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  1. Apart from Iwaku, what internet sites do you regularly visit?

    I spend most of my time on the internet watching youtube videos, and scrolling through a few funny tumblrs. Or I'm searching through databases trying to find information for schoolwork. #collegerulez
  2. Research, fun research, astronomy.

    The more I know, the more I can write about. The more I can write about, the more interesting cultures, characters, and conflicts I can create for my players. So sites change as research proves a source poor or when I've gotten all the information I want out of it. Other than that? Funny shit on YouTube when I want to turn off my brain.
  3. Youtube


    Med journals
  4. TVtropes, scientific articles, historical columns, KickassTorrents, BBC News, Yahoo! News, and a wide selection of written pieces that pertain to social issues within the United States--particularly literature that discusses race relations.
  5. I hardly think that's any of your business.
  6. Youtube and Steam.
  7. Here, Youtube, Facebook,, and uni stuff are pretty much all I use the internet for. I waste so much time on all of those but the last. X_X
  8. I frequently go to or youtube for music to listen to.

    Also another website that cannot be said because lewd.
  9. Netflix, Tumblr and occasionally YouTube. Does Spotify even count?

    Usually I've also got MagiStream open in another tab. Pixel pets are fun.
  10. Aywas, DA, Flight Rising, StumbleUpon, and Goodreads. Mostly Aywas though.
  11. 4chan.
    /v/, /tg/, /vg/, /b/ occasionally.
    Same shithole it's been for the past decade or so. But it's been my shithole.

    Otherwise it's me playing a game or browsing YouTube. Surgery videos are too fascinating to stop watching.
  12. YouTube, Tumblr, Voice acting alliance, vocal-loco, and that's about it I guess.
  13. YouTube, DeviantArt, Pinterest, We Heart It, TV Tropes, LunaPic, Unknown College Website, and Netflix
  14. I only come on Iwaku because #addiction.

    Just kidding. Other than Iwaku it's Youtube or random research.
  15. YouTube, we <3 It, news, iwaku- iwaku > 10000times. Then back on Facebook, Twitter, lol xD.
  16. I waste so much time on the interwebz @-@ Mostly here, school shit, youtube, and reddit. The occasional BuzzFeed or Facebook browse.
  17. Youtube, faery tale online, here, tumblr, sometimes pinterest.
  18. Youtube.
    Facebook I'm so ashamed...

    Otherwise CheatCC for the game strategy guides for those games I've played too many times but never did 100%.
  19. YouTube
    And then research sites ~(*^*)~
  20. Reddit.

    Just reddit.

    I need help.
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