Internet Harassment

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  1. Well I just recently been through something on skype that was really serious, I'd rather not get into much detail because I'd rather keep most of this privet with all my other friends on skype. Anyway all I am asking is if anyone could cheer me up from all this crap that has been going on. Anyway at all because I really can't expalin how I am feeling after all this, it's just that I thought that this would never happen to me and any of my friends... anyway that's all, Like I said I'd rather keep this more privet as possible it's because I really feel like I might be betraying them for talking about something like this...

    *I'm not sure if this really is the right area but I'm not too sure*

  2. Realize that you do have to rate your character on the Marvel Power Grid to be fully accepted. Take a look at @LuckycoolHawk9 's post above. If you have any questions please contact me @Michale CS or come to our Discord Channel and we can chat about it! Overall, they look good, however, we just have to fit them in our format!

    Because characters come from all over, even the backstory of being sold into slavery works in the merged universe... she could have come from an "Days of Future Past" sort of world where mutants are fully persecuted... we should talk this out!
  3. You're a cool dude, Ike. Don't let them/it/whatever get to you. Just ignore them like Sly said then forget about it.

    When people are overly negative or angry or abusive I feel sorry for them, I mean if their life sucks that bad they seriously need to get some help.
  4. Oh my, well, I hope things get better, but with the current information, I don't really now how to help.

    If you want, here's my MSN:
  5. Ok so now that I'm over the fact that your Disney dog avatar has very lustful eyes, I'll tell you that the internet is full of insecure teenagers, which in this day and age I could very easily just say teenagers instead, but that's not the point.

    You just gotta remember that the internet really isn't such an important place, or at least a place to take things to heart, written communication is awful unless you're a skilled writer and people get to recognize sarcasm, teenagers can't recognize it, even more so on the internet.

    But what I mean is, don't get butthurt about it, man, it's just kids having bitchy fits about shit you'll forget about soon enough, after you realize how immature you looked like in an attempt to seem mature.
  6. Darkness sums it up pretty nicely, I'd say; sometimes, it's best just to go "lol internet" when it comes to this sorta thing.
  7. 'sides, I'm the troll here, I know what I'm talking about.
  8. You're supposed to be a good boy now, Darkness.
  9. Alright it has been resolved so really nothing else needs to be posted here now.