International Tiger's Day!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by PureKor, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. Yes.
    It is my Bday.

    Since I am the Tiger of this forum, actually it is my day Today!


    So you Humans, better bring me presents and candies and stuff ..
    Or I will start to bite everyone from here through the PM's .!>:)

    Aside this, it is true that's the International Day of the Tiger.

    The number of the Tigers it is at it's lowest Ever!

    They will go extinct soon, if we don't do anything soon.
    Like donating and such.


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  2. *Throws door open and tosses large assortments of presents*
  3. Accepts the presents and goes to open them in her room all happy like !<3

    Thank you.~

    Honestly I do wish I could do something about the tigers.. It's a sad concept that they are almost on extinction right now.:'(
  4. ;-; I shall make a future goal to donate to tiger charities (when I'm out of my parent(s) custody >.<)
  5. Fair enough I guess xD. I appreciate it honestly.~

    Now.. Where Are the other humans and my presents and candies and stuff..?>:(
  6. Now I almost feel bad farming those beast-shadows in Persona 4 Golden this morning..

    Ah well, happy huge striped cat thing day!
  7. Thank you xD.
    Where are my presents and candies and stuff ?!@.@
  8. It is summer...

  9. OMG !! I luv you!! <33

    Slides on a huge ice-cube across the forum's back yard ~.
  10. animals_giving_high_five_09.jpg christopher-robinreunited-at-last.jpg funny-tiger-white-beach-facebook-newfeed-fb-facebook.png heavy_metal_tigers.jpg maltese-blue-tiger.jpg tiger-682.jpg tiger-funny-animal-humor-20319007-1026-683.jpg My University has a Tiger as the mascot so I feel extra Tiger today! Here's some Tigers for all! :3
  11. Thank you Cool xD lol

    They are cute and funny most of then ha ha ;).

    Are you donating or something ? And where are my candies ?!@.@
  12. Sadly, I'm to broke atm to be able to donate anything for the for your candies... *grabs a handful and throws it like confetti* is that better for you my dear :p
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  13. Yay for tigers day xD !!

    * rawwrrrr loudly* goes and hides them under the bed xD

    And yeah it's understandable ;)
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  14. *rawwwwrrrrs loudly in return* Yes yay for tigers day! Enjoy the candies my dear lol.
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  15. *insert link of Balloo's (I that's how you spell his name) roar (from junglebook) here* Can't do that right now since I'm in china ;-;
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