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  1. Alright, so, I have a few ideas for some roleplays that may include but are not limited too: Sex, Gore, and anything that needs to be put in a mature section roleplay. The genre of these role plays can be : Fantasy, Modern, Sci-fi, Historical, and so on.
    Too sum up what I can do;
    Play Both Gender's equally
    Play Both Dominant and Submissive equally
    I prefer sex that is well written, and not pig sex :3


    1) We meet at a coffee shop, not really much to say. But one character buys the other a drink, and they hit it off from there. They aren't about the romance at first, they just go at it like bunnies. [>;3] Meeting at the coffee shop each sunday became a ritual for you two, and than suddenly one day, one character doesn't show up. You are worried and than they come back with boy/girl toy on their arm, and you are mad crazy. You go after the character and have so many questions, and you come to find out the character's boy/girl toy is abusing them and forcing them to date them, and you come to the rescue because you really love them [Cheesy I know]

    2) The town's serial killer is waiting for their next victim to cross their path. [this can go one of two ways] 1. The serial killer falls in love with the person, and they have sex after dating and so on, and the person finds out they are a serial killer. OR 2. The serial killer horrifically kills them.

    Do you have any ideas? Throw them at me! I really just want to Role Play! :D
  2. Idea Number 1 sounds good!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.