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  1. Im interested in trying out yaoi any takers. I am used to playing submissive so you don't have to be dom but i preefer if you are.
  2. I'm never really tried it out before but I wouldn't mind trying it out if you'd bare with me. I can be dominant if you like.
  3. Allright that works for me.
  4. So what kind of yoai would you like to do? Genre wise I mean.
  5. Really don't matter to me.
  6. So... Sub and Dom? Romance? I kind of need something to go off of.
  7. sub and dom is preferred if you need one.
  8. Okay, would you like to get the threat started or just getting started on this one?
  9. Umm im not that good ast starting a thread i am best at going off if somebody else starts it.
  10. Mistress X was a tall slender woman, she wore a long black pants with a cream colored blouse, her blonde hair up in a bun and dark rimmed glasses set on top of her head. She sat at her desk waiting for her new little pet to come in, a smirk rose to her lips as she thought over what it will be like. A hand reached down to pull a drawer open making sure she had what she needed and closed it with a satisfied smile, upon hearing a knock at her door she stood up and answered with a grin, "Hello there. Come on in."
  11. Yaoi is a guy on guy porn.
  12. Change my she's to he's. I know its guy on guy I'm just so used to typing as a girl. :P Pretend it never happened.
  13. Ok make the thread.