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Internet Love: Gone Before Morning

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Shabriri, Jan 11, 2016.

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    • A story about the start of love over the internet, and vanishes before the next day.

    • The fragile body of a woman drifted lifelessly down a colorless river. Her head was submerged under it's grey waters as crows flew closely above, following her down. The world around them was dull and no sound pierced the natural veils other than the stalking crows who cawed down yonder. Their darkest feathers shifted out of line as if they were an unnatural shadow created by magic. Even the rushing waters of the river made no true sound, like it was vacuous or nonexistent. Long strands of blackened hair from the woman acted like it's own shadow under the water, outlining the lifeless body as it reached near the end. It's a repeated vision, like a calm nightmare that told no story. As the lifeless woman reached a waterfall leading to the end of nothing, the woman shot her eyes open gasping and screeching, scaring the predatory crows away. The buzzing of a million bees could be heard distorting any sound, the woman spoke but nothing came out...

      Sophia gasped as she sat up in her bed, the feeling of fear overtaking her mind. Quickly examining her room only to realize it was just another dream. She slumped back down into her silken pillows, running her fragile hands through her hair. Small moments passed before an automated alarm assistant activated on her phone located nearby. "Time to wake up Sophia-san! Today is..." the AI announced. Sophia grabbed her phone skimming through the news the application brought up, nothing of interest. She dismissed the rest of the announcement and locked her phone, setting it back on the nightstand.

      It took her a moment before she actually rose from the bed, but

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