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  1. "It is said that an Omnimen can subdue 100 soldiers alone, capable of rendering even a nation's leading command useless if they so much as thought it...."

    This is an interest check for a group Rp I will make called The Omnimen. This will revolve around the most absolute skilled, gifted, special, unique people on planet Earth, all recruited into a brotherhood that has stood above all other groups throughout the history of time. No one knows how long, no one knows how it came to be, only the Head Chancellor. All that matters is the mission of The Omnimen: to do what must be done, but only when it needs to be. This is not superpowers or aliens, it's a real live Earth with less than .000001% of it's citizens apart of an elite clan of members. With ranged missions of espionage and recon, all the way down the ladder to stakeouts and implantment. Asassinations, down to intimidation tactics. The Omnimen are everywhere, yet do not exist. They are strong in influence, but do not affect anything at all.

    Once recruited by The Omnimen, you're forever apart of them.

    This is a group rp idea that would literally have elements of all genres. Innovative inventions and creations not even known to mankind yet would give some sci-fi aspects. Of course the sect will consist of highly trained and skilled assets that are combat/battle ready on the action-adventure side. Character development plus various characters from all walks of life with different skills would place it as a slice of life, with opposition and rivaling situations that could occur at any moment, also giving it drama. Character bonding and relations are allowed on the romantic side as well, with some old mythology and concepts being referenced and placed in the world for some "out of ordinary" fantasy scenarios. Basically, anything can happen, which is why the sect contains only the elite of the most top elite from ALL backgrounds of life, as long as there is none better in their trade.

    Your character can have combat skills, tech skills, extensive or expert knowledge, very exclusive resources, certain or specific influence or power, or personal skills developed unlike any other. Of course a character can be knowledgeable in many things, but there should be absolutely ONE thing that your character possesses that no other Omnimen has.

    Be clear: The sect is not any type of sleeper cell, nor are that of an organization. The Omnimen is a brotherhood, a hidden group of elite among the shadows of even the world's shadows, capable of using all skills and crafts at their disposal to have their cake and eat it too. The only thing that can stop an Omnimen is an Omnimen.

    This will be freeform with a centric plot developing as the rp progresses. The reason for this InCheck is for people to get an early start on characters and claiming their "Omni Skill" which is entirely up to you. Someone can have 43 fighting styles and master all weapons but if another claims their Omni skill as absolute combat then that first person would be rendered useless. Or if someone made a sharpshooter, but another chose pinpoint accuracy then the sharpshooter would only apply to guns, where pinpoint accuracy applies to all objects, so choose wisely!!!

    (My character's Omni Skill is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It's real. Look it up lol.)

    Anyone interested respond below! Questions? Ask away!
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  2. I'd be interested!
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  3. Lonewolf! Long time! Okay cool! Any Omni Skill you have in mind already?
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  4. I was actually thinking pinpoint, though I may try and brainstorm another... Any ideas?
  5. I can help if you want, did you want something tactical, influential, tech based...?
  6. Hmm I'd prefer tactical or tech based. Maybe something reflex oriented.
  7. Hmm...gunslinger (fastest shooter), exposives master, echolocation, virology master, just to name a few. You can be more focused in a skill too if you'd like
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  8. I'll take gunslinger :D
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  9. That means your character is even faster then this.... :O

  10. I'm down

    The Omni Skill I'd pick is synesthesia, where a sensory input triggers a second sense to register it. At this degree, the Onniman is able to combine all five senses into a type of 360-degree perception that borders on prescience. He can effectively see a few seconds into the future and detects even the subtlest of details in body language and the environment.

    The downside is that he is almost entirely incapable of perceiving the world in a linear fashion, since he's constantly seeing into multiple possible futures at once and constantly being bombarded with minutiae from his environment.
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  11. Sounds good, well we have two "mentalists" of sorts, and a quickdraw master.
  12. does your NLP mentalism lead to prescience? otherwise, i may have to change my omniskill to avoid overlaps
  13. Actually, yeah. She uses her Neuroscience knowledge to determine behavior and patterns to anticipate the next move/response from a person. Which is 99% bound to come true.
  14. i'll need a different skill then; no need for repeats
  15. Makes sense
  16. think i'll do a Rurouni Kenshin/Street Fighter Ryu type of character instead

    best at unarmed combat, lived on a mountain to train all his life, probably got recruited from there. he's the last of his style, which is passed down from master to apprentice. from a weapons standpoint, i'm thinking just knife, club, and staff like most schools would teach.
  17. That works
  18. I am interested.

    I've been trying to think on an ability that doesn't sound too superpower-y. My first thought was technopathy, but that in itself is a super power. Possibly technology manipulation sounds less like a super power.

    My main thought was more-or-less a technological genius ala Tony Stark-ish (except take out that character's entire personality and lean more towards his overly gifted skill of creation... sans the entire Iron Man bit.) But I am having a hard time finding a term that really encompasses that, and doesn't leave room for gaps in the character's abilities. My main thought is that he has invented something that has given his powers similar to technopathy, a machine or something of that sort. So he wouldn't be completely useless in situations and relegated to hanging out in a lab or behind a desk all the time. And I wanted to avoid the over generic 'super hacker' given the interesting abilities already listed.

    If you have any suggestions, I would be pleased to hear them. Because my mind is having a miserable case of the Mondays.

  19. the technomancer

    the techhead

    the gearhead
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  20. Absolute Technologist perhaps
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