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  1. You guys ever have that time where you've set your actual Alarm clock so you know you'll wake up on time... But your Brain thinks otherwise?

    Basically a scenario like the one I just had.

    Me: "Ok! It's a bit past Midnight! I don't need to be up till Noon! Alarm Clocks set! I'm good to go!"
    Brain: "Ok man, I got you!"
    *Wakes up at 3 AM*
    Me: "... This isn't anywhere close Brain"
    Brain: "Sorry! I got you this time though!"
    *Wakes up at 4 AM*
    Me: "Brain, what the hell?"
    Brain: "Shhhh! I got this, go to sleep!"
    *Wakes up at 5 AM*
    Brain: "LOL I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!!!"​
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  2. My internal alarm clock is 8AM.
  3. It's increasingly becoming 10-11 AM for me, despite when I sleep or what I need to do or what appointments I have...
  4. Mine gets me awake around 8 AM. Then again around 10. It all depends on my kid and bowel movements.
  5. On weekdays it's about noon that I naturally wake up when I go to bed around 3-4am.

    Weekends it turns itself off for the most part. Won't sleep more than 10 hours though.
  6. It really just depends on if I got a proper amount of sleep. If I go to bed properly, I generally start rousing 15 minutes before my 7:00 alarm, but the alarm exists so I actually bother to get out of bed.
  7. If I have to be awake by a certain time, I will not sleep. It doesn't matter how exhausted I am, or how unimportant the thing is I'm waking up for. my body is determined to not sleep, and it's ANNOYING.

    Otherwise, when ever I am on a schedule, I consistently wake up at the same time without fail. Usually a good hour before I'm "supposed" to get up!
  8. If I leave the blinds open I'll be up around 8. If the bf's alarm wakes me up I stay awake at like 6. Otherwise I'll just sleep till my alarm is set. Which is generally 9:30
  9. Weekdays; work at 8:30, set alarm for 7:00, wake up at 6.
    Weekends; can sleep in, go to bed at midnight, wake up at 6.
    Friday nights, stay up all night, bed at 4: AM, wake up at 6.

    My friends make fun of me for it, I could be 100% hungover but I'll be awake before anyone else.
  10. Mine is faulty and needs to be sent in for repairs.
  11. *giggles*, it is actually kinda cool that you are able to wake consistantly at the same time. For me I just seem to adjust based on when I managed to get to sleep.
  12. Yea... My Internal Clock isn't predictable like that at all.

    It hits randomly, and is waking me up over the most mundane things.
    OP's example? Driving Lesson was in the afternoon... I wasn't going to be late at all, and I'm not really scared of driving any more either.
  13. Mine generally wakes me up at 6am (nothing to do, curse you) or 5 mins before my 6.45 alarm. It's freakishly accurate sometimes.
  14. I usually wake up around 10-11am normally. I keep trying to wake up earlier without an alarm or anything but it doesn't work.

    If I'm anxious or anything I'll wake up periodically throughout the night and start sleeping in half-conscious naps than actual rest.
  15. I used to get to sleep around ten in the evening... But with the stress of school and work now it's more like one in the morning. It's a bit of a struggle.

    As for waking up... When I have no alarms and have no need to wake up, I typically wake up around seven or eight. Then fall back asleep until nine or ten. Then fall back asleep until eleven or noon. This just keeps happening until I get out of bed. I'm really good at falling back asleep.

    When I have alarms I am the absolute worse person at waking up. My procrastination takes over and I stay in bed until the absolute last minute then roll out and drag myself to class/work/car to drive to visit family. Alarms do not wake me up. I am an expert at turning them off in my sleep. I also won't really wake up on my own either.

    On my own, when I have my own things to do, I get up incredibly easily and get shit done.
  16. My internal clock is a sundial, and because I go to bed indoors it's absolutely fuckin' useless.
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  17. Actually, exactly all that and more, Gwazi.

    Every night, without fail; just about every hour, on the hour.

    And this is why I reckon myself both an early bird and a night owl; because regardless of the time of day, I'll probably be wide awake at some point during the hour. I have to power-nap at day-time to keep up.
  18. Damn. :/
    I can't imagine having to deal with that on such a consistent basis.
  19. It's not so bad when you're used to it. The bonus is I very rarely feel tired, except when I haven't slept in over twenty-four hours. I wake up ready to move! :D
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  20. So basically you're constantly awake with only brief pit stops?
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