Internet Avengers: Age Of Anita (2015)

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  1. This was just too hilarious not to share. :P
  2. "feminist frequency"
  3. God damn are people still griping about this crap?

    I would have thought both sides would just move on by now.
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  4. We'd hope so.

    The issue is the feminist side has pull/influence over media/public opinion.
    And as long as that's being pulled/used against gamers, gamers need a means of defending themselves.

    Like trust me, I'd the first to be happy/relieved that such fighting is dropped and everyone goes back to other things.
    But it isn't what's happening.
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  5. You know what might help?

    Not posting this crap and just letting it die down. Bitching about this crap online, making cute images and videos, that's not how you change things. So either take an active role if you really care that much, or stop bitching and move on. Boo hoo, feminists care about my videogames, oh well, I'm still playing them.
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  6. You're able to take active roles/speak against it, and still be able to make a joke/relax about it.
    It's not a black/white world that's strictly "You are either fighting against them, or making a joke. But doing both is impossible" scenario.
  7. That's assuming this world consists out of rational individuals. I think we've established that's not the case by now. If debate woulda been the solution, this wouldn't have boiled down to cancerous cesspool versus cancerous cesspool.
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  8. This video gives me brutal second hand embarrassment. I genuinely can't believe anyone believes gamers are some kind of oppressed class - or class at all - that need defending.

    Dude, it's a hobby. We're gonna be okay.
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  9. After the entire world pretty much realized that the side that obnoxiously named themselves afterthe Watergate scandal (which is lazy and stupid, btw) had earned itself a reputation of being responsible for slander and rape and death threats against women, it's no wonder people stopped listening to it and brought the women they were trying to take down into the national spotlight, which further sealed the deal.

    And now the industry is actually taking efforts at equal gender representation. Hardly a horrible outcome.

    Seriously, let it goooooo.
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  10. GG never organized, approved, planned or supported threats.
    Lone gamer's may have, but not the movement as a whole. Even then the majority of threats claimed to be from GG are just that, claimed.
    There is no evidence to suggest it's GG, rather than say someone who simply has an issue with SJW feminism overall, or is looking to troll.

    Also, the industry (like any other) only catered to their audience. It's like claiming Make-up companies are sexist because they mainly market towards women.
    But as more female gamers are becoming a thing, Gaming is making more female characters. That's not sexism, that's supply and demand.
    And it had nothing to do with Anita, Brianna Wu or other SJW feminists.

    I'm all for Gender Equality, hell I fight for Gender Egalitarianism wherever I can. But part of fighting for Gender Equality is realizing when there isn't sexism, and when not to make a make believe fight out of nothing. SJW Feminist's claims that Gamers are sexist, threatening assholes is one of those.


    That's all I really have to say.
    This topic was posted for fun, not to cause a long debate/argument.
  11. It's always really funny when people are trying to make legitimate points whilst throwing around the term SJW.

    Seriously. Shit's hilarious.
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  12. Would you rather I simply say feminist?
    Therefore generalize every single individual who identifies as such?

    Where if I say SJW Feminist instead, people generally know the kinds of people I'm referring to.
  13. SJW isn't a thing. It never was. It's a buzzword slung about by people who have no idea what the fuck they're talking about, so you wanna be careful using it.

    Seriously. Talk about third-wave feminism if you have issues with it. Or radical feminism. Or... y'know, something. But be wary of that term.
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  14. True, those are more appropriate terms to be using.
  15. [​IMG]
    The mind behind the bitch.
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  16. YOu won't find a echo chamber here like you did RPG Gwazi. Better give it up and move on with your life.
  17. Is it truly not a thing and just a buzzword when there are large numbers of people who embrace the label as accurate to their feelings and opinions?

    I don't know about you, but I've seen tons of people fighting and arguing for acceptance and equality in various arenas (gender, race, body type, etc.) call themselves social justice warriors. In my experience it tends to be people who are vocal about more than one issue, a catch-all term so instead of saying "I'm a feminist and I hate racism and I support gay rights and I embrace fat acceptance and I think people with mental illnesses should be treated just like everyone else and I think people who identify as animals shouldn't be discriminated against" they can just say "I'm a social justice warrior." It has turned into a pejorative when used in some circles, but that doesn't really affect whether or not it's a term with legitimate uses.

    The Gamergate stuff is mainly about feminists and feminist ideals going up against video games and gamer culture, so I agree that stuff about SJWs doesn't quite fit here, but as far as I see it they're totally a thing that exists. Can you explain your reasoning for saying otherwise?

    Jingoistic, catch-all terms like SJW only ever seem to cause problems. You saw it with that whole Atheism+ thing a while back, and you can see it with this. When people start pigeon-holing themselves in this manner, it makes it all to easy to start drawing battle lines and to develop the whole "us vs. them" mentality that's fucking rife through all this vidya game malarkey. That guy TotalBiscuit actually wrote a pretty cool article on this a while back (complete with smooth jazz version, cos who dun love smooth jazz?).

    That being said, I don't doubt that there are people who label themselves as such. I've not seen them, but then I stay as far the fuck away from Tumblr as I can.

    So lemme chuck a cheeky wee addendum to muh previous statement: SJW might be a term that is a thing... but it really fucking shouldn't.
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  19. Haha, alright, that makes a lot more sense. I totally agree that it's a stupid term that should have never become a thing. :lol:
  20. @SJW Term thing: I agree it's a term that never should have come into existence.
    But it has in some circles, there are those who identify as SJW. So generally when I say SJW I was referring to those groups of people.

    However, as highlighted I probably should stop reusing/encouraging the term by doing so, and find another term to use instead.
    *Implying the Guild ever was my echo chamber*
    *Implying I ever need or wanted an echo chamber*