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  1. Intergalactic Life:
    Among the Stars



    The Universe: A realm of limitless possibilities. Those who dwell within it are often bewildered by the fact that even after centuries, they still know very little about their galaxy and how it works. The people explore it, they study it, they analyze the things inside of it, and yet the great mystery behind life still remains just that: a mystery. Even without extensive knowledge about the known universe, the people within it continue to thrive. They create belief systems that lead into religions, they create simple structures in the sand that lead to heavily fortified fortresses, and they take something as simple as the act of mating/procreation and transform it into something beautiful. Sentient Life is incredible in that regard. They are so inventive. They've built skyscrapers that reach impossible heights, invented the automobile and other modes of transportation, created harmonious music out of random sounds, and have even split the atom umpteenth times over to create powerful (but radioactive) energy.

    The mystery seems to deepen every day as new discoveries are made. Lost cities, abandoned/unsafe planets, and even new creatures are all discovered on a weekly basis. Now that inter-galactic travel has been discovered, sentient life from other galaxies can travel back and forth, establishing trade routes, delivering refugees/immigrants/emigrants, and even just so people can casually fly through a whole new division of the universe. As a result, billions of new sentient species' have found new homes among the stars and each galaxy has become more diverse. But they do not realize that these creatures will die off, new ones will come on, and life will continue. The Universe will go on as if nothing happened, as if an entire species wasn't just eradicated, as if an entire planet wasn't engulfed by a supernova, as if life itself was suddenly wiped from existence. New planets will be born, galaxies will be created and destroyed, and the Universe will keep spinning until the end days when it ceases to exists. When that day comes, there will be no time, no space, nothing. Everything will be obliterated in the blink of an eye.

    Everything in the Universe; sentient and non sentient life, planets, galaxies, stars, and even the tiniest of particles, are all just insignificant specks to the whole of creation. But even though they know this terrible truth, the people continue to thrive and live their lives to the fullest extent that they can. Some vow to see the stars, some choose to fight for the freedom of their fellow lifeforms and liberate tyranny across the galaxy, and some choose to devote their lives to science to develop new and inventive means of living and surviving almost any environment.

    So with all that information running through your head, you've decided that you want to make something out of your life. You want to see the stars, travel to distant worlds, get into action filled adventures and have an extraordinary life. But first, you need to board a ship and find a captain. Space ships are expensive nowadays, so unless you have the extensive means to purchase one, you need to travel as a crew mate. Typically, there are some nice ships waiting at the space-port, so your best bet would be to travel down there and see what kind of vessel you can hitch a ride with.


    Int. Check Stuff (open)
    Alright, so I was thinking that this idea would become a space-exploration RP similar to Star Trek/Firefly, in the regard that we travel back and forth between all kinds of planets and never really "set up base" elsewhere. We can be searching for fame, fortune, adventure, or just exploring for the sake of exploring. We would all be living on the good-ship (name coming soon) and basically going wherever we wanted to go (planets), with a larger plot hanging over our heads as we went along.

    I kind of imagined this to have the same kind of feeling behind it as Guardians of the Galaxy or the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where it involves a group of outcasts/"losers" (thanks, Starlord!) who all band together to survive in the deepest reaches of space and overcome any obstacles they encounter.

    Now, I love Sci-Fi and pretty much anything involving it, so I'm willing to make this almost a multi-universal thing, where elements from our favourite franchises are included (ex. Entering a bar and hearing this, using a copy of "The Guide" to help get information on stuff, finding a police box on random planets, noting those who died in the War on the Bugs, and of course, an awesome soundtrack all provided from a still-functioning media device from the earliest centuries of Earth).

    I will be taking the role of the captain/pilot of the ship, just so everybody knows. You don't have to post your "position" on the ship, because really, everybody would chip in to keep it flying. I do, however, want you to say if you're going to be something other than a human being because I would honestly prefer a varied cast (like a lot of Sci-Fi teams, Guardians being the reference here) with only one or two humans tossed into the mix. I would be playing a human, but I will allow the option of 1-2 more (to start).


    Rules (open)
    1. No godmodding, metagaming, etc.

    2. Proper grammar is needed, this is an Intermediate level RP, I expect a solid three paragraphs per IC post. No one liners either. You can also work with collabs if you don't want to flood the IC with only one conversation, so use that to your advantage!

    3. Original characters only. No Mary Sue type characters, people have flaws, your characters do too.

    4. Maximum of three characters per player. If you want more, you'll have to give me a really good request or kill off one of your existing guys.

    5. Characters can (and probably will) die. If they do, you can make another, should you want to fill that void.

    5 1/2. If you have one character as want to leave the RP indefinitely, we can collaborate on a creative way for your character to either leave or get killed off. This really only applies if you want to kill your character. If you don't want to, then ignore this rule.

    6. Try to be nice to one another in both the IC and the OoC. Everyone's here for a good time and even though I'm not a fan of confrontation (I personally don't like telling people off), I will intervene if things get too out of hand or if I'm requested to do so. Let's not have that happen and be nice ^^

    7. Keep swearing, violence/gore and sex to a PG - 13 level. Romance is cool, I love it in RP's! If you get to a mature moment, fading to black is your friend in the thread, but if you take it out of the thread please follow site rules on Libertine/Liberteen RP's.

    8. Please be active. If you're going to be unable to post for a while, then please notify me. If you lose interest in the RP and want to leave it then also notify me. I will remove your character from the roster and give them a good send-off. I won't kill anyone until I have official confirmation, but if you don't respond then I'll GM your character out of the IC until I get an answer.

    9. We're all gonna be members of the Moonage Daydream's crew, no exceptions.

    11. You just realized there is no "10" and went back to check :3

    12. Now that you're pissed at me because of "11", post your favourite Sci-Fi quote in the "Other" section of your sheet so I know who's read the rules.


    Character Roster (open)
    We'll be accepting up to twelve players. You may may have up to three characters (if you can handle it, that is).

    We may be allowing more people to join later on, but twelve is our starting cut-off number.

    1.) Dylan Robertson / "The Nova" - Sora1297

    2.) Eiger A'Morkas - Sofa King Fancy

    3.) Alexander Atreides / "Spanner" - Rax Rosetta

    4.) Theron & Artemia Price - RomanCat

    5.) Xera Germaine - Grothnor

    6.) Emily Goodnight - four

    7.) Casspian Pro X, Model 318 Prototype - DoomyCakez

    8.) Picofarad - Roose Hurro

    9.) Ineal Tr'Kroni Ajat - Daws Combine

    10.) Syril Poratun - Grimoire

    11.) Raylee Randal / Jinx - Thurrbo

    12.) Drassil - Jakers


    Waiting List: For those who wish to join, but all spots are taken at the time.














    Major Organizations (open)

    The Galactic League of Interplanetary Protection (G.L.I.P)


    Acting as the highest ranking government authority in the Galaxy, the G.L.I.P was formed over 100 years ago in response to a threat of inter-planetary terrorism within the galaxy. A group of mercenaries from all over had gotten fed-up with the established government at the time and took it upon themselves to act as "Rebels" in the following war against peace. However, their view of things would have forced Anarchy to become the leading force amongst the unified planets, replacing and destroying democracy. Luckily, the Galactic League was formed as a special-ops unit and managed to take down the mercenaries, but it was far too late. Whatever remnants remained of the Interplanetary Republic had been swept away by the Rebels. With the help of the various planetary governments, the G.L.I.P reformed the Senate and created a new system of government to be controlled by all who participated within the system. The senate would provide even-ground for debates and issues within the galaxy, ultimately ending in a final decision on how the planets would act. The system worked incredibly due to the respect it gave each planet and star-system, but sometimes not every one agreed. That was just how politics worked, but nobody had decided to split away and take down the G.L.I.P yet, so that was a positive sign that the government was well received. That very same style was still being used today, as a matter of fact. The League had mostly made their home on the planet "Agerna" under the watch of its King and Queen, but the League , the Citadel Space Station, the official Headquarters of the league.

    "The Exchange"


    A major crime syndicate ran by a number of men and women spread out across the galaxy. Most of the planets outside the G.L.I.P (and a good number of planets within) are all controlled by the Exchange and its various members. One of the most famous groups within the Exchange is the "Black Jekk Family", which consists of six powerful crime-lords who control the majority of Exchange owned planets. The members of the Black Jekk Family (most commonly referred to as "The Jekk's") from most powerful to least powerful are: Rectja Tyrr, Ifja Nak, IG-731, Dared Saffron, Pelaia Ben, and Rnaa K'Jit. The G.L.I.P's attempts to put an end to the Exchange thus far have failed horrifically, resulting in more then a few innocent deaths on account of the crime lord's seeking "revenge". Nobody messes with the Exchange, or the Jekk's, and lives to tell the tale.

    The Cerr Empire


    The Cerr Species—known in Cerrnein as the Cerr'ade Jialt, or "Children of Dexyana KL5"— are a nomadic species of cyborgs. From the birth of their species, Cerr culture has revolved around battle, with war being a source of honor and pride in their community. The leader of the Cerr'ade Jialt was known as the Cerrenaccer, translating to "Sole Ruler" and was rendered as "Cerr" in Basic (English). The Cerr live by two core ideologies: The Cerr species are the supreme beings of the Universe, and anything that isn't from the Cerr species is inferior and must be destroyed. As a result, Cerr starships are constantly scouring the galaxy and destroying anything they come into contact.

    The Cerr have eradicated entire sentient species', destroyed civilizations, and at one point, had the technology to obliterate an entire planet. They were feared war-mongers and any attempt to negotiate was met with extermination. The Cerr do not take orders, nor do they agree with the G.L.I.P.'s ideals. In fact, the Cerr has gone out of their way to attack G.L.I.P. planets, ships, trade routes, and space stations. Why? Because the G.L.I.P. wasn't created by the Cerr, so it must be destroyed.

    The war between the Cerr Empire and the G.L.I.P. has been going on for hundreds of years and has shown no signs of stopping any time soon. The Cerr are a dangerous force to be reckoned with... But when compared to the Sychophants, dealing with the Cerr Empire is like enjoying a refreshing Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster on the desert moon of Reximotophalipogorious.

    The Sycophants


    To the people of the Xenayar Galaxy, Sycophants are a campfire tale and bedtime story; to the people of the Border Worlds and Colonies, Sycophants are very real.

    Sycophants are believed by most of the Xenayar Galaxy (and the rest of the universe) to be a direct result of illegal genetic experimentation on sentient beings during the Unification War (the war that formed the G.L.I.P. It was said that during the darkest days of the war, the Rebels began experimenting on their troops to create perfect biological super soldiers. Instead, they created mutated creatures that went mad just because they existed. They were supposed to be immune to injury, but upon their "birth", the Sycophants were subjected to every form of pain imaginable, resulting in the irreversible madness they are known for. Within moments of being created, they gave into their primal nature and all that was civilized (which was very little to begin with) was discarded. Needless to say, they apparently slaughtered their creators and fled to the reaches of outer space.

    It was also said that the original biologically created Sycophants were able to warp the minds of other creatures and could convert other sentient beings into a Sycophant. Some victims of Sycophant attacks are left alive and forced by the Sycophants to view the tortures they inflict on others. When this happens, the person's mind can be so damaged by what they were shown that the only way to cope with it is to begin to act as a Sycophant does, eventually becoming one themselves. The Sycophants may themselves be able to detect those sentient beings that are part of the 0.1% that are susceptible to become like themselves and these are the men and women they "convert."

    Showing no care for life, they are driven by an insane, homicidal and xenophobic aggression that manifests in the cannibalism, unsavoury sexual acts inflicted on unwilling people ((don't want to directly say the word)), and torture that they visit upon any unfortunate enough to come across them.

    Sycophants are impossible to mistake for anything else. As a symptom of their insanity (and inspired by the mutations the original Sycophants went through), they deliberately gash and cut their own flesh, and a Sycophant is often covered in open or partially healed wounds. Barbaric piercings and random bits of metal shoved into their flesh are also common, giving them a ghastly and corpse-like air. They also are known to inject themselves with different medical supplies, resulting in bulbous or disproportionate limbs. They seem no physically stronger or tougher than normal sentient beings- merely inured to pain to the point where they care nothing for their injuries or indeed their own lives, and more willing to push their bodies to the extreme because of their madness.

    Exactly how sentient individual Sycophants are remains an open question. Although they clearly must have some retention of any original knowledge prior to their madness (as evidenced by their command of starships and weapons), Sycophants are as without fear as they are without mercy, and they have never been seen to speak or indeed communicate (although that may be because any time they are observed they are on the hunt). The sole sound they make is an insane, wordless scream, which adds to the mystery of how a group of creatures little more than beasts could run a starship to the degree that they do. Indeed, Sycophant ships may, although rarely, attack each other.

    Sycophant territory is centered about the rim of known space (which is rarely entered due to the lack of Terraformed planets and space-ports to refuel wandering ships). They do not, however, live on any planet. Instead, Sycophants spend their entire lives aboard their grotesque spacecraft, floating through the void and setting planetfall only to raid and pillage before leaving for the hunt once more. Normally they stay within their own territory and only venture out on raids, rather than moving en masse to attack the G.L.I.P. or the border worlds.

    Or so, that's what the rumours say

    **IC note: None of your characters have actually seen a Sycophant or have any definitive proof that they exist. Everybody in the galaxy except the G.L.I.P. is too afraid to venture out to find them, and any potential "raids" are labelled as unprecedented attacks by the Cerr Empire. Even the G.L.I.P. is weary about their existence, only sending robot-piloted/drone ships to investigate potential "hot spots". Unfortunately, the drones that are sent out rarely return, and if they do the video-logs are completely busted and no information can be extracted.

    Although it seems like Dylan seems to know a bit about them. But he refuses to speak on the subject, unless it really pertains to the situation or will benefit the group.


    Species List (open)

    *Note: this will be expended as a new species is introduced in the IC or the OoC. Most species we come across in the IC will have brief explanations (due to them being NPC's and allowing for us to expand the information), but a player-created species used for a certain character, will have a much longer explanation.*

    Human Beings


    Humans, taxonomically referred to as Homo sapiens, were the galaxy's most numerous and politically dominant sentient species with millions of major and minor colonies galaxywide. Believed to have originated on the galactic capital of Nexxonis, they could be found anywhere, engaged in many different pursuits: spacers, mercenaries, smugglers, merchants, soldiers, assassins, farmers, crime lords, laborers, slaves, slavers, and many others. Since Humans were the most common sentient species, they were often considered to be a standard or average to which the biology, psychology, and culture of other species were compared.



    Anamantian's, like human beings, have very humble roots in the galaxy. The first Anamantian's were originally born as a result of a mixed breeding program between Human beings and the animal-resembling "Tyuu". The Tyuu were on the verge of extinction and desperately sought out a method for rapid reproduction, leading them to participate in inter-species dating. Mostly, the Tyuu focused on procreating with human-beings (due to their similar reproductive systems) and after a few generations, the first Anamantian was born. The name, "Anamantian", is a compilation of the words "Animal", "Man", and "Combination". Needless to say, the species was named by a rather unintelligent Human scholar, but the name seemed to stick.



    Created by a multitude of species spread out throughout the Xenayar Galaxy, Droids (sometimes also 'droids, short for androids, or robots), were robots: mechanical beings, often possessing artificial intelligence. They were used in a variety of roles and environments, often those considered too menial or too dangerous for humans and other species. Droids were also used in fields that required extensive specialization and knowledge, such as medical droids and astromech droids.

    Depending on the model and its corresponding purpose, droids were totally obedient, rugged, expendable, capable of vast memory recall, and mathematically precise. These characteristics made them well suited for many jobs, though the lack of independent thought in the cheaper, less advanced models limited their capability. This lack of autonomy was simultaneously a vast asset and a glaring weakness—an asset in terms of obedience and control but a massive drawback in terms of effectiveness. Designers faced a fundamental paradox—make the droids overly intelligent, and they might rebel; yet make the droids not intelligent enough and they would be ineffectual.

    Customarily, droid names were an arrangement of numbers and letters. Some are given actual names, but for the most part, many droids are given "designation numbers".

    List of Droid Types (that would actually be useful in the RP as characters):

    • Assassin droids
    • Astromech droids
    • Battle droids
    • Interrogation/torture droid
    • Medical droids
    • Pilot droids
    • Protocol droids
    • Scout droids
    • Espionage droids
    • Human replica droids
    • Navigation droids
    • Tracker droids
    • Security droids
    • Service droids
    • Slicer droids
    • Training droids





    The Sha'Ni species is a peaceful race, much like the Yarrl. They are similar to the Yarrl in many respects, being that they both protect and have a love for the natural world. Unfortunately for the Sha'Ni females, they are considered one of the most attractive creatures in the galaxy, meaning they are more then often forced into slavery or jobs in which very little clothing is required. The Sha'Ni species developed and mutated in such a way as to provoke changes in their skin pigmentation, which resulted in many races and subraces. These races were all physically identical, except for their skin color. The wide and vivid variety of skin coloration included many variations of blue, red, yellow, orange, deep green, white, pale brown, pink, and lavender. Some Sha'Ni even exhibited varied phenotypes, including stripes, orange with red mottling, red with pink palms, and blue with pink lips.

    There was not an even distribution of skin colors across the Sha'Ni population. The Lethan Sha'ni, red in coloration, were a rare subgroup, perhaps even the most rare. In contrast, the Titian Sha'Ni, which exhibited a blue phenotype, were more common among the population.



    Yarrl are large, insect-like creatures who preserve and protect nature. They have very strong ties with the natural balance of things on Kreelog and are often associated with being "Guru's" or "Healers". They have evolved to harness the healing and regenerative abilities of nature, which in turn has forced them to be a rather peaceful species when compared to the monstrous (and carnivorous) creatures of their home planet, Kreelog.

    And more, coming soon!


    Character Sheet (open)
    Name: (feel free to include middle names/nicknames)

    Age: (anywhere between 18-34, unless your species ages slower/faster then other creatures)

    Gender: (Male, Female, or "Neutral" if they are an android/their species doesn't have set genders)

    Appearance: (if they have multiple outfits, please include them in spoilers, or just describe them if you only have one image. If you wear some kind of high tech armour, give a brief 2-3 sentence description of it).

    Species: (Include a description if its something a bit more specific or original. However, all species must be humanoid. So that means no four-legged animals unless your species is slightly anthropomorphized like Rocket Raccoon. You can also play Cybernetic creatures and Robots/Androids).

    Weapon(s): (Unless you are given permission by myself or a Co-GM, you are allowed a maximum of 2 weapons ranging from four categories: Semi-Ranged Weapons (ex. Assault Rifles), Short-Ranged Weapons (ex. Pistols or Shotguns), Long-Ranged Weapons (ex. Rifles), and Melee Weapons (ex. Energy Swords or Knives).

    Background: (give me an idea of what your characters been through in their life. It should be at least 3 paragraphs, but I'm looking for quality over quantity).

    Other: (put any additional information here. Maybe your species has tentacles use for eyesight on the top of their head, or you want to list the specific job they do whilst aboard the ship).


    ✮My Sheet✮

    "I know. I'm pretty awesome, aren't I?"

    "Nova Boots" - Specialized armoured boots installed with small jets that allow for (mild) flight, and also absorb 90% of the impact from long falls.

    "Nova's Head" - The vibranium-armoured helmet worn during his pod-racing days. Among keeping the head safe from blaster damage or physical trauma, the helmet also has built-in oxygen filters that allow the wearer to breathe in the depths of space. It also comes programmed with Night Vision, Heat Vision, and a built in Sonar system (all activated by a control panel that can be installed into any article of clothing). It also retracts into specialized bands that can be placed inside of any material (like how Star-Lord's helmet dissolves when he doesn't need it).

    "It's a pretty awesome name."

    Dylan Eric Robertson

    ✮"Code Name"✮
    "Every "Space Wanderer" needs an awesome code name!"

    The Wandering Nova (normally shortened to "The Nova" or just "Nova")

    ✮Other Names✮:
    "Eh, if you don't want to call me Dylan or Nova, then these will do... Except the 3rd one. Don't call me that."

    "Dyl" (his official nickname), Captain Robertson of the Moonage Daydream, The Boy who Ran Away, the Wanderer.

    "Old enough to get into the Mos Eisely cantina without ID, I'll say that much."

    19 Years Old

    "Um... Can you not tell I'm a dude? Because I can prove it."


    "All natural, home grown Human, baby!"

    Human Being/Homosapian (also referred to as "Terran")

    "I don't like to kill, but I'll defend myself if need be. Set phasers to stun, Spock!"

    The Blas-Tech 862: "Classy Blasty" Model. - Dylan owns two of these blaster pistols, which fire singular rounds of high-energy plasma charges. The weapon closely resembles a pistol from Earth and is highly sought after by collectors. Each model comes with three different modes: Lethal, Stun, and Non-Organic (the Non-Organic setting was designed primarily for disabling technology/destroying combat robots).

    • Dylan is also an adept fighter and has spent countless hours training in the Gym (and on board his ship). Technically speaking, his fists and feet are weapons all on their own.

    ✮"Nova's Awesome Stuff"✮
    "Think of it like a "Intergalactic Survival Kit" for awesome people. I never go anywhere without this stuff."

    • A 20th century iPod with 600GB of data on it and a set of earbuds. He has a dock for it on his ship and is constantly playing music while he flies through space, or while he's on a mission. (The massive storage capacity on the device actually came from him adding a few special modifications to it and updating the tech slightly).

    • The original copy of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (constantly updated)

    • Four small bags filled with snacks: Teddy Grahams, Sour Gummy Worms, Chocolate Bars (cryogenically frozen so it doesn't melt), and Potato Chips (Nacho Cheese flavour)

    • An unopened medium sized box decorated with birthday wrapping paper addressed to him, with a card contained in a blue envelope. He doesn't like to acknowledge it even exists and will refuse to speak about it when asked.

    "Here she is: my pride and joy. She's the fastest hunk'a'junk in the galaxy... And I wouldn't have it any other way."


    "The Moonage Daydream" is a Series 3 Hawk-Class Cruiser (03-K64-Hawk) that was produced in multiple versions. The standard version was the 03-K64-Hawk produced for the civilian market. A Military Version—with multiple gun emplacements and wing mounted missiles—was approved for production in August 2694. Used during the Unification War, they were decimated by the Eboncloaks during planned assaults on hanger-bays.

    The Series 3 featured a number of improvements over the earlier models, notably the extenders below the wings of the ship to stabilize the rotating VTOL engines, and hold them further from the main body of the craft (which keeps the ship from shaking as much as previous series, and allowed for shuttle bays to be built into the sides of design above the wings). Also, the Series 3 is longer and generally has a roomier interior. It again uses the more reliable Trace Compression Block engine, rather than the Gurstler engine used in some other designs.

    The VTOL engines are normally rotated to provide vertical or forward thrust but have a 270° range of motion. The exhaust can be pointed forward to provide reverse thrust. While not their normal operation, safeties can be disabled to enable each engine to be rotated independently, allowing for tighter turns than is possible with most propulsion systems. The newest and most prominent of this model's additions is the ability the engage a T-4000 model Hyperdrive, which had not been in the previous models.

    No longer in production, 28,000 Series 3 boats were sold over the designs production lifetime.
    "But that's just the basics! Tell 'em about my ship."

    While most of the 03-K64-Hawk models were primarily used for transporting cargo, Dylan has made some special modifications to his ship. Most of the modifications are illegal such as the 97-Bacchin Unit Hyperdrive Boost, which gives the engines approximately 200% more thrust then they would have on their own. This makes the ship surprisingly fast and able to carry more cargo then it normally would without slowing down. He has also installed secret cargo-holds in which he can hide either cargo (both regular and illegal) or people, should he need to pretend that the ship was abandoned long ago. Dylan also managed to track down the blueprints of the Military-Class 03-K64-Hawk model, allowing him to re-create and install four missile launchers that have been put on the back wings. He also purchased a set of six modified GHA-082 Blaster Turrets that he placed on the front and back protrusions of the ship, then on the roof and bottom of the hull respectively. They can fire up to 20 rounds per second, and they run off individual energy cells that recharge almost immediately after firing. They can be operated either automatically by the ship's console room, or they can be controlled by a set of six "command booths" that link directly to the four compass sides of the ship. (Think of how the weapons on the Millennium Falcon work, but with four separated rooms designed for manually controlling the guns)

    "Yeah, um... Look, it's better if you just skip over years 1 through 6... Trust me."

    Although he is rather hesitant to speak about his early life, Captain Dylan Robertson has developed quite the reputation amidst the stars. From what others have gathered, Dylan was born on Earth and raised somewhere in Canada, but left the planet at an early age (he was assumed to be six years old at the time) for unknown reasons and never looked back. Perhaps he was abducted, perhaps he snuck aboard a vessel, nobody is really sure. However, he has proven himself to he a loyal and trusting person on the eyes of his partners. It's rumoured that he spent nine years aboard the ship he left Earth in before he finally left, prepared with the knowledge of surviving in the universe on his own. Although he was only fifteen and had no means of getting around, Dylan had a plan. With some of the credits he had been given by his old crew (the one from the transport ship), Dylan took a freighter to the planet of Nebulana and entered himself in a series of pod-races to make some money.

    During his time on the transport ship, Dylan had become quite the adept pilot and quickly formed a career in the dangerous races. During that time, he went under the alias of "The Nova" to keep his age a secret from the public, but also because it represented the speed blur most of his fellow racers would see passing them when they raced. Basically, it was a nickname to mock his competition. Dylan continued pod-racing for another two years before he had made an earnest living off of the races (including the profits from betting on himself). When he "retired", Dylan used some of his winnings to purchase a Series 3 Hawk-Class Cruiser (the 03-K64-Hawk model) which he named "The Moonage Daydream" (after the David Bowie song, which was a personal favourite of his mother's). A few modifications later, the ship was prepared for liftoff and Dylan assumed his duties as "Captain". Then, he ran into a new type of robot programmed with a highly advanced A.I., who joined him on-board the Moonage Daydream.

    What was next for the young man? Two years of piloting and captaining his ship, exploring the galaxy and meeting new lifeforms (most of which were female). Whenever he needed extra cash, Dylan would tap into "Nova's" pod-racing account or take various transportation jobs for different people. Wandering from planet to planet and doing whatever he feels like doing, Dylan seems to have it made aboard his little space-ship... But he's still young and not everything is as good as it appears to be.

    "I'm a love-machine, I adore cupcakes, I love vintage movies and songs, and I'm currently single and looking. Ladies?"

    • Dylan is an adept pilot and has a history with pod-racing (plus nine years of flight training)

    • Despite being prepared for almost any type of conflict, Dylan doesn't like to kill people. 95% of the time, his blasters are set to stun. He's gunned down several droid-ships, but never before has he shot down a space ship containing a living organism.

    • He doesn't like to talk about his life, his parents, or anything relating to the past. It's obvious something happened to him, but he tries to live in the "now" and looks to the future.

    • Dylan might come off as a bit of a ladies man, but he's never actually had a girlfriend or... done that. The closest he came to a relationship was a bit of harmless flirting between him and a Sha'ni on Gnaë.

    • Dylan has a very strong set of values and follows a strict moral code: No killing, avoid violence when you can, don't involve civilians, and no drinks after 8pm.

    • Dylan seems to know an awful lot about the Sycophants, but doesn't like to talk about it.

    • Dylan had memorized the lyrics of thousands of songs recorded on Earth between the 1960's and the mid 2010's. They're all on his iPod and he typically enjoys singing along or dancing when music is played.

    • He's a bit of a collector and has dozens of Collectable items on-board his ship. They include comic books, action figures, and vintage tools and items (his iPod included).

    • Despite what you'd think, Dylan is actually a talented chef and can cool almost anything. He has an "insta-food" (instantly creates food from packaged bags. Really odd visual reference, but it gets the point across) on the Moonage Daydream, but he loves to cook himself. The only problem with that is he needs to have all the ingredients, which can be a hassle to keep fresh while on-board a space ship.

    • "So, all of Time and Space, everything that's ever been and that ever will be... Where do you want to start?"

    ~ The Doctor, 2010. "The Eleventh Hour"~
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  2. Alright, most excellent, I am working on my CS now, should hopefully be done tonight.
  3. Name: Eiger A'Morkas

    Age: Thirty

    Gender: Male

    > Outfit

    Like most of the daemon race, Eiger stands at seven-foot and six-inches. He is an intimidating brute with a heavy musculature, and scars up and down his blue-gray skin. His eyes are black, and always filled with boredom. His hair is dark gray nearly black, and cut short to his head. He has a set of metal wings, and a long metallic prehensile tail. He keeps both of this tucked away in his massive cloak, and usually keeps the hood up so he isn't identified so quickly.

    Species: Dæmon
    The title was a slur that humans gave the daemon upon first contact. Until they learned that the aliens were not amused by it. Then again, who wishes to be likened to some evil religious figure? They earned such a descriptive label due to the metal growths on their body which range from horns, to tails, to even wings. Yet unlike human fiction in which they are composed of bone, these extremities are formed from minerals and metals that are abundant on the daemon home planet. The first 10 years of an daemon's life are upon their home planet Asstrayea, or ASS-1 as star charts refer to it as. This desolate and barren place has little in the way of natural flora and fauna. Though it is abundant in minerals and rare metals, and the daemon mine it and market it for some show of power in the universe. Young daemons are brought there solely so they can absorb their surroundings and form these unique extremities. After their ten year tenure is up they are returned to the massive space stations surrounding Asstrayea before their stomachs atrophy from disuse and they calcify from over-absorption of minerals. Their extremities come in many metals, shapes, and functionality. It solely matters where they were raised, and what dangers they faced. Beyond this peculiarity, they are fairly humanoid. Their skin can take a variety hues ranging from a dark gray, to a plum blue, and to a vivid purple. Their hair is usually the same color as their skin, if not a little darker. Their eyes are usually entirely black or a very dark gray if they are more used to brighter lights. The daemons can see well in artificial and dim light as their planet is hidden from the sun for most of their life time.Natural light, UV light, or any other bright unfiltered rays will hurt their eyes and nearly blind them. They usually stand around seven to eight feet and their build varies based on physical activity. Beyond reaching full maturity at the age of 13, their lifespan is comparable to humans. In truth, there are a lot of known similarities with humans. It is almost to the point that many believe that daemons evolved from one of the first human colonization expeditions landing on their desolate planet. Daemons deny this claim, though. Then again, who wants to be related to the same race that calls them daemons and named their planet ASS-1 (even if humans try to justify it by saying it is because of the A-S-S in the planet's name).

    > HIR Model SN-3, called the "Door Knocker:"
    This semi-ranged high impact rifle was built to more-or-less blast doors off it hinges, punch through thick armor, or send a robot staggering back. It peels off one high impact shot before needing to recharge for a few minutes. It is also a massive gun, created for either stationary fire or the use of a larger, stronger species. It can fire off four shots before needing to be reloaded. The magazines are heavy, and usually not carried in bulk. Eiger doesn't carry them in bulk, anyway.
    > Firestorm Pulse Rifle AR-4: This is a semi-automatic short range pulse rifle that fires off several shots with one trigger pull. It isn't abundantly accurate, but it does back a punch. It is non-lethal in small doses. It has small battery packs for ammo, which Eiger keeps on him at all times.

    Once Eiger was deemed an adult by the High Council of the daemons, he immediately found passage on the next star ship off the space station. Of course this is not unheard of. Many leave to explore, but are always encouraged to come back to spend the end of their life among them. Eiger had no intention of returning.

    Sadly enough the ship that he took to get off of his planet landed him in a cesspool . Before anyone would consider hiring him, he had to square off against some nasty brutes to prove that he was made of tougher stuff than most. Of course he had spent the first ten years of life on a husk of a planet that was trying its best to kill him. Eiger could handle himself in a few bar brawls. So, his first line of work had to do with him working on a seven man team to deliver acquired goods to certain sellers. Eiger was not an idiot, he knew that they were stolen. On his tenth mission something went awry and he ended up in the hands of the police. He was released with a warning, because they had larger space fish to fry in the group he was in.

    Eiger more-or-less shat on that warning and took up with a group of pirates, whose main targets were luxury space cruisers. Not only did he manage to amass a nice sum of credits, he got a rather nasty reputation as a brutal son-of-a-bitch. He became an important staple to the crew, and leader of the first boarding party within a few years of him being aboard. Yet, like all good things this also came to an end. The pirate crew was set up by one of their own, and apprehended. With some diplomatic coercion, not on his part but his species', he was returned to Asstrayea's space station. There he was supposed to serve his incarceration without interruption--which meant he was to be dropped on the planet's surface until the hostile planet took care of him, or he calcified from mineral over absorption.

    The day of his incarceration on Asstrayea, he managed to escape. He was branded a fugitive and exile of his people, and on the most wanted list in a lot of the police forces in the galaxy. It was then that he figured the best way to disappear was to join a crew of a fairly decent group that wouldn't ask questions about his past. Eiger needed to vanish.

    Eiger more or less resigns himself to being the muscle of the group. He also has quite a bit of experience as a smuggler and pirate, and can identify and price weaponry.
    > While Eiger does have wings, they are made of metal. He uses them more as a shield and a weapon than an actual flying apparatuses. The most he can do is glide. His tail is fully prehensile though, and capable of holding things.
    > Eiger gives absolutely no fucks. You would be hard pressed to find something that he cares about beyond doing his job.
    > Daemons have no sexuality. They like what they like. They also believe in polyamory. This is mostly due to low birth rates of their species. They are required to journey to Asstrayea once in their life to produce at least one child.
    > So it is fair to say that Eiger doesn't have a preference when it comes to genders, and isn't prone to one partner.
    > He had a son. He doesn't know them, and isn't allowed to know them. He just did his duty to his people, and left.
    > "It’s so easy to see the galaxy in black and white. Gray? I don’t know what to do with gray." Garrus from Mass Effect.
  4. And there we go, finally wrapped that one up.

    "Easy kid, just call me Spanner, yea?"
    Name: Alexander 'Spanner' Atreides

    "Old enough to have been around the block a couple times, thank you very much."
    Age: 31

    "Last I checked, it hasn't changed. So cool the thrusters, savvy?"
    Gender: Male

    "I ain't the prettiest tool in the shed, but I can get the job done."


    "Don't let looks fool you, I am still planning to start replacing old parts withnew ones as time goes on."
    Species: Human

    "Nothing beats a good gun at your side, kid. And a good pair of legs."

    Exchange .454 Express
    Spanner's personal firearm of choice is the same weapon his father carried throughout his life, handed down from father to son before his old man passed on, in a rather explosive manner. The weapon, like its name suggests, is chambered in .454, each round kicking hard in recoil and hitting with equal force. Spanner has a couple different kinds of rounds for the revolver, from hollow point to armor piercing, he can load various rounds depending on the situation. Someone clever enough to build him speciality tipped rounds could also be fired from the weapon, should he find someone to do so. Obviously, the weapon needs some atmosphere to fire, as it is an old design to begin with. But Spanner still swears by it, and he isn't afraid to send six of his little friends chasing after someone if the situation demands it.

    Spanner's Tool Kit:
    Not so much a weapon as it is a series of spare parts, tools, and schematics that he uses to patch up just about anything mechanical on the fly. It won't be pretty, usually, but it is effective. The one tool that ties it all together is his wrist analyzer, which doubles as a welding torch (Which has had obviously harmful effects on anyone getting too close to Spanner with ill intent). The analyzer part tells him most machine makeups, how they tick, and the most likely way to solve an issue. Spanner doesn't like to just rely on the analyzer though, and beyond welding and scanning, he prefers to figure out the problems himself. He also can use this kit to work on androids, robots, mechanical replacements of body parts, and just about anything that requires some mechanical know how.

    "What, you want my story? Ain't much to tell, both your parents tick off the wrong people, its a life of running. And kid, I still am running, just in the same direction as you lot."
    Alexander Atreides was born to a family of mechanically inclined individuals. His mother was the business and paperwork side of the family shop, his father the mechanical repair part. They ran a good business, as far as the boy could tell, a steady stream of fairly well dressed, well paid individuals who seemed to rather spend their money here than some fancy high end place that catered to their types. What he was unware of, was that his family were long time fixers and quiet repair experts for the Exchange, good pay and a place to work in exchange for their silence and cooperation. A rather pleasant agreement, considering the parties involved, but it would not last forever. A G.L.I.P attempt to root out the Exchange caught up with the Atreides family when he was barely ten years old. His mother died in the crossfire, and he barely escaped with his father. The Exchange had done nothing to even try to protect him and his family, like it had been agreed upon, and while the G.L.I.P had certainly paid for their attacks at that time, it meant little to Alexander or his father.

    The man effectively told the Exchange to rot in hell for not protecting them like agreed, which did not sit well with their former higher ups, since they knew far too much for their own good. They were told they would either get back to work, or they would die. Alexander watched as his father took the third option and ran with his son on tow. From planet to planet, star system to star system, he spent eight more years running with his father. It was during this time he learned a great deal about the universe, how large, harsh, and uncaring it was by that nature. Alexander took in his nickname Spanner during this time, as it was too dangerous for him to go by his birth name for the time being. His father had done similar, and a few months after he turned eighteen, thing went from bad to worse. Cornered on a lunar outpost on the outskirts of civilized space, the Exchange had a band of mercenaries and assassins track them down and trap them. His father knew for any of them to escape, something had to be done. Giving his son the revolver he carries to this day and his analyzer, the old man sent his son running. Barely out of range of what happened, Alex saw his father and the entire team sent after them vaporized in a detonation of the power plant of the outpost.

    Spanner left all that behind in a small ship the kill team used, ditching it on the first planet he came across that he could barter his skills in return for pay and travel. Thirteen years he would spend a vagabond, roaming space as a hired mechanic with a knack for fighting in a pinch. He picked up plenty of scars, plenty of new outlooks and general experience as he wandered, always knowing that somewhere on his heels the Exchange was still looking to make sure he was indeed dead. He had to keep moving, never settle down, never rest. So what better place than freelancing like he had been? All it was a matter of doing, then, was finding the next ship to hire him on, whatever the need might be for him. Within reason, he did have standards after all.

    "I have this lovely scar on the small of my back where a Yarrl callgirl stabbed me in the back, that what you mean? And before you ask, she stabbed me for turning her down, no one is that desperate. Daemon buddy of mine had to suggest walking that route, devil's in the details, aye?"
    +Unlike some others, Spanner has no problem killing other sentients, human or otherwise, but this doesn't mean he actively seeks it out. Just if a mad dog needs put down, relatively speaking. No second chances, either.

    +Spanner, true to his nickname, is at his best elbows deep in an engine, solar array, power system or any mechanical set up he can get his often times greasy hands on.

    +He has a fondness of cigars and always seems to have at least on more stashed around somewhere, and just enough juice in his welding torch to light his cigar.

    +No, he wasn't kidding about the Yarrl callgirl incident. Yes he has the scar on his back, and quite a few others too, most of them scars from gunshot wounds, though there are a couple burns and knife wounds as well, scattered all over his body.

    +“Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.”
  5. Name: Theron Price

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (open)


    About 5'11, 172 lbs, black hair and grey eyes. Wears a black energy absorption jacket. Otherwise keeps his attire casual in leather and cotton.

    Species: Human

    Weapon(s): Theron doesn't seem like the type of person to enjoy fighting, but it's something that he's picked up quite easily, although killing is harder for him to accomplish, although not impossible. His primary weapon is his automatic shotgun "Fenris", which is able to heat the rounds as they are fired through the barrel even more then an ordinary weapon. His other weapon is a black machete, which he keeps on him more often then Fenris.

    Background: Theron was born to middle class parents who raised him the best that they could. It took Theron's parents awhile before they had another child. Theron loved her and protected her as they grew up. Theron was a calm child, good at school and very liked, he kept out of trouble for the first eight years of school. But before long he became entangled with the gangs and criminals of the other districts because he thought he could handle and thrive their. Those gangs were the first people to give Theron his scars.

    Theron dropped out of school, coaxing his sister to follow. He tried his best to stop her but she was very insistent on following him. She eventually got into street racing, becoming one of the best very quickly. After Anastasia lost to who was considered the best, a Yarrl by the name of Dretsh, Theron decided to bet on Anastasia winning a second race. The stakes were Theron's home and the oppositions space ship. Anastasia managed to beat the other and Theron relished in taking the ship from Dretsh.

    Unfortunately Dretsh was a sore loser. After Artemia flew the siblings maiden voyage into space, they returned to find their home robbed and destroyed. They instead went to their parents home to find their father killed and mother dying. They took her to the hospital, hoping to keep her alive. The two remained in the hospital with nowhere else to go for three days, where Theron could only dwell on the product of his choices. On their third day the mother awoke and the doctors assured she would live.

    On their last day in the hospital, Theron encountered three of Dretsh's thugs in the hospital. He took out two of them, but the final one grazed his face with a wave of plasma. Security took the last one down and Theron was already in the perfect place to be injured. They offered facial reconstruction for him, but he declined, deciding to keep the scar as a reminder.

    They took their ship and fled to another planet, knowing Dretsh was a lowly thug and wouldn't find them off of their home planet. A year later Theron's mother's injuries allowed a rather rare and terminal disease to grab hold. The two left all of their money with her, taking the ship and Fenris to hopefully find a cure.

    They eventually sold the ship for a fake cure, and so they decided to hitch a ride on another ship, offering only their skills as payment.

    Theron is used to be outgoing and charming but has since dwindled down. He still will keep up a conversation but is usually more alone. He's nice and friendly preferring a calm surrounding. He never takes control of anything, scared of what might happen. He obviously cares for his sister very much, and realizes that he can't control her, letting her do whatever she wants.

    - Theron is a good fighter and carries many scars from his conflicts.
    - Theron owns next to nothing except for his clothing, weapons and a picture of his family.

    "How how do you know when a Turian runs out of ammo?"
    "When he switches to the stick up his ass as a backup weapon."
    -Joker and Garrus, Mass Effect 3

    Name: Artemia Price (Hates her first name, so she prefers to be called Artemia.)

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearance (open)


    5'3, 108 lbs, dark blue hair (dyed), grey eyes. Wears loose clothing, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts and tanktops.

    Species: Human

    Weapon(s): Has no fighting capability.

    Background: Artemia was born under the name lily, something she never admits to anyone. She was energetic as a child but was a bit of an introvert. She wasn't the best in school, although she had a mind for mathematics. She adopted the age old hobby of video games early, playing on her fathers old playstation.

    When her brother became part of the gangs of distant cities and districts she followed, wanting something that wasn't the stale classrooms she had grown bored of. While still fifteen she found exactly what she was looking for. Street racing was fast, extreme and full of spoils. Her reaction time was near perfect, allowing her to quickly rise as a racing prodigy garnering the nickname "Blue Harpy." She didn't enjoy the name but took it pridefully.

    It didn't take long for the best to hear of the young prodigy and challenge her. She gladly accepted the challenge, but lost. Theron told her, however, that she had to race once more. She hadn't been asked about the decision to put everything they owned on the table against losing odds, but she did it anyways.

    It was a furious race, one that she managed to, against all odds, win. The Champion racer Dretsh handed over his ship to Theron, and Artemia was overjoyed to fly it over the planets surface. When they returned, Dretsh had clearly been unhappy with their deal and torched their house. Artemia was furious, but Theron assured her that they would stay at their parents. Anastasia never slept a day after what she saw.

    The hospital saved their mother, but Artemia didn't speak for their entire stay. Theron was attacked just outside the hospital, and so they decided to leave and head for Chi Rho, an outer colony largely uninhabited.

    A year later and Artemia hadn't slept properly in that time, instead focusing her extra energy spending days on end playing games and flying the ship. When their mother had gotten sick, Theron and Artemia left to find a cure. They ended up selling the ship for a phony cure, leaving her with only the game console and a few personnel items.

    The siblings joined the crew of "The Moonage Daydream," where Artemia hopes to pilot.

    - Artemia barely sleeps, instead staying up night and day drinking coffee and taking anti sleeping pills to stay awake. If she does sleep, it's only for short periods and is very light and restless.

    "This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."
    -Morpheus, The Matrix
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  6. Alright, we've now reached our human cap (for now)!

    No more humans, sorry guys ^^;
  7. Dammit. I was just about to post a human character too.
  8. Is the sheet all finished?
  9. Yeah, I was picking out a Sci-Fi Quote when you shut the 'human character' gate.

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  10. ...

    Alright one exception. Post the sheet, then I'll do the cut-off.
  11. Name: Xera Germaine, also goes by Gemma. Net handle: GemstoneAedile125.

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Xera (open)

    Species: Human

    Weapons and Equipment:
    Cyprotech KDG45-c Machine-Pistol, for emergencies only. It boasts recoil dampeners and an impressive (and quite illegally modded) fire rate of 1200 rounds per minute, meaning it can empty its 40 round clip in two seconds. It fires 5.56mm rounds and has single, four round burst and full auto fire modes. Xera carries two extra clips whenever she brings her weapon. She prefers ballistic weapons since they're much easier to troubleshoot, and therefore fix, when under pressure.

    Cyprotech Cybernetic Eye, ZTI Model (modified, brown). A very expensive model, the ZTI model allows increased spectrum awareness (into the infrared and ultraviolet ranges as well as night vision) and has been illegally modified to read raw data at high speeds.

    Knife. It's a knife. It cuts things and Xera carries one in her boot at all times.

    Background: Born on the world of Keppur-Zeta, Xera was a native of the planet's largest city, Varstag, ostensibly under the control of the G.L.I.P., but hosting a strong Exchange presence, and therefore was a hotbed of criminal activities. Since Xera's single mother lacked the time and resources to raise her at home, she spent most of her childhood playing in the family junk store or helping with repairs to whatever the store brought in. They weren't well off, but Xera remembers it as a happy memory. As she grew up, her mother would send her to the small dinky net-terminal they kept to look up and read off repair schematics from a service they subscribed to. Soon, after some fiddling and natural curiosity, Xera learned that the net-terminal could be used for more than looking up schematics and started using it to communicate with other net-terminal users, and even mess with their systems. After troll-hacking someone at the age of 13, instead of receiving angry threats and messages, she instead got an invitation to join their organization.

    Turns out that 'organization' was too strong a word, since they were just a bunch of small-time data hustlers whose ages ranged from 10 to 40, running electronic scams and data-mining scrubs. They had to give up most of their earnings to the Exchange, but they made enough to live decently, better than she had with her mom, so she told her mom that she found a well paying job and that she'd send some money to her every month. Nobody in the group was overly skilled at their job, and Xera soon rose to be the best in their group, hacking through better defended systems than anyone else in the group. The increase in profits led to the Exchange noticing, and at the age of 17 she had been recruited by the Exchange hacker Henry D. Case.

    That wasn't his real name, and he never gave it. He was technically a freelance hacker kept on retainer for the Exchange, and wanted to pass his craft on to another with the talent to use it. Xera was learning from the best on the planet and was enjoying it. She didn't make much money working for him, but she didn't mind. He had her run odd-jobs for him, often delivering data to clients in person. After one deal went south, she lost an eye to some drugged up thug. Case paid for a cybernetic replacement and the surgery to implant it, easily costing millions. She eventually left 'Case's' service when she got in serious trouble. As part of her 'graduation', Case made her hack into the local GLIPnet. She succeeded, and found information suggesting a large organized effort to wipe out the local Exchange presence. Case suggested she not give it to the exchange, but she sold it to them anyway, since her mother's shop wasn't doing too well. The Exchange branch she sold the info to decided to launch a preemptive attack on the G.L.I.P., sparking a massive crackdown and gang war. Soon she found that she had both the G.L.I.P. And the Exchange after her for starting the fighting, so she was forced to spend her money booking passage on the first ship offworld. As it happened, the ship was the Moonage Daydream, and they were in need of a tech-specialist, and their constantly mobile state was perfect for keeping a low profile. She now maintains a small home-made cyberwarfare suite in the ship, giving them a definite edge over other ships too small or poor enough to afford cyberwarfare defenses.

    Hates Captain Dyl's taste of music, considers him to be a hipster. “He's an idiot. Endearing, but an idiot. His cooking's nice though.”

    Love/Hates horror, seeing good examples as both horrifying and fascinating. “I hate it, but I can't look away.”

    Suffers from mild anxiety from working in person with anyone she isn't well connected with, so prefers to work from behind a computer. “No one can stab you through a screen.”

    Knows general repairs, but prefers to use a computer. “I can use a hydrospanner as well as the next, but put me behind a screen and I can make this girl purr.”

    Skilled hacker. “Give me a Mark I Photograde terminal and an overtaxed public net-connection and I can give you that guy's account and PIN numbers.”

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  12. Good thing Eiger is speciesist against humans.
    There is enough fodder here for him have several "stupid human" jabs.
  13. Oh Bantha Poodo.

    I forgot to edit in the stuff for the Cerr and the Sycophants xD


    I'll add them in later but basically, the Cerr are a war-mongering race similar to the Mandalorian's of Star Wars/The Daleks of Doctor Who.

    The Sycophants are a species of mutated humanoid cannibals who travel around the Galaxy in broken spaceships smeared with the blood of their enemies. They are probably the most lethal force in the galaxy and were a direct result of the Rebel's trying to create a "Super Soldier" that wouldn't get tired and was hard to kill. Think of them like the Reavers from Firefly.
  14. You know, I have to say I am liking the quotes so far. Just saying.
  15. There's a lot of ME. I was originally gonna go with "I'm sorry, I didn't know how this machine worked." (Star-Lord), "Bweeep Booooo" (R2), "He's got a towel!!" (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) or "You can hear me breathing?" (Kirk from the 2009 Star Trek film)
  16. I knew I was going to go Isaac Asimov's Foundation regardless, but considering the character, his more well known "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent" line is hardly as fitting or compelling in Spanner's case. But a lot of ME isn't a bad thing, sure as sure. All those are rather interesting alternatives, to be sure.
  17. I was going to use a quote from Stranger in a Strange Land, but I've been playing a lot of ME recently... and... yep.

    “I do know that the slickest way to lie is to tell the right amount of truth--then shut up.”
    ― Robert A. Heinlein


    “A desire not to butt into other people's business is at least eighty percent of all human wisdom.”
    ― Robert A. Heinlein
  18. I'm not complaining, ME is a great series. I'm just saying there's a lot of ME fans here :3

    Yeah, I tend to like a lot of obscure references like that (and presented by the Spy Kids link in my sheet xD)

    So, while we wait how about we have discussions. Did you want us all to be traveling together to begin with or shall "Nova" swing around to the nearest dock and pick you as his crew? Seems like everyone has their opinion of Dylan already figured out :3
  19. Hmm, I'm fine with either, really. I can write for both without much problem for either.
  20. I would prefer it if we all meet for the first time

    EDIT: also Sora I can't actually see your character image, not sure if it's me but just a heads up
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