noticed. You're a higher status from everyone else here, not even the highest ranking people here could probably match an Inner Worlds kid. Do you know your ID?"