{Intermediate + } The Heart's Yearning and the Words Unsaid {Seeking about four different partners!}

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    Their story started the moment they first met, and both would live on in each other's heart forevermore.

    Love is more than stolen moments of bliss, for every stir of heartstrings is the ghost of a strong emotion.

    Now, my dear...

    Shall we dance?
    Before unveiling what type of pairings I am looking for, I have to go through the necessary steps to make sure that we are able to play well together. I will try to make it as concise and painless as I can without sacrificing too much necessary information.

    1. Please be able to use both spellchecker and dictionary, as it will spare us a large amount of confusion.
    2. Be willing to take an active part in storytelling, and be readily available for both brainstorm and news about your ability to post.
    3. Write at least one full paragraph of solid content advancing the plot or character interaction.
    4. Please consult me before making any sudden or severe change to the ongoing story, thank you!
    5. As I noted in the tags, you must be over eighteen years of age, even though anything too risque will only be hinted about.
    6. While some pairings will be leaning towards a certain gender ratio, all original pairings will have the possibility of any sexuality. Canon will of course be a bit stricter in that sense as I am not a fan of gender swaps.
    Onward toward the pairing list! Do know you can suggest change or additional pairing ideas at any time. All pairing will have to find a plot made by the both of us.


    Knight x Prince(ss?)
    Knight x King
    Knight x Queen
    Knight x Arranged Noble Spouse
    Paladin x Witch / Sorcerer (Sorceress?) / Wizard
    Foot-soldier x Peasant
    Highway(wo?)man x Traveler
    Criminal x Law Keeper
    Barbarian x Rival Turned Bonded
    Barbarian x Outsider
    Elf x Forest Spirit
    Elf x Orc
    Orc Warrior / Raider x Mate of War
    Orc Chieftain x Life Mate
    Dwarf x Drow
    (Sky?) Pirate x Favored Prostitute
    (Sky?) Pirate x Bounty Hunter
    (Ske?) Pirate x Officer of the Law
    (Sky?) Pirate x First Mate


    Spaceship Captain x Criminal Prisoner
    Spaceship Sailor x Spaceship Sailor
    Intergalactic Politician x Rival
    Intergalactic Politician x Bodyguard
    Ruler / Noble(wo?)man x Spy
    Ruler / Noble (wo?)man x Assassin
    Amoral Scientist x Genetic Experiement
    Army General x Android
    Otherworldly Being x Human Explorer
    Revolutionary x (Crooked?) Cop
    Revolutionary x Politician
    Genetically Modified Slave x Master / Mistress


    CEO x Secretary
    CEO x Rival Company CEO
    Lawyer x Reporter / Journalist
    Socialite x Criminal
    Socialite x Struggling Artist
    Socialite x Homeless Person
    Wounded Soldier x Nurse
    Illiterate Person x Librarian
    Younger and Inexperienced Lover x Older Playboy / Playgirl Lover

    Fandom (I am rusty with them, beware!)

    Card Captor Sakura: Sakura Kinomoto x Syaoran Li OR Yu (not Yukito) OR Tomoyo Daidouji, Toya Kinomoto x Yukito Tsukishiro OR Ruby Moon OR Tomoyo Daidouji, Syaoran Li x Yukito Tsukishiro OR OC (Male or Female), Tomoyo Daidouji x Female OC, Eriol Hiiragizawa x Female OC.

    Death Note (NO OCs for this one!):Yagami Light x ANYONE, Touta Matsuda x either Amane Misa OR Sayu Yagami, Mikami Teru x Ryuk (Dark and Desturbing) OR Amane Misa, Mello x Matt OR Yagami Sayu, Near x Mello OR L (Dark and possibly Disturbing).

    Harry Potter: Harry Potter x Gabrielle Delacour OR Milicent Bulstrode OR Neville Longbottom, Oliver Wood x Marcus Flint, Narcissa Malfoy x OC OR Rodolphus Lestrance OR Lucius Malfoy, James Potter x Sirius Black, Lily (Evans) Potter x Severus Snape.

    Inu Yasha: Inuyasha x Kykyo OR Kagome OR ADULT Rin OR OC, Sesshomaru x OC, Kouga x Ayame, Kykyo x Onigumo / Naraku (Dark)

    I hope to get to know you better soon...
    Until then, take care.
  2. I'm interested in genetically modified slave x master/mistress.
  3. I'd be interested in KnightxPrincess
    Sky PiratexOfficer of the Law
    Spaceship Captainx Captive Prisoner
    Criminalx Law Keeper
    Otherworldly Being x Human
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