Internet Harassment

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  1. Well I just recently been through something on skype that was really serious, I'd rather not get into much detail because I'd rather keep most of this privet with all my other friends on skype. Anyway all I am asking is if anyone could cheer me up from all this crap that has been going on. Anyway at all because I really can't expalin how I am feeling after all this, it's just that I thought that this would never happen to me and any of my friends... anyway that's all, Like I said I'd rather keep this more privet as possible it's because I really feel like I might be betraying them for talking about something like this...

    *I'm not sure if this really is the right area but I'm not too sure*
  2. I would say this isn't nesscairly the place. To me the Counseling thread is a place to seek advice to solve a problem you are willing to discuss with others. Whether those others are friends or strangers matters not, everyone can have a unique perspective. Cheering up is part of the problem but the over all purpose, in my eyes, for this forum is to solve the problem overall with the best reasults.

    No honestly I think you told us the problem already simply through the title and the best advice I can say is to block the person. If they have an issue with that, well you won't hear it unless they decide to harrass you in the real world... which is when you get the police involved or those above the person. Eitherway if its just over Skype then you should have no issues with just blocking them. Maybe later you can unblock them and see if they have changed any. But in the mean time I suggest blocking them and walking away. Its not only the only solution IF they won't listen to you, but also the healthist.
  3. You're a cool dude, Ike. Don't let them/it/whatever get to you. Just ignore them like Sly said then forget about it.

    When people are overly negative or angry or abusive I feel sorry for them, I mean if their life sucks that bad they seriously need to get some help.
  4. Oh my, well, I hope things get better, but with the current information, I don't really now how to help.

    If you want, here's my MSN:
  5. Ok so now that I'm over the fact that your Disney dog avatar has very lustful eyes, I'll tell you that the internet is full of insecure teenagers, which in this day and age I could very easily just say teenagers instead, but that's not the point.

    You just gotta remember that the internet really isn't such an important place, or at least a place to take things to heart, written communication is awful unless you're a skilled writer and people get to recognize sarcasm, teenagers can't recognize it, even more so on the internet.

    But what I mean is, don't get butthurt about it, man, it's just kids having bitchy fits about shit you'll forget about soon enough, after you realize how immature you looked like in an attempt to seem mature.
  6. Colette Fournier | Hospital

    Interactions: Carrie @KatSea

    My eyes squint as I focus on the woman's English. She's speak a bit fast for my liking, but it'll suffice. I've managed to garner the general idea of what she's telling me...

    And I'm not happy. At all.

    Goddammit, Quinn! I left our bodies in your hands and placed faith in you! And this is how you go about handling your responsibilities?? I glare icily at Carrie, my hands tightening into fists in my lap.

    "She feared that she...well, she feared that she was just an illusion, so she broke down to me. Um, she did not tell me much else about you," she says. I instantly scoff in response. Foolish. Just plain idiotic and fruitless.

    "She is illusion," I mutter sternly, eyes never straying from the woman. I need to get it through her head now that Quinn is not real. She is my crutch, yes, and I am forever grateful that she helped me escape that hellish hole of madness and wealth and textbooks, but we can't afford to spread false hope. I am the real, original personality. Quinn is an imaginary friend with minimal access to my body and conscience, nothing more. I don't mean to be so...harsh about it, especially knowing that Quinn can probably hear all of this, but we've come to a consensus about this years ago. She is allowed to live in the moment, ignore the constraints of society and experience the spoils of the world freely.

    On two conditions: Keep distance from others and never let the Fourniers find you.

    Somebody has been breaking a few rules.

    However, my eyebrows shoot up to impossible heights when Carrie admits to taking away my branding and adopting Quinn...

    "What..." I whisper shakily, my eyes as wide as saucer plates. A few moments later, my face twists with festering annoyance. It could've been rage--oh so easily--but this random woman is not worth such a level of my sentiments. I reach around to feel the back of my shoulders and...mon Dieu. It's true. The branches don't lead into a larger expanse of scar tissue. It's smooth. Completely healed. Which means it's really...o-on her now.

    "You...You damned fool!" I snap while climbing out of bed. I start pacing the hospital room, my brain kicking into overdrive. "You not know what you've done! Dumb! Fast! R-reckless!" I bury my fingers into my hair, which feels like an ungodly mess. I glare heatedly at Carrie, raising a shaky finger to point at her angrily. "And you're wasting time! You adopt a fake person! Quinn is not real!"

    My glare hardens.

    "She never was."

  7. 'sides, I'm the troll here, I know what I'm talking about.
  8. You're supposed to be a good boy now, Darkness.
  9. Alright it has been resolved so really nothing else needs to be posted here now.