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  1. Hi! I am looking for some partners who will do some interesting pairings with me. I have three simple rules. Have fun, be open minded and communicate. Yup.

    If it is highlighted in pink, I prefer that role. If there is a ☆ then it can be female and female. If there is a ♢ then I can be either role.

    Kidnapped x Kidnapper*
    Corrections Officer x Inmate*
    Inmate x Inmate ☆
    Pshyciatrist x Patient
    King x Queen's Lady ♢
    Gyspy x Pirate*
    Gypsy x Priest
    Gypsy x Governor's Daughter ☆
    Pirate x Governor's Daughter
    x Explorer
    Master x
    Boss x Employee*
    Teacher x Student
    Greek Goddess
    x Mortal*
    Queen x Knight
    Cowboy x City Girl

    Please suggest pairings because I am open to a lot of things.

    I double in these and all of these are fxm only unless it is OISTNB. Pairings listed is what I want. You may request any canon for your original, or canon. Comment if you have questions.

    * = I crave this pairing.

    Lord of the Rings
    Haldir x OC*
    Aragorn x OC
    Legolas x OC
    Faramir x OC

    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Norrington x OC

    Orange Is the New Black
    Inmate x Inmate
    Inmate x Officer*
    Nicky x OC
    Stella x OC

    Batman x OC turned Catwoman*
    Joker x OC
    Joker x Harley

    Avengers Universe
    Tony x OC
    Steve x OC*
    Thor x OC
    Loki x OC

    Sesshomaru x OC*
    Naraku x OC

    Fruits Basket
    Hatori x OC
    Haru x OC
    Akito x OC*
    Next Generation

    Comment below if interested!
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  2. I would like to do Inmate x Inmate
  3. I have some role play ideas if you would like to hear them out. I do Fxf though. I'm looking for someone to be more on the dominate side. Please feel free to pm me if interested.
  4. Still looking.
  5. I'm willing to role play
  6. I would definitely be interested in either the GypsyxGovernor's Daughter or the KingxQueen's Lady
  7. Could we do Gypsy x Governor's Daughter, please?
  8. Please PM me everyone! :)
  9. Newly added:

    Master x Slave
    Boss x Employee ♢
    Teacher x Student
    Hero x Villain
    Greek Godess x Mortal
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