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  1. So guise, it's kinda cool that Iwaku is growing and growing and getting new people everyday! This is an English language board but that doesn't mean, however, everyone is from an English speaking country like the USA or Great Britain, or Canada, or Australia or wherever else have you.

    Sometimes though, it can be kinda frustrating to speak, let alone roleplay, in a language you're good at, but not proficient in and it's nice to get to talk to other people from all over the world!

    This is a "meetup" thread, where you come to post where you're from an the languages you are learning and/or speaking! You might be able to find someone who's willing to take time to talk to you in a language you're DYING to learn or just to chat!

    Use the following format, please!

    Location: (State/Province/Parish/Chapter/Region, Country)​
    Languages in which you're FLUENT: Please annotate *first/primary language and **secondary language(s).​
    Languages which you're LEARNING:​
    Interested in: (Non-English roleplaying in private messages and/or non-English conversation)​

    *Your first/primary language is the language in which you are MOST comfortable speaking. (Usually, it's the language you first learned, or--if you're like me--it's the language you learned second, but gained a greater proficiency with. For example, I learned Tagalog first, but my more proficient language is English.

    **Your secondary language(s) is/are the language(s) which you know how to speak, but you regularly speak in your primary language. (Usually, it's a language you've learned after your primary language--but if you're like me, I learned Tagalog first, but it kinda went to the backseat as I needed to speak English more often.)

    Do keep in mind these boards are ENGLISH language and if you wish to speak in a non-English language (including Pig Latin, Ubbi Dubbi and Al Bhed), do so in Private Messaging and/or Profile Comments.

    So I guess Levusti will go first!

    Username: Levusti
    Location: Texas, USA
    Languages FLUENT: English (primary), Filipino-Tagalog and Kapampangan (secondary)
    Languages LEARNING: Korean, German, Spanish
    Interested in: Conversation!

    Maraming salamat po!
  2. Naku! Maraming pinoy dito, hoy!
  3. Oh mai gad. TALAGAAAAAAAA~ FINALLY, Someone I can practice Tagalog with! All my Filipino friends stateside are English-speaking only. They understand, but they never speak and I'm like NOOOOOOOO NOW I CAN'T PRACTICE.

    But hey, shoot me a PM. =D

    (Holy ship, son! I didn't think this thread would work but lookie-hey!)
  4. No, seriously, I'm not even kidding. There's a shitton of us here. Orochi, Paorou, Makulit-- I mean Malkuthe, that... OverDose kid I think their name was. Like 3 other pancits lurking around.

    Grumpy's Scottish, you should ask him how to speak the language of his people. It'll be fine.
  5. OMFG shweet. I'll zap 'em all a message sooner (or later).

    Anyways, still keep this thread going! I'm in a NEED to practice my Spanish and German, it's not even funny.
  6. Sprinkle "fuck" liberally into your sentences and threaten to murder people with broken bottles and/or knives should they offend you.

    That is how you speak the language of my people.
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  7. Username: ... TemoKun?
    Location: Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Açores, Portugal
    Languages in which you're FLUENT: Portuguese (primary), English and Spanish (secondary)
    Languages which you're LEARNING: English is in the subject board at my school and I do attend it, school.
    Interested in: Conversation and dude smuts.
  8. Username: LogicfromLogic
    Location: (State/Province/Parish/Chapter/Region, Country): USS Enterprise trying to fit on a blue shirt so the captain doesn't kill me
    Languages in which you're FLUENT: Please annotate *first/primary language and **secondary language(s). English and babble
    Languages which you're LEARNING: Russian and German, and a tad bit of Klingon
    Interested in: (Non-English roleplaying in private messages and/or non-English conversation) Not really